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Attention Vendors. Please email robert@rabtech.com any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
  • Keep the beer cold we are headed your way Thursday. Don't leave your SS unattended or if I find it I will do the tourist thing and get my picture taken.lol

  • okay thanks coming down your way for a long weekend next month and looking to entertain ourselves

  • Any SS rentals in Palm Springs

    • There are no Sling Shot rentals in Palm Springs proper, But there is an outfit called Eagle Rider motorcycle rentals in Palm Desert located at the Marriott that I am told rents Slingshots

  • Ed, I see that your sling is at Malcolm Smith motorsports. That is about six or 7 miles from me. If it suits your schedule and I am able to break free the day you get your sling back and it’s convenient for you give me a shout out and it would be cool for me to meet you at the dealer and say hello . 951-310-1124 cell

    • that would be great! just added your number to my contacts - can you give me a name to go with it :) - feel odd calling you SoCal when I call

    • Bob Shigo glad to meet you !

    • Glad to meet you too Bob - - - hopefully we will be able to make it face to face in a few days

    • Sounds good just keep me in the loop. I hope this is no more than a battery for you

  • Oops sorry just reread your post.

  • I have a pair of the swing arm grommets if you want them, pm me a mailing address.


    • Wow! as you now know my swing arm has the grommets, but thank you very much for the generous offer