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    Peg just remember if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Yours is unique and one of a kind because YOU made it that way.

    It's frustrating at times but very rewarding when you get it done. Be patient and you will overcome ;)

    I actually did trade my 19 SLR on a 2020 R. Not to crazy about not having a shifter but I will get used to it. It does have a bit more power than my SLR did and rides a whole lot different, smoother. Here is a funny note, when I asked about an oil filter for it, the dealer could not find one and did not have one. They could not even look up a part number for the filter.... I thought that was kind of funny because if I go 500 miles and took it to them how would they do an oil change?? Anyway.. still getting used to it... First thing I did when I got in the new one was reach for the shifter... haha....

    Might want to come up with a new signature line now that you don't have a shifter :00008356:

    Hummmmm DER from 1 min. ago

    45,471 cases, 1805 deaths and NO one has recovered. Must be that new math they teach here in Cali.

    40,000,000 \ 1805 = OPEN NOW!

    The numbers I gave were for one Ohio prison not the state

    Just a country boys observations

    I haven't been able to find current population numbers for the Marion Correctional facility but as of July of 2019 it was a little over 2500. The state recently tested everyone, both inmates and guards. A little over 1800 inmates tested positive and over 200 guards. Of the 1800 inmates testing positive 38 required hospitalization with 4 deaths.

    Numbers are a few days old .

    You can draw your own conclusions

    I bought momma goose a new set of wheels and she couldn't wait to go for a spin as soon as I unloaded it from the trailer.

    I tried that last year and it lasted about 3 weeks then it was me out there going back and forth. On the bright side it's about an hour quicker than my tractor :)

    Hello everyone, here is an other little update about my Barbie.

    She is in speech and physical therapy, Friday I had a Facetime conference call with her doctors and her, they said she is a fighter and she's on her way to "somewhat" recovery. Yesterday was another Facetime with on of her physical therapists and she said that Barbie can walk around 60 feet with about 20% assistants (Great news). Also I talk to her every day a few times over Facetime and I can tell you her speech improved drastically.

    But it seems the problems don't end here, we rent at the moment and we hoped that we can stay till I retire but the Landlord just informed us that he is selling the House and he wants an outrage amount of money for it ($ 500,000.00). So at the moment I'm looking also for a new place to purchase where it will be easier for Barbie to get around after she gets home. Hopefully Mai 12th.



    Glad to hear Barbie is making good progress. We're still praying for a full recovery. Stay strong

    Had a great ride today as a matter of fact I've had a few good days of riding this week.

    I was a little disappointed when they closed the Hocking Hills state Park but with a little time I was able to see the silver lining. I ran 664 end to end ( the route past Hocking Hills) and for the first time in 20 years I had no one in front of me from Logan to the southern end.( 17 miles ) Traffic was light everywhere. Stopped at the spot where Ross took my cover pic on Rt 56

    Also stopped at the Stockport Mill

    And had a picnic at the Big Bottom memorial

    Temps from 60 when I left to 70 when I got back. They predicted rain at 4 but it held off till 7 . Just a great day all around :)

    You must watch this. I am sorry to say this but here it goes “ONLY IN AMERICA” i mean how FN stupid can you get:00008172:

    Maybe when they get this virus thing figured out they can work on a vaccine for stupidity :)