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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Wanted to post my @SlingLow pictures of his very awesome luggage racks with the hoop mounted speaker pods. Yes they do fit and fit like a glove!!! Very well built (great powder coating, nice welds, hardware, & if the Titanic was built as strong as these, we would still be drinking Margaritas on her decks), couldn't be any happier!!!
    Picture with a very thick piece of corrugated cardboard to show that they clear the racks and pods. These things will not flex!! You could sit my fat-ass on them and they won't move!!

    General pictures of how they look. The powder coating matches the Sling very well.

    Bought this nifty bungee pack on Amazon. Has several smaller bungee cords & a net. Will work great to tie down coolers, grocery bags, & whatever on the Sling!!! Solved several logistic issues I had with trying to carry anything on the Sling!!! It also very much compliments my Mean Sling bags for carrying clothes and such!!!
    Want to say my THANKS to @SlingLow and @Ruptured Duck for providing awesome products at a very reasonable price!!!


    Have neighbors that moved here to Central Indiana from San Diego last spring. They were very excited about experiencing the "change of seasons". Of course that was dampered in about mid August when it was 90ish with high humidity. He compared it to Central American rain forests. At least they had a pool to jump in then. Being a trooper, they were all excited to have snow, winter, white Christmas and all of that. He even bought a badass snow blower!!! Had about 4" of snow yesterday. Was out there 1st thing this morning clearing the driveway and sidewalks. About 4° and a subzero wind chill. Looked like a snowman because he hadn't learned to turn the chute to blow with the wind on the snow blower. Being a good neighbor, I helped him out!!! His wife bundled their 2 kids way up to play in the snow. They lasted all of 5 minutes outside. His next comment was that it really couldn't get alot colder than this. Pulled up the forecast on my phone to show him the low on Tuesday morning is going to be about -15°.!!! Told him when it gets that cold, you should open the cabinets below your faucets and let one of them drip. He was totally dumbfounded then. I told him that I don't think the previous owners ever had pipes freeze, but a good precautionary measure!!! Being a smartass, I really wanted to ask him what he thought about "the change of seasons" now, but didn't!!! Told him he would get used to it!!! We went to Rural King Saturday afternoon to buy some Carhartt bibs and a coat. A great investment in comfort!! Ohhh the joys of the Midwest!!!


    I am totally amazed at how many innovative and imaginative design people are on this forum!!! @Gatgeteer you have solved a couple of "issues" I have had on my Sling!!! #1- Yeah it is harder than hell to light a smoke going down the road at even 30MPH!!!! #2- I bought a shade for the stereo screen which does not do alot!!! If you are selling brother, I am buying!!!


    @CDCAMEL6 I did not get the lumbar or the heated. We did talk about it, but decided not to. However, they did arrive today.... and pics or it didn't happen.....

    Those are good looking seats for a FAST RED Slingshot!!! Not a great picture of my PRP Gen I seats, but the only one I have on my phone. I went with the black & red suede. My better half treated the seats with the stuff she uses on her suede boots. Totally waterproof now.


    Got the new surge tank installed. I must say that getting the bottom hose connected was a giant PITA.
    But it looks nice.

    That bottom hose is a huge pain!! Thought I has mine tight and it came loose after a couple of weeks. Caused a minor leak. Think I have it tight now though.

    Those seats are better than stock, but have more padding in the back and move you closer to the wheel. You aren't tall like I am, likely would be a good choice for you. I bit the bullet and got PRP Gen II. One of them came yesterday. Says on the box, one of two. Hoping they haven't lost the other one, or just forgot to leave it and it's there today when I get home.

    I have the PRP Gen I seats and love them. They are just as comfortable as the seats in my truck which are extremely comfortable!!! Did you get the lumbar and heated seat option? The lumbar does help, and my wife wanted the heated seats which are worth the extra $.

    I am as big of a Colt fan that there is. How can any Colt fan in their right mind even think about trash talking this year???? They are horrible!!! NEVER SEEN A TEAM THAT CAN GIVE A GAME AWAY LIKE THEY CAN!!!

    Rerailing this thread for a short period. Just wanted say that my @SlingLow, red, rear plate came UPS today in perfect condition. I also want to add that it more than exceeded my expectations. That thing is sweet, with even the mounting pins painted red!!! Can't wait to see how it looks on Miss Sling!!! Worth every penny and more that I paid!!! So very detailed and common sense instructions also. A dummy like me can even understand them!! The only thing I saw missing from the instructions was whether this is a full six-pack install or not!!! Thank you again brother. Can't say enough how much I appreciate your ingenuity, mechanical skill, & generosity on this whole thing!! You are a definite credit!!


    i don't care what some might say.... those Wisconsin Badgers are still looking good

    I am an ILLINI fan myself. Not much to cheer about here. Although I think Lovie is headed the right direction. But also a Big 10 fan!! Would love to see either the Badgers or Penn St carry the flag for the Big 10 into possible championship territory. Tired of Ohio St.


    Rode myself today. Picked up my Slingshot frim the dealer. Finally had the swing arm recall done. Not so nice here Central Indiana. 34°, cloudy, and windy!!! It was a cold 25 minute drive on an open highway surrounded by open fields. Had my Carhartts on, but thought my eyeballs might freeze out of my head. My own fault for procrastination!!!


    @SlingLow not yesterday, not sure about today yet, not at home, usually my wife gets the mail first, and calls me about 'packages' she didn't order. No call yet.
    I'm not worried

    LOL!!! Same thing happens at my house. Also any package she didn't order is- "You got another box with stuff for the Slingshot." Doesn't matter what it is.


    @CDCAMEL6 I bought my SS at the end of the season so I've only done the ride from Chicago a couple of times. Its a fun ride. Almost no traffic and 55 is super smooth. Once you get down there, the old country roads are phenomenal for spirited riding.

    Yes they are!!! I know every country road in the are also. Alot of pretty scenery in that area.