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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Anybody using Alexia in the home and can give me any Pro's or Con's and which items I should look into, they seem to be running good deals this weekend, just wanting to know if Alexia is worth it.

    I agree with most of the posts here. I suspect that many people buy the Slingshot as a toy, and when the toy ends up sitting they sell it and move on to a new toy.

    I highly suspect that I am one of the very few people who actually bought their slingshot to be the primary mode of transportation. not many people live in a place where the slingshot or a motorcycle can make a good daily driver

    I agree with a lot of what you said but location and willingness to ride in the heart of the Biker. Many of us her use the Slingshot as our Primary Ride and ride year round. I'm in the Upstate of South Carolina and winters here get down to the single digits at night and day time if lucky hit a high of about 45. I ride with heated clothing, thermals, even a snowmobile suit, all depends on the weather and temps. Today left out and it was 42, by time I got home it had warmed up to 47, nice ride about 90 miles.

    My point is, is that for some of us this is the same calling our bikes had for us, the need to ride, to feel the wind in your face, and nothing better than an early morning ride in the brisk cool air to energize yourself.

    Many on this forum know my story, but to put it simply, the Slingshot SAVED my life after 5 years housebound, I'm free again.

    I want to Thank everyone that reached out to Janet & I on the passing of her father last month. It was a heart-breaking time for us but not an unexpected one. He was 92, a WWII Vet and had been diagnosed with colon cancer 2 months before and even after surgery they did not think they got it all. It was a very long couple of months for our entire family but the well wishes from our family here really helped a lot.

    Just want to say Thank you again to everyone, you are OUR family.

    RIP Soldier, we have the watch now.....

    I have been seeing an awful lot of Slingshots for sale on the internet lately, and most have many mods but ALL seem to have Very, Very little mileage. Saw one today 2017 SL and they are asking $25,000 with less than 2000 miles. What is this becoming, a status symbol like a Harley where you buy one and keep it in your garage unless, it's an nice warm, sunny day and then only ride around the block just so you can tell your friends you own one. If that's the only reason someone bought one, then that's pathetic.

    Mine is a 2016 Limited Edition, and I just turned 45,000 miles. Bought mine to ride not to just polish and keep garaged so I can say I own one.

    Just my thoughts, what are yours

    Went for a nice brisk ride yesterday, started out at 42 Degrees and ended at around 40-50. I wear Gerbing Heated Gloves and Jacket and have them wired separately to my Neutron Fuse Box. They worked great and during the winter months am very happy for Polaris's lousy firewall thickness because my feet and legs were kept nice and warm.

    Hey Mitch, sorry Janet and I will not be making this event due to other plans, but we are definitely planning on your Spring get-together for Un-Corked and will be bringing my cousin (Female), hopefully there will be some empty passenger seats available for her.

    Okay, It finally happened to me and I did the STUPID, went for a ride Saturday and stopped for gas (Yeah, Y'All know where this is going) and got busy and forgot to put my cap back on, found out this morning when I went to take her out. Does anybody happen to have a spare or two factory gas caps lying around that they might part with? Would like to get another one Hydro-Dipped to match my theme