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    @TravAZ thanks for the note. Hope so. I did two with him. And no modifications since my last done done or needed. What a horrible week now ending on a good note because of @2W2X1 hopefully!! My best buddy, my Australian Shepherd of almost 14 years was put down early this week. She would ride with me in the neighborhood in the Sling! I was taking it out Tuesday night in honor of her for a ride. It was dead. Then find out it’s brain died. But then the Sling family jumped in to help troubleshoot and hopefully rectify my issues. Hope to get my rememberance ride done yet in a few weeks.

    @2W2X1 let me know how much or PM me a price. I didn’t see on Bobs site a retune was $20? I have done two with him. One N/A and this one which is turbo. I am thankful that my ECU didn’t die while drive or on boost and blew an engine. Thanks for the help. I am out of factory warranty. I have an extended non-Polaris but the dealer said they have to send in pics and ask the dealer if it has been modified or tuned. The dealer for liability reasons won’t fib. Not that I am asking for that.

    This sucks. Could be worse I guess.

    @King I was able to get the starter to turn over the engine but it won’t start. Not sure at this point if it’s missing another connection. Acts like no fuel or something. @TravAZ I did rock it and move it forward and back a good 6 feet with nothing. I have not rolled it back out the driveway to jump start it yet. Figure since it doesn’t appear now to be the starter if that would work. Seems really strange to meat this point.

    I tried to jumper the clutch switch which does nothing again.

    McCaws I did jumper the clutch switch. I have not jumped started it. I am going to tow it to the dealer Friday morning. When we take it off the trailer I will try that. I am thinking it’s the solenoid as well at this point. Cause I may be putting power through the button but if the solenoid is dead it would do the same thing...

    You guys are super helpful...

    Swapped with another Yellow top from my Chevelle. Same issue. 12.8 volts at battery. Everything lights up. No button fire. I took the button out as well and tried cross the black with either the blue and red and it still didn’t fire. So I am thinking it’s not the stupid button either. Still could be the clutch switch, but I did jumper it. I have an appointment at the dealer for Friday. Just kills me I can figure it out.

    Drove it this past weekend. Drove fine, no issues. Went to take it out last night.
    1. Key on. Everything lights up and all power works.
    2. Press red button and nothing happens. No start.
    *checked starter relay and swapped it out with turn signal relay to rule it out.

    Then researched on here last night and found some good posts to try tonight,

    *Located clutch switch under CPU above clutch. Took a wire and jumpered the plug on the harness side. No go.
    *Checked battery negative cable and made sure all is tight and nothing is touching.
    *Checked other fuses, and none of them is blown
    *Pulled radio and check the plug to the red button. Nothing is loose. Button does light up. Check other wires while there and nothing burnt or out of the ordinary

    I am stuck. Thought it would be the clutch switch but I jumpered that. Do the red buttons go bad? Any other thoughts or anyone had a similar issue? Is it possibly the jumper won’t work? I don’t want to rule out the clutch switch.

    @Tripod will not be having fun on weekends or meeting his future bride as Craigslist personals have been taken offline. No more BBW 40 something hot for it right now for Tripod....never thought it would come.

    Can we all have a moment of silence for the loss of “Women wanting to meet men” craigslist adds demise....

    Such a loss....sniff sniff....

    Tripod there is always Grinder!! :D:P8o

    I talked to some buddies who are in the turbo and super charger crowds. After reading about the baffle I sent them a note. They all agreed that the supercharger is a fixed spring. Should be no creep. However a restriction like a baffle will cause back pressure cause the boost to creep. Simple concept, you blow into a hose, and there is no restriction at the other end. Now stick some paper in the other end and restrict it. You have to blow harder and pressure builds......Boom!