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    It was described by the Florist as a much different arrangement. The florist is Allison's friend… or was, Allison's friend . She said it had other colors in it. And that the black roses went we'll with the other colors.

    You all don't give me a bunch of crap over these roses. I was just doing what I thought was the right thing. The florist said she would love them. And they were completely different….

    Yea,,, they were different alright….

    you better be glad you got heat in the garage.! Looking like you may need it......JS :00000028:

    I have seen most put them behind the seat, which is a better location? I want to do this so that I don't have to keep taking the battery out, even to charge temporarily I was told can be done this way?

    NNEVES57 the main reason for installing them on the out side is exactly what Edward Neal talked about, and to be honest I’m pushing 300 lbs and the battery is a bitch to get out. Plus I have a stereo amplifier under the driver seat with wires plus speaker wires plus heat seater wires behind and under the driver seat. So that’s was my main reason for the outside install.... plus it is really nice to just pull into the garage and pop the terminal cover off and pop on the terminal ends to the charger.!!

    Jason I we plan on leaving that day also, we are in north west bama, but we will NOT go thru Atlanta by no means, we hit the back roads when we hit the GA line, normally thru ROME GA, then just back roads from there since we want be in any hurry.....we will be trailering but I’m not of a fan of Atlanta or B’ham with all the construction going on there now.........

    FunCycle I’m interested in what you find, I have a yellow top optima in my cart with the 2016 bracket and the charging port to order,, I’ve been told it’s the best battery to replace the motorcycle battery that is currently in our 2016 sling. I know you can get a bad battery just curious what you find out what caused it to basically die, being 2 months old..........