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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Thank You and I will give till this afternoon and if no response I will go and Pick it up.

    sounds like FunCycle called it, axle bearing. I've had mine replaced under warranty.

    What I did was upon hearing it I drove to the dealer explained that I had a NEW noise that I believed was a wheel bearing going bad. They listened to it and agreed. I then continued to drive it until the parts arrived. They notified when parts came in and I went back for the service. Was there approximately two hours. :)

    Just know that most dealers Don't stock parts and Polaris has to approve all warranty work . If they do check it today and find bad bearings you're probably gonna be waiting on parts. Don't like being the bearer of bad news but just being honest

    I feel I'm one of the fortunate ones. I have two dealers less than an hour away.

    One big city dealer and the other bout as small town as it gets. Really didn't like the feel of the big city dealer but pitted them against each other for the best price. I went to the

    Small town dealer first to get the best price they would quote. Not liking the price I walked. I then went to the big dealer, had a hard time even getting waited on and got

    A price that was retail. Waited three days and went back to first dealer and said I'm

    Going to buy a slingshot and told them what I was going to pay ( totally bogus claim)

    Asked if they were going to be the one to sell it to me. Drove it home that day and knew I had made the right choice. It's been back several times since. Only once did it stay overnight and that was due to lack of parts. Most work has been done while I wait.

    Most recently was to replace angle drive seals. Angle drive was on the bench in less than one hour of my arrival. They have done most of my service with me watching up close.

    Heck I've even helped. You gotta love a dealer like that! Chad is one of the owners and also a decent wrench. Darrell is also good wrench and does most of the sling work.

    I'm sure some of you know what dealer I use but for those that don't know it's

    THE TOY STORE in thornville,Ohio. I'd givem a 9 and that's my top rating.

    I believe this is my longest post ever, hope you made it to the end :)

    Just one more thing ,I've heard others have had to pay a deductible on extended warranty

    I've not had to pay (YET)

    We are totally slammed at the moment getting all ready for Maggie Valley.I am not sure what flags you want .Send me a picture of one.I will look into it but highly doubt I can get something for the upcoming SSITS in a few weeks.

    ivor I sent a PM a couple of weeks ago. What I would like is a flag with your Maggie valley art work on it. Could be same art work as T-shirts. Maybe include SSITS & date.

    I know your busy & appreciate the response

    Thanks. DER

    You can register at the gate but I would strongly suggest you do it via our website during the next week as Firstly it is cheaper.Secondly you will receive great event teeshirt which you will not get at the gate.

    Thirdly one of our sponsors is working on giving free Teeshirts to match the event Teeshirts we are giving.These Teeshirts should be worn during the parade as at the party after there will be a raffle for those wearing the sponsor shirts and some great free prizes.

    The free sponsor shirts will also be given to all those who have already registered.

    Lastly Fenderbuttons will not be at any of our shows this year.He received a very lucrative contract in his field and will be working.When the contract is over 2020 he will be back.

    Hey ivor I've been trying to get a hold of you about getting some event flags made up for Maggie valley. How bout it ?

    First let me thank SlingLow for the inspiration to do this. You never know how a simple post might affect others. some time to work on my sign this weekend. Got everything together and just need to tidy up the wiring and get it hung.

    My son in law has a friend with a plasma cutter and he cut the shapes for me.

    They have all thread connectIng nuts welded to the backs with bolts running through

    a metal ban to maintain position. I placed the ban on the back side out of sight and used it as a template for the holes in the backing. Lighting is two sets of RGB LEDs meant for cars.They have four strips each bout nine inches long & are USB powered.

    I'm really happy with how this came out. The music activated lights work great .

    But I would still like to have a nice flag!

    Oh yea almost forgot it's four foot square :thumbsup:

    That's something I am definitely considering. Sounds like you were running two-up? My passenger really slows me down, but that's what arm punches do...

    I would highly recommend it . I'm running DDMs bar on the stiffest setting and I love it.

    Hello all, I have seen , (beginning to wonder though), an ad somewhere online for a Powder Coated “filler plate” that goes above the radio? It mentioned to specify holes or no holes for a Windshield Brace and the auxiliary power wire.

    Anyone out there ever see something like this, or am I dreaming?


    check out lrobbi & R-SHOT accessories I think it's center dash waterfall or something like that .

    I'm starting this thread as a place to show what you have and possibly find a source. I remember seeing a post by WOLF

    of his garage with a slingshot flag hanging in it . I tried tracking down the guy he got it from on TDS without success.

    I have several flags from Daytona bike week and would like to have a slingshot flag to add to the collection.

    I've tried to PM ivor to try and get flags made for SSITS but haven't got a response. Guess he's been busy with Texas

    Maybe uncle Ross could fix us up with some SOG flags or banners - think fundraiser

    I know SlingLow showed a sheet metal sign (emblem) he had and I've heard some have been fortunate enough to get dealer displays so whatca got ??? I'm working on one of my own and will post when finished but waiting on supplies for now.