Offer: 2017-2019 ECM with ZZP 1.0 NA Tune

  • Here's the deal: I have the ZZP 1.0 NA Tune on my ECM since July 2019. I am going forced induction so will need to replace the tune. Rather than just over-writing the tune and losing it, I figured it would offer it up here.

    I'm looking to trade though since I will need an ECM to reprogram. So we both need to be willing to be without an ECM for a week or so while they are in transit. You ship me yours, I'll ship you mine, they'll cross somewhere in middle-America and we can both be back on the road within a week. I'm in Austin, Texas so there is nowhere more than 4 days ground shipping in the continental US.

    You can look up the tune information here:…tune-for-the-na-slingshot

    Thanks, Chris


    $100 & Exchange


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  • FYI - It can be a 2015-2019 ECM, hope that helps. Dave

  • interested