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    So I took her in for the 500 mile service oil change and told the service rep about the steering wheel not being centered yet again. The response I got from the service team was that the Sparco steering wheels that come with the SLR have forks in them that either go slightly to the left of center or slightly right of center. I also asked about getting a real alignment on the SS and they said no one has a 3 wheel alignment machine and they use measurements (whatever that means). BTW, I'm not saying my SS needs wheel alignment because it does NOT drift to either side when you are driving straight. However, the steering wheel is slightly off center when you are driving straight down the road.

    Is this BS or truth?

    Grapevine Power sports has the lazar alignment machine for it. If you are taking it to freedom they are idiots. Grapevine isn't much better but they can do the lazar alignment. Cycle town south used to have the alignment machine don't know about now.

    If you buy an XL pickup and put leather and carpet in it and Lariat wheels its not a Lariat its still an XL. So what would make you any difference. Dealer can change everything but the Vin. Still a base model!!!

    Hey Guys,
    I keep seeing comments like this pop up around the forums, and I would like to clear things up. Madstad is not, and has never been the same as Twist Dynamics, or SSO. We are our own company, we manufacture our own products in house here in Brooksville, Florida. We do work with Twist Dynamics on some products, and that is why some of our original products have moved over to the Twist Brand. We are always pushing to create new, unique products and you can expect to see us releasing some cool new stuff in the near future! :thumbup: - Cody

    My sincere apologies sir..

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I was/am still considering going 20"/22" but this means I either have to forget the welter, so I can soften up the rear end for a comfortable ride or, get smaller wheels. Thanks so much!

    My pleasure sir. I love the looks but sometimes the ride Pisses me off.... You know you live and learn. ?(

    Ok to answer you question. I run 22's all the way around with the welter exhaust and QA1 shocks. So here is the deal. Does not handle well with 22's on the front. And as far as the rear you will have to put a lot of Preload in the shock so that it does not hit the exhaust. And every once in a while you will still have a light rub on large bumps... My rear tire is a 305/25/22... It will ride a little rough because of not having any side wall. If you have any more questions I will do my best to answer...

    When inspecting underneath the boot can you be specific as to what I should be looking for please. I have never dealt with steering mechanism’s and have no clue what is normal and what is not. Any input would be helpful thank you

    Weeeeell SHIT! looks like I have to make a trip to the dealer. My rattle is not as pronounced as yours however there seems to be some play. Disappointed that there is one more thing I have to look at at the dealer but really grateful to everyone pointing out this issue. Better to find out in the garage then on the road! Once again thank you for the great video and input!

    Ok, so I got my sling back from the dealer with a new rack n pinion would it be a good idea to fill the boot with grease like a CV joint or not??? Just was trying to do a little preventative maint.

    Yes sir I cut the large zip tie and just like you said either no grease or very little grease on the rod end... Had a lot of play on the right side. Also the rattle mine was replaced at about 10k and now again at 15k. Hope they get it right this time...

    Anyone else have problems with the Rack and Pinion going bad? This is the second one that I have to replace... Seems to be getting a lot of play in the input shaft on the passenger side.