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  • I am also buying a slingshot and ran into the same problem with over priced quotes for insurance, I came across your post and will contact your insurance agent to get a better price. Thanks for the useful information you posted.

    • Just to be sure you know my agent is only licensed to sell insurance in California

  • hi saw your post on insurance for slingshot in CA, I'm just about to buy one subject to getting insurance quotes sorted out. Can you point me in the right direction in terms of a broker?



    • I went with Kenneth Rickerd with Allstate in LaQuinta Ca. he was the first agent I found who actually knew exactly what a slingshot was and understood that having a motorcycle license is not required. got me a great price that was much much lower that anyone else.

      Kenneth Rickerd

      (760) 564-2443

      79255 Highway 111, Suite 4

      LaQuinta Ca 92253

      Tell him Edward Neal, 2222 E. Rochelle Rd Palm Springs CA sent you

    • Edward you are a star, thanks a million! I shall call him in the morning.

    • My pleasure - I was so frustrated trying to get insurance when I first got my slingshot - first year I was in a hurry and didnt shop it the way I should and I over paid big time. when it came time to renew I decided to shop it around and I noticed right away that most of the people I talked to would plug the VIN in their system and when it came up as a "motorcycle" the first question they would ask was if I had a motorcycle license - I had tried the online sites and I knew that answering no to this question makes the rates go up because they are assuming you are an inexperienced rider with a new bike - after a few different places I decided to try a new tactic - I started calling other places and this time I lead off with the question "do you know what a Polars Slingshot is?" - if they answered no, I hung up and tried a different agent - when I got to Kenny he was "Ya I know what that is, my neighbor has one" and then I asked, "so you know that they do require the motorcycle license right? - and he said yes - the license is only for 2 wheel motorcycles" - - - and that was it, I knew I had found the right guy

      Anyway - I am just glad I can help other slingshot owners - unfortunately Kenny only does California insurance - I could throw him a ton of business if he was licensed in all the other States :)

  • Keep the beer cold we are headed your way Thursday. Don't leave your SS unattended or if I find it I will do the tourist thing and get my picture taken.lol

  • okay thanks coming down your way for a long weekend next month and looking to entertain ourselves

  • Any SS rentals in Palm Springs

    • There are no Sling Shot rentals in Palm Springs proper, But there is an outfit called Eagle Rider motorcycle rentals in Palm Desert located at the Marriott that I am told rents Slingshots

  • Ed, I see that your sling is at Malcolm Smith motorsports. That is about six or 7 miles from me. If it suits your schedule and I am able to break free the day you get your sling back and it’s convenient for you give me a shout out and it would be cool for me to meet you at the dealer and say hello . 951-310-1124 cell

    • that would be great! just added your number to my contacts - can you give me a name to go with it :) - feel odd calling you SoCal when I call

    • Bob Shigo glad to meet you !

    • Glad to meet you too Bob - - - hopefully we will be able to make it face to face in a few days

    • Sounds good just keep me in the loop. I hope this is no more than a battery for you

  • Oops sorry just reread your post.

  • I have a pair of the swing arm grommets if you want them, pm me a mailing address.


    • Wow! as you now know my swing arm has the grommets, but thank you very much for the generous offer