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  • Sir: For planning purposes, just wondering when you will be mailing the trim ring. Thanks for your support.

  • Kenneth Miller
    412 8th St SW
    Conover NC 28613

    cell #; 828-244-4436


  • Well really new guy!
    2018 SLR LE model new guy!

  • Shipped cai today sent e-mail with tracking number

  • Check is in the mail, thanks Glenn

  • Ok

  • Hey LC new to all this PayPal stuff do not know how to send a bill if you want just send me a money order or what ever to
    Bert Darby
    P O Box 529
    Birch Run, Mich. 48415
    All I know what to do thanks Bert Darby

  • Send me a bill.

  • It is a great deal. And don't need to ship if weather is bad. Not in a hurry to go out to cold shop to work. Not sure what I am doing wrong with paypal sending money to you. Really want the CAI, appreciate you giving me a great deal, just got to beat up on paypal.

  • Typed in just like below went to my account will try to get sent out tomorrow but expecting a lot of snow tomorrow. Thanks for your interest getting a good deal. If typed in just like below should get to my account.


    • Well crap. Tried just as written, even copy and pasted, tried removing paypal, then, tried just BertDarby, just cannot get it to take any.

  • If you want send in a PM

  • Send me your name and address

    • Glenn Wemmer
      1124 County Street 2972
      Blanchard, OK 73010-2886


    • Ok, I'll do friends and family

    • Is it just bertdarby or me/bertdarby?

  • Sounds good, give me your paypal info.

  • Could you see your way to selling the CAI for $225 shipped to 73010? Thanks LC

  • Hello,

    Sent offer for the cover you have available in the marketplace. Thanks.

    • Just now seen your post on the cover what was your offer?

    • Hi,

      Would you be interested in $120 including shipping?