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    I have changed my angle drive 2 times and both times it did not take 23.7 oz of fluid. I filled it until it started to run out and even moved the tire to see if it would hold more. I have not had any problems.

    Oil, transmission fluid, and angle drive fluid just changed. Washed and waxed SS and we are ready to hit I-40W for MV on Tuesday am for our exhausting 2 hr drive from Conover NC. All you other folks, drive safely.

    Folks: I went a different route installing the Reese carrier on my Twist Dynamics roof luggage rack. I was able to use just the existing parts that come with the carrier. The only thing I had to do was have grommet eyelets installed in my canvas by a Auto Trim shop for the u-bolts. It was a simple, neat, and a perfect fit. For the record, I put velcro felt on the frame under the u-bolts and also cut some rubber tubing and put on the u-bolts to keep any flapping from occurring.

    I went to changing my transmission fluid and due to recently having Welter exhaust installed, the transmission fill plug was extremely difficult to take out. Making a long story short (not having the right wrench on hand and determined to get it off), can anyone provide me with the part # for it? I have looked at the OEM part number lists but it is difficult to determine the part. I got it off and back in but I wanted to get a new one and get the right wrench for future use. Remember this is the fill plug; not a drain plug. Thx

    3,000 miles a year?

    Unfortunately, I do have a life other than riding/driving my SS. I know Bro that you probably put 3,000 miles on yours in a month these days. Drive safe and by the way, did ever put your fender back on?

    I live in NC and often check the helmet law out for autocycles. Check out NC HB211 (2019-2020 session) that has been introduced and passed in the House and Senate. It is currently in the Rules and Operations of the Senate. There is an amendment embedded in the bill that does away with helmets for autocycles in NC eff 1 July. Since it is buried in the overall bill, it has a great chance of being passed. However, there is still a helmet law in NC buy often ignored by Highway Patrol and Maggie Valley police. Beware other places.

    Carbon_One: Question: Unless I am missing something, it appears you used some sort of clamp to mount the luggage rack to the 3/8" bolt. Can you elaborate on what you used? (i.e size of that clamp and how long are your 3/8" bolts?) Thanks for your time as I am trying to copy you. I have the house tuning clamps and I have ordered the Reese roof top carrier. I just need to know where to go from there to mount rack to the house tuning clamps.

    Carbon_One: I really like your carrier you did for your roof top. I have a question. The outside diameter of both the Bullet Speed and Twist Dynamics canvas frame is 1.66 inches. You state that you used House Tuning 1.625 inch clamps. Did you know they make a 1.65 in clamp? If so, what was your reason for using the 1.625 clamp rather than the 1.65 inch clamp? Did it fit better or did you try the 1.65 in first? Thx for your time.

    I do not have any panel vibrations at all at any frequency from either the arm or headrest pods/speakers. On a side note, the arm pods/speakers were fairly easy to install, however, wiring the headrest pods/speakers thru the back panel and up the transmission to the head unit really sucked. Regardless of what the description says on the SSV works amp kit, it is not total plug and play. End result, it was worth it now that it is over.

    I got them a couple of weeks ago with the SSV speakers. I love them both. However, I also got the headrest SSV pods w/speakers and they are even better than the arm rest speakers. Regardless, I left the front speakers as OEM and you cannot hear them. Before I had the arm and headrest pods/speakers, I had to turn the radio up to around the 9-10 level. Now that I have them, 4-5 is plenty high. Installation was a bear as I had the SSV works rep on the phone for over and hour when wiring the speakers, amp, and radio.

    I thing I would recommend that I got, was to get an amp for the arm speakers. The SSV amp is good and priced good.

    Folks: For those of you who have the SSV Works Rear Deck Speakers installed, I could use your recommendation/guidance on how you ran the speaker wires from the speakers to the SSV 4 channel amp I am installing under the dash. I figured some ran it along the middle transmission area (center console), some on the sides, and maybe some under the SS. If you have these speakers, I would appreciate your input on how you ran your wires and are you happy with it. If not, how would you have ran the wiring. Thanks