Offer: Offer: Pay it forward.... FREE stock 2017 SLR windshield, just pay shipping

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  • This is a pay it forward offer. Thanks Dieter Mytoy for what you did for me, and now I pay it forward. Whomever gets this windshield should pay something forward too, keep it going!

    I have my stock 2017 SLR windshield available for anyone who needs it. Just pay exact shipping. I'm in Massachusetts so contact me if you would like it and I can find a box big enough for it and have calculate shipping.



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  • Our zip code is 37813. And our cell phone number is 423-736-0461. Please call if you would like. Thanks Baysling

  • Studio peg, we would be glad to take you up on your offer for the 2017 windshield. Would we need to purchase the brackets or are they included ? and we agree to the pay it forward terms. We just bought a 2019 base model Saturday in VA. Let us know if this is a go. Thanks Baysling

    • I don't recall any brackets that were taken off when I removed the stock windshield. Just some original hardware, which I have in a ziploc bag. So I am not 100% sure about brackets.... but the windshield is yours if you want it. Paypal payment ahead of time for shipping. I am a long time member, everyone knows me, ask around.

      Let me know your zip code. I actually just received some replacement parts from some damage I had to my dash, and the box is big enough and sturdy enough f or safe shipping of the windshield.


    • We do not have paypal. Is there any other way to pay that you can think of ? Maybe thru the post office or western union ?

    • Sorry you do not have Paypal. I think there is also something called ApplePay. I have not used it before but I hear it's fairly easy to use. Do you have that?

    • Sorry we do not have apple pay. we are very new at all of this. We are not tech savvy. We are old school. We were hoping that when you go to post office for weight and rate, you could send it COD, and we would pay at our local post office when it arrives. Is that an option you would be willing to use? To let you know just how old school we are, we still have flip phones.

    • No sorry I cannot do that. Thanks and best wishes.