Offer: SOLD

  • Forced to sell and quick sale only. MUST be gone by July 30th, or sizable deposit in hand by then. About 35,000 miles

    There's a LOT of items to list and I'm sure that I'm going to miss some, but here's a few of the important things. More mods to be listed as time allows me to find receipts and I'll get those added as soon as possible..

    This Slingshot started its life as a stock S.

    Hahn Stage 2 Bar Map Sensor Turbo w/ Cold Air Kit & Box, K&N Air Filter, Upgraded Blow Off Valve, Ceramic Coated Header, Powder Coated ALL Turbo Pipes ($4600)

    Map Sensor upgraded Retaining clip ($10)

    ECU tune by BOB @ MEFI Burn ($400)

    Flow Matched set of 63# fuel injectors ($275)

    Iridium Turbo Spark Plugs ($50)

    Powder Coated Cam / Coil Cover ($275)

    Powder Coated Cam Bolt Cover ($$0)

    Chrome Engine Cap kit ($239)

    AEM A/F & Boost Gauges Mounted in Carbon Fiber "style" Module ($350)

    DDM Coolant Overflow Tank - Powder Coated Black ($160)

    DDM Coolant Reroute hose kit ($66)

    Under Hood White LEDs ($25)

    Extended Hood Hinge Kit ($180)

    Transmission Plate Cover ($25)

    Alpha Brake Master Cylinder Bracket ($130)

    Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors with Ceramic Brake Pads ($445)

    Powder Coated Front Sway Bar ($!75)

    QA-1 Adjustable Shocks with Bearing Kits and Powder Coated Coil Springs ($850)

    DDM Short Shifter ($105)

    Alpha Anodized Shift Knob ($135)

    DEI Insulation Kit ($200)

    Cycle Springs Black Multi-Piece Heat Reducing Floor Mat and Tunnel Kit ($250)

    D - Style Steering Wheel ($185)

    Interior Rear View Mirror ($90)

    Upgraded Polaris SLR Seats ($700)

    Flux Capacitor ($100)

    LED Headlights ($130)

    Canadian LED Cluster Lights ($50)

    CLEAR Hood insert ($75)

    Updated Front Splash Panels ($310 )

    Fab Factory Roof (scoop painted to match body) ($1600)

    Custom Luggage Racks ($275)

    Fiberglass Rear Wing Painted to Match Body Color ($340)

    Powder Coated Rear Swing Arm ($150)

    Rear Axle Nut Cover Powder Coated ($40)

    License Plate Relocation Bracket ($45)

    Hydro Dipped Belt Guard ($110

    Welter Dual Rear Outlet Exhaust System ($1995)

    Battery Charge Port Kit - Installed into Rear Battery Cover ($85)

    Candy RED Paint with GHOST Features and Body Mods by Painter ( PRICELESS)

    The mods listed above come out to OVER $15,000 above the cost of the Slingshot (no costs for labor has been added to these figures). PLEASE NOTE: There was no price listed for the Candy Apple RED paint job. The cost of supplies only to do the painting was in the 4 figure range. Then add to that the hundreds of man hours to fully disassembly, prep, paint, clear coat and reassemble and you can easily see how much more this adds to the total. There' could be more than what's here, but that's about all I came up with by memory. But if you don't have any interest by these items, I doubt the red powder coated valve stem covers will change your mind. Any and all questions will be responded to promptly.. It is located in Daytona Florida and has always been garage kept whenever it was not being used



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  • Sorry to hear that, but other things come first you never know

  • Wow someone will get a beautiful sling. So sorry to see this 😢

    • If I was sure tripod wouldn't read this, my answer to you would have been "ME TOO"

  • wow this thing is beautiful! This is a steal! Why didnt this show up last month! ahhh

    • I hadn't been in the position to having to sell it quickly last month.

  • I’m guessing it’s Vanderhall time?!

  • Phil - sorry to see you selling but trust me I understand some times ya just have to do hard things.

    Hope you are not buying a Jeep - they will think i is a conspiracy.

    Wish you the best mt friend.

    • It won't be a JEEP after seeing that video of one trying to climb a little hill

    • Sorry to see this go....

    • The way this is playing out, it's not going anywhere without me doing the riding. FACEBOOK blocked my ad - the SAME one listed here (copied and pasted) and they said it didn't meet their rules. I requested a review Monday morning. They replied that we'd have an answer in 24 hours. Guess what? 1:30 THURSDAY and still no answer. I guess 24 hours to a CALIFORNIA HITECH LIBERAL COMPANY means don't expect a response in In 77 Hours regardless of what we say.