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  • It is good to see you still checking in. How many more months for Spain?

    • Hey! I don't know how I missed all your messages. I still have about 8 months before I'm heading home. I can't wait to be back!

  • God Day to you. 5:18 in the morning for me. I know you will be glad to get back to the good old USA

  • How many more days?

  • You must to had the day off, you been here about all day

  • Good day, I hope that you are enjoying your European vacation

  • I wish you had taken me up on it! It would have been my pleasure to not only take you as a Slingshot family member, but as a Brother in Arms!

  • Thanks again for your offer to take me over to Reston on my Honor flight.That was a trip of a life time.Hope to meet you someday.

  • 219 3638281

  • Sorry, not a fan of icons on there that I can't remove. Plus, if I really want to know if you're on, I can look.

    • What are icons are you referring too?

    • The number, that shows how many friends are online. It's like the "unread" number, which makes me want to get rid of it. The only way to get rid of it is to have no friends.

  • Can I still buy a calendar, how much and who do I send the money to

  • I hope this finds you Rock!! I sent you an email awhile ago, but never heard back. I would like 3 calendars please. If you could give me a mailing address, I'll send a check your way!! Thanks!!

  • I'm officially in for 2 calendars. Let me know how much and where to seed the $$$. PayPal?

  • Please let me know what pixel dimensions are needed for the calendar photos? Thanks, Grover.

  • Need an amount to send for a calendar.

  • I'm in for a calendar. May change the order for 2 when paying

  • Please put me in for 2 calendars preorder let me know how much and where to send the money

  • Can you (again) point me in the direction for info regarding the spoiler install. - thanks

  • Got your compilation of calendar volunteers. Soon we should create some way for each of us to collaborate and begin creating an outline of things that need to occur and a timeline for them.

  • Good Afternoon Brother!

  • Morning Brother

  • Hey buddy - miss talking with you - hope all is well

  • Sorry Brother! Been really busy lately, I am currently in Houston spending some time with family. Getting to see my brother for the first time in almost 9 years!! We will catch up soon!

  • Hey brother.. How have yo been?
    haven't seen you around a while but things have been a bit crazy on my side of the fence so I have been I and out a lot.
    Hope you and Mrs. Rock are doing well and we all get to ride soon.

  • Aw shit I hope Tripod didn't read that

  • you da man -LIKE A ROCK!

  • Hey brother since Summit is around the corner can we get an updated post on Time to be there, drivers meeting time, is there a tech inspection? and any mandatory equipment. I am going to drive up the night before and stay somewhere near by. Any recommendations - I will be dragging the trailer

  • You might burn in hell for that. At least it would be warmer than our wrench session yesterday.

  • Hi brother