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    Ok, so while the wifey and I were enjoying a day ride at the coast of Monterrey, CA, a 2015 or so Mustang GT wanted to test its limits against ol' slingy. Well, I obliged and threw it into 3rd down US 101 and pulled away from it after about 120mph (hehehe apparently those GT's are governed somewhere in that range :D ). I was about 3 car lengths ahead of him when exiting out of a corner I hit a HUGE dip in the road and smashed my tips on my exhaust!!!! (oopsie! I bet that looked cool from behind) I stayed on it and when we got to our stop in Gilroy I checked the undercarriage and all was well but the poor (what used to be 3" round) tips were smashed into a nice oval crunch!! So no the only problem was at a high reve the vibrated and touched together make a sound that was as if the whole exhaust was dragging on the ground. It wasn't all the time but only when coming down from a high rev.(see pic below)

    Soooooo, I spent this past Sunday removing the smashed and installing these...

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