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    here is a snap of the Toyota over my back wall in my friend/neighbors yard. I was wrong it does not look to be on blocks as I thought - - I offered him $4,000 three years ago, probably should offer $2,000 now


    If you look at the going prices for just FJs then factor in the truck part the $2000 would be a joke if he knows what he has. These things are getting insane money when restored and even when not. If it's all original then that is a very nice find. California rig? Assume no rust.

    Yep.... Got it Monday night. The 4 isn't available in the Gladiator. So far I'm in the high 16s. Pretty sure I need to do 55mph to get anything near the numbers. Also going to 37s in about a week so the next big expense will be 4:88 gears.

    We have one turbo 4 Rubicon in our work stable. It's getting built up for SEMA this year. It has a lot of pep for sure.

    You should not regret it!

    We have a 2009 Rubicon 4 door with a life time drive train warranty and 41,000 miles on it... Love it, only issue we ever had on it was the "death wobble" which we cured about 5 years ago by putting a new steering cylinder / damper on replacing the original.

    Will never sell it! Now keep it in Texas at our second home.

    W0GEN I'm with you. I have owned quite a few Jeep's over the years. My avitar name is actually my old Rock crawler names the Ruptured Duck. My last Jeep was. 2012 2dr Rubicon that I sold to help fund the MeanSling business. The new one (yes I picked it up tonight) is the official

    MeanSling company tow rig... :P

    Keep your Rubicon for as long as you can. I plan to keep this one for a very long time.;)

    Sorry to hear about the Porsche Ruptured Duck and Congrats on the soon to be new truck. That bumper is one of the best looking aftermarket bumpers I've seen. So many are, "big, tuff and manly", but don't compliment the truck they're on at all. Yours covers all bases.:):thumbup:

    Thank you sir.... Can't really show the full thing just yet. Marketing is teasing it until near the end of this month. The goal was just that. Not to fight the Jeep but style too it. It is more refined than the current market but I choose to push for a next level look. The JL doesn't need to look like the older JK. Kind of banking on this a tad. Tooling was not cheap. So far the response has been positive. Is it the real hard core off road bumper. No but is capable with all the needed equipment. We also have the HD (cut, fold, weld) design for those guys.

    And...... I got the Rubicon Gladiator tonight.:thumbsup:

    Traded the 18 F150 this weekend while in OKC. Loved it but I missed the Jeeps too much.

    This was at my Mom’s house there before we headed back home.

    Well may be getting a Rubicon Gladiator. Saw the dealer today and they have a Sport S max tow or a Rubicon. Only 5k difference between the two. When it comes time to sell or trade need to think about the value. Over 48 months I think the difference is so little that I'm gonna pull the trigger on it. Might have it by Wednesday.

    Now I have most all the parts squirreled away so that by Saturday it will look like this.

    dangerdarrell zoom in on the front bumper.... :00007555: that's a little tease of the upcoming new bumper design.

    Of the two keep trying for the Toyota.....

    Ugh, sorry to hear that, it's never any fun doing repairs on your own work vehicles.

    It was always a stop gap. Purchased cheap and got the money out of it for sure. Really just needed it to last a tad bit longer. My guess is a broke valve spring on the intake. With that high of milage I'm just really not wanting to spend the time or money. The first gen Cayennes are not really valuable. Not enough to try and sort it out. My time is better spent elsewhere.

    Well..... The Cayenne just may have ended it's towing carrier. Looks like it took 3 owners, 230,000 miles and 15 years of use to cause very low compression in one of the 8 cylinders. I can do the repairs but is it worth it?

    There may be either a slightly used Ram Rebel or an over priced, borderline tow rig Jeep Gladiator in my near future ..... hate fighting the heart....

    not sure thats a good example - California has never required a license for any three wheel motorcycle - Californias motorcycle licenses, the M1 & M2 have always been specifically for 2 wheel motorcycles

    using you logic this would mean that a Harley trike isnt a motorcycle because you dont need a motorcycle license in California

    Ga changed the endorsement aspect if the license more to do with logistics than anything else. As one of the first in the state of GA to get a license for the SlingShot it was rather cumbersome and funny. I did not already have the motorcycle endorsement so this required I take the written exam first. Then when it came time to do the physical test they could not perform it as described in the office procedure manual. The test course was physically unable to allow the SS to even fit on. About 2 hours of back and forth communication with the head office finally had a resolution. I was to drive about 1/2 loop out on the main road with the examiner following behind taking notes of all my stops and right hand turns.... :|

    It was determined this was a big part of why it was switched to no endorsement required. Path of least residents.

    IIRC, I read at least one review on LED lights where the reviewer pointed out the durability of Rugged Ridge LEDS. He replaced a different, cheaper brand with the RR units after the other lights ended up allowing water protection after a short exposure to rain.

    Full disclosure here.... I'm not promoting the brand just letting him know what MiM used. I actually work at Rugged Ridge but I'm really not interested in what brand someone ends up with. Only that they do a little research on the brand they might buy through Amazon. The Rugged Ridge brand are a private lable LED supplied by a reputable manufacturer. Just do your research that's all. LED lights is one of the most copied and knocked off product you will ever find out if China.

    wife ordered on her phone so I don't have a link at the moment but I just searched 3.5 Inch round led light . Don't have any other pics yet but I can say they're brite. I still have halogen centers and when you hit the brights they light up higher but not farther

    MiM got his lights from me. They are actually Rugged Ridge LEDs that have a heat rating of over 6000 so a very bright white.

    Just an FYI. You can find them out there for less money but you have to be careful with what you order off Amazon. With LEDs you really do have to worry about the old saying " you get what you pay for".

    I run the Rugged Ridge dual beams that have Amber running lights.

    I wouldn't think so... "generations" are usually major redesigns every 5-8 years. Within a generation, there are always tweaks.

    I still think that 2015-19 is gen-1.

    From and automotive standpoint you are correct. Generations usually are noted by some type of major architecture change and or body design.

    Major regarding design would be all new body panels not minore styling updates.

    With that said this is as close to a Gen2 we are going to see for a bit.

    For me a trike design (handlebars, short wheel track) is not what I am talking about. I am talking about an autocycle design. A car-motorcyle hybrid design (car engine, single rear wheel, etc) that polaris and vanderhall has successully created. I don't think Honda has ever tried this.

    A number have floated concepts. Lots of time looking into ROI. With 40k sould in over 4 years the numbers speak to why no further action has been taken by others.

    Last one is a Honda concept. More city trike than anything else. They did have a concept I think 2 years ago that was a shot at a KTM X-bow so (4) wheels

    Just watched the presentation video and they made a point to have the engine and exhaust rev at the end. Did not sound like the current setup in my opinion.

    As for my comments regarding two engines I was referring to one engine with two setups. NA and a boasted derivative.

    As for the Spyder and SlingShot comparison I agree they are not the same only that these are the two manufacturers that have gambled in this new segment. Each taking a different approach.