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  • Hey Mike. Where are you guys at today? Still not sure if I can get out today (plus it's raining right now) but with details I might have more luck. :)

  • Hey Mike
    We're thinking of landing in Cochrane tomorrow and doing the run up to Jasper/Hinton area Thursday. What do you think?

    • Okay I am in Calgary to Jasper to High Prairie?? to home???? 2000k??? or just to Jasper then Edmonton??

  • Hey Mike I see you found the site

    • Just have to figure out my Avatar as it is to many pickerels☺ I will use Photoshop to get it down to size. Still don't know what the problem is so I'll stock both sites. Site looks a bit shakey but okay. Should have a forum for fast red ones and slow dull black ones.

    • It could be the size of your ego preventing you from installing an avatar. LOL