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    We are staying at Land O Nod. Thought we had reserved at the host hotel last year but they didn’t seem to have a record and they are completely booked. Oh well. At least it is rated 4.8 on Expedia and was $98 per night. With breakfast.

    We are booked Darrell can’t remember the name of the hotel but we’re there got our trailer built an brought it home Friday, still got to hook pig tail an a few other stuff,,,, brakes etc...!! Maybe it will be a dry spell we’re we can just ride the sling up there........... :thumbup:

    This is the greatest post I have ever read on this forum in the 2 years I’ve been on it, absolutely great information I have ever read about being boosted, thank you Dave for this kind of information you have posted...... :thumbup:

    Just had installed new Yellow Top battery, on riding on a bumpy road my Brake Failure light came. When I shut the SS down and restarted it was not on but after a short period (a few miles) it relit. I’d the same process over several times. Checked all connections of brake system including fluid level. ANY IDEAS?

    Drive it like you stole it, mines been on and off exactly like your describing, carried to dealership they have ordered the sensor’s,

    this is just a few items i just sent to the store. I uploaded 290 different items.

    Here are a few new items in the store. And I'm still waiting on support to tell me why i cant upload my embroidery file for the caps and hat and beanies. And Im currently adding more designs for the shirts. I am adding them soon. It just takes so long. Each design has to be positioned and each color of design has to be a separate item because i also offer multiple color shirts with multiple color designs.

    I have your Christmas presents shopping location covered. If y'all cant find something for a slingshot owner in the online store....... I give up... ;(

    Love the beer mug colors...JS... :thumbsup:

    I think it was just a couple of days ago that someone posted how much vibration is gone when they use a small bit of fuel hose between the mirror and housing .... can't remember who to give credit to though maybe @wjfyfe

    @Ross you are correct I seen that same post and I plan on trying that fuel line hose fix this weekend... :thumbup:

    I don't think the mirrors are useless at all. If you set them to wear they are barely have the vehicle in the corners then you got excellent visibility with very little blind spot. I don't worry about who is behind me when riding down the road.

    @Aceman if you road on our interstate’s we have here or our lovely back roads at any speeds above 60mph you would understand about the mirror issue, our sling is a 2016 model and they suck past 60 mph, I get nothing but vibration in my mirrors.... can’t tell what is behind me nor beside me know I don’t care what’s behind me but I’m not always in the point being it’s cool to know what’s behind you with a push of a button especially the side view....

    @larry, I forget...did you post your build somewhere for that little project?

    No I didn’t, you would have to ask rab, I was there holding the radio he was doing all the wiring, after trying to get to the harness on the transmission, he decided to connect it to a dash would have to take half the sling apart to get to the switch on the tranny....

    I was thinking the same thing... wonder if there is a way to make the transmission switch cycle on command?

    It’s really cool to push a switch and it pop on so you can see the full screen behind you going down the road....... I’m catching myself watching this more than looking at the radio...especially with those useless out side mirrors........!