Offer: Polaris Trailer Cover P/N 2880658

  • Bought this genuine 'lined canvas' cover when I got the sling, but it won't fit with a top installed. Black canvas like material, softer white inner lining.

    New this retailed for about $450. It comes with 2 straps and buckles to fasten underneath the sling body to keep it from flapping around.

    It is referred to as a trailer cover, but works just fine for storage while traveling.

    I only used it twice, been in garage for past couple years. Rolls up and fits in storage bag. Complete with instructions.

    Will ship to US via USPS priority mail. Will charge actual postage.

    Or if in SW Florida area, we can meet up. These are $400 on ebay, just sayin'. $250 or OBO

    Someone asked about which top I'm using. I have the square shaped Fab Factory alum frame top, and it uses mirror extensions at the front mounts.

    This cover has socks to cover the mirrors, and with the extensions it doesn't fit right. Top is taller in the back, and I also have luggage racks, so the back wont cover the fin area properly. This may well work with standard mirror mounts and a more lower profile top.

    Has a zippered plastic fuel cover, so you can fuel when covered, and a zippered pocket to hold lower web strapping to tighten around the perimeter.

    $250 + shipping or free Maggie Valley Delivery


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  • Hopefully we will have 'GAS' in Maggie Valley for the Rally. Right now NO gas. Hope to see you there.