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  • Someone's up early.....

    • Lol chemo day. Every Wednesday for the last several months. 4 more and hopefully done. Her numbers are good so with luck and prayer it will be.

  • Spud, I'm sorry if I haven't gotten back to you I'm usually pretty good about that. I have been traveling the last couple days. Please give me your contact in with email and I will email you all the info on the trailers as well as prices and options. Our fall special ended 1/31/17 but I can still get you in on it.

  • I would appreciate some info on the brake light modulator.

    • Sorry still having a little trouble navigating on this forum. Just read your message. It is a plug and play modulator not unlike the one that cycle springs sells for $59.95. I solder in the oem plugs and heat shrink the connections that make it a 5 minute install. Cycle Springs has a great video on install. I sell them for $30 delivered. If it is something you would like you can paypal me at dsmart@smartstops.com. Please be sure your address and phone number are sent. Dennis (Spud)

    • Dennis--
      Thanks for getting back to me. I just sent the $30 by Paypal. Let me know if everything is OK.
      If your send thru the mail my address is:
      Kirk Richardson
      P.O. Box 896
      Lakin, KS. 67860

      If you send by UPS or FEDEX, send to:
      Kirk Richardson
      211 N. Hamilton
      Lakin, KS. 67860

      Thanks again, and if you need to call me my cell is 620-355-9395.

    • Sent out today usps. They said by Monday. Please let me know how you like it. Thanks again and be safe.