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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I must say I have been very tardy about putting this mod on here. Bought the @Irobbi windscreen. The 3rd thing I have bought from R-Shot. All of it comes shipped like you might ship fragile crystal through backroad country on a washboard road!!! More than a "little bit" of detail in what is designed (Okay, one hell of alot!!!) The windscreen looks fantastic!!! Does exactly as advertised!!! Takes care of that airflow that curls around from the rear wheel!!! Conversations are easier, stereo is louder, and looks very unique!!! Sir, you are a design master!!! Thanks in advance!!!

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    just got an impressive batch of new product today. Luggage racks, rear plates, front grills and passenger kick plates with both my previous logo and the biohazard symbol. My nephew Shawn and his buddy Terry, aka Teabag on the racing circuit, made me this as a bonus. Y'all know you want one. Sorry, for once mine is going to be the biggest!

    The Slingshot logo sign is great!!!! I have to have one of those for the garage!!! How can that happen????

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    Just noticed that I put the wrong trim level descriptions on my above post. Slingshots don't "decode" correctly on the automobile vin decoder that I use. The LE means that it is okay for sale in states with higher emission standards like California. Should have put SL & SL LE. Not sure if I didn't catch that because of too many cocktails, being tired, or just plain brain deadness!!! The choice is yours!! Sorry for any confusion.

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    Was at a Manheim auto auction in Indianapolis today. They were running a lane of motorcycles and also had 3 Slingshots that ran. I am sharing this, because of how much $ they brought.

    2015 Base- 8800 miles, bald tires, not the best aftermarket stereo install I have seen, and the lower front wings on both sides were completely broken off. The nose piece they attach to was also cracked and broken. It brought $11,100!!!

    2016 LE- 11,300 miles, very clean, & the only mods I saw were a CAI & a PRP 1st gen seats. It was red in color. It brought $16,700!!!

    2016.5 LE SE- 10,800 miles. Very clean, but the tires were on the weak side. Blue in color and the only mods I could see were some tastefully done pinstripping. That one brought $16,300!!! (Would have thought it would have done more than the LE)

    I am a car buyer for a large dealership group. Have started to see more and more Slingshots starting to show up at various auction houses around the Midwest. Never really had time until today to watch what kind of $ they brought. Frankly I was really impressed. Indiana is a very strong motorcycle state, especially Harley Davidson's. A buddy of mine who is a motorcycle wholesaler said that Slingshots do very well here also. He did say that those 3 probably went a little higher than they should have, but not totally out of bounds with the exception of the 15 which was a total RAT!!! They are holding their value pretty well when you consider the average car losses about 50% of its value after 4 years with miles of 15,000 a year on average.

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    So I just bought my SS in May of this year. I have only 450 miles on it and when I was washing it yesterday, I noticed that the black panels in the back are fading it's color. I put some armor all on them to take away the white fade, but this is not sustainable. Is there any recommended treatment that I can use to keep that "black" look?

    Car Guys makes a plastic restorer that renews and seals. I have used it on several different vehicles. It will last a few months before you have to redo it. One of those things that the more you do it, the better it keeps getting. Amazon sells it. Around $15 a bottle.

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    This is definitely not correct!!! You would have to have about 1000 "hard" pulls of your credit for your score to drop like that. Until you decide to buy, they will do "soft" pulls of credit. As stated below, when you are shopping for credit (car and house), inquiries made at the same time count as 1 credit pull. Having multiple pulls done (like 10, which is a ton) will only drop your score about 8- 15 points on both Equifax and Trans Union. They are the 2 bureaus used by most lenders. If your credit was pulled as "hard" pull without your SIGNED consent, they are in violation of Federal law. You could sue each and every dealership that pulled your credit without SIGNED consent. You would win no questions asked!!! I can speak in confidence on this, because I have been in the car business for over 25 years. Have worked in Finance and know the mortgage side also, because have dealt with it too!! Something else happened here to make your credit score to drop like that. It also doesn't happen overnight.

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    Okay I am a "Mod Junkie". Coilovers were always on my list, but not that high. Heard everyone rave about what a huge difference that aftermarket coilovers would make. I always thought well yeahhhhh, after I finish the stereo, halos, LEDs, and...... I was totally wrong!!! Did all that other stuff and then some!!! Not regretting any of it though.

    Today I installed my DDMWorks coilovers. Easy install other than the fact that my factory installed front coilovers must have been installed by The Hulk with a gallon of red LocTite!!! Glad I have air tools!!!

    They are nothing short of amazing!!! Totally changed the ride and drive of my beloved Sling!!! I have them set for "moderately" aggressive driving, per say. Ride is about 800% better, steering is quicker, they look fantastic, & overall confidence in the machine is much higher!!!

    Okay, I am a dumbass for not doing this much sooner!!! My badge and I will wear it. Should have listened much sooner to all the "Great Sling" minds on this awesome forum a long time ago!!! Should be one of the 1st mods you ever do!!! Great product at a very reasonable price for all it does.

    In closing, the "Great" minds on here say that the tune will also make a huge difference!!! My next mod will be that!!!

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    I was with Nationwide 1st. $1100 a year. Clean driving record and over 55. Went with State Farm. $310 a year with $500 deductible.

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    We have people/idiots protesting a hotel today in the town I work in Champaign Illinois for allowing Ice agents to occasionally stay in their hotel. These are hard working men and women try to uphold our laws and we have people trying to prostest that. I’m at a conference today and tomorrow in Springfield Illinois or I would of counter protested these idiots.

    Loved living in Champaign/ Urbana. Great city!!! Only problem is all the liberals because of it being a large university town!!!

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    How do you get custom designs?


    Got these from 2 different grades of lights. The more expensive ones are for when you intend to leave the lights on for extended periods of time. They will not fade out over time. The regular ones are intended for being on just a few seconds. Like having a car door open. A friend of mine has a "show car". They are on for hours at a time. He has had them on there for a couple of years. His still look great. Bright lights and vivid color.

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    My "Puddle Lights" were delivered to me on Saturday evening. I have yet to install them, but was glad to see that it is a fairly easy install. @Tech_Rick put out some awesome instructions on how to make this happen!!! I have a right and a left facing Camel to install on the appropriate sides of the Slingshot!!! Now I just have to get off my lazy ass to make this happen!!! My guess it is about a 6-pack install!!!

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