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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Sheree202 I think you pay the taxes where you will register it. You may still have to pay the sales tax. Dave can better answer that one. At least you should have a good dealer close by. Just do not use Mall Of Georgia dealer. If interested I will tell you why on the conversation.

    That one in Seneca is about 25 miles from us, not too far for us to go down and check it out for you. That one already has our shift knob on it also, so it may have some other aftermarket parts also.

    Let me know if you are pretty interested in that one, if so, I can make the trek down to take a look for you.


    Performance was where I drove to when I got my first laser alignment. They were first ones to get the true trak laser kit I think that was the name. Seemed to be a real good dealer. I know they treated me like family on the phone and when I go there. I also looked at my dealer yesterday they have a Black/White SLR on the floor brand new for $25,999 with the Polaris top. I should have asked what he would take for it. This just gives you an idea what a new 2019 will cost you.

    It seems that after 40, the way they look at life changes!

    There is no way I would vote for the people that are playing these games. Did anyone else even listen to the Michigan governor last night?

    I would have to respectfully disagree with you... that's kinda like saying the brake pedal is the only safety device I need in a car.. but -I have always been a little leary of anything that can kill me when I wasn't ready to go...

    Do you have to unlock the brake pedal before you can use it?:thumbsup:

    It is pretty common to see pre-load on the stock sway bar with the stock end links. Ideally you want to adjust the sway bar end links while the normal passenger load is in the Slingshot. You want to adjust one sway bar end link until the sway bar is as close to horizontal as possible, then adjust the other sway bar end link until the bolt easily goes through the other mount hole with no effort.

    Hope that helps,


    Thanks Dave, the problem was CRS the steering wheel was changed out before the Black Friday Sales and the Sling had not been on the road since way before that. That was also when I had to quit working on the Sling because of so much back pain. The steering wheel was not centered. I just finished with it a few minutes ago.

    I have a Ruger LC9S - it is my EDC gun. Have had it for years, superbly accurate, have run hundreds of rounds through it without a problem. I always carry with a round in the chamber in an Urban Carry G2 holster, I train regularly this way, and I won't have a carry gun with a separate safety. Too many times pulling the trigger and missing the shot because the safety was on - this was never a disaster, but all the same, no safety on my EDC.

    Just my 2 cents - everyone needs to do what ever is necessary to keep safe. What ever way you carry - practice and train that way! In a SHTF situation, you're going to do whatever you practice most.

    I do not buy hand guns with safety's on them either. The safety is the trigger finger

    Enjoy it while it last:D:thumbsup:

    I never touched anything else unless something came unplugged when I cut the wire loom loose and pulled back the horn wires.

    Since I have Sling II back on the road the head lights stay on high beam. The only electrical I have done on Sling II is install a fuse box and install the Marco horn. I used the original horn wires for the control relay and a new hot wire from the new fuse panel. I just put it back on the road yesterday and noticed this. I have not tried to check it out yet. But I tried Sling I and could hear a relay clicking up front at the center head lights. This does not happen on Sling II.

    I have not worn a helmet in 4 years in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, or Tennessee. Not saying it is right but no problems so far. South Carolina only has the under 21 law and no seat belt for the SS.

    Here is something that I have never seen come up on the forum. When I pulled the stock sway bar the steering wheel was centered. When I installed the new DDM sway bar I just ruff set the links by the stock links with the Sling sitting on the jack stands. I took Sling II out today after all of the changes and the steering wheel was not centered, I never had checked the level of the sway bar. I pulled the front tires and rims to see if I could find a problem. I did not find anything. So the next thing that I did was take a short level and check the level on each side after another trip down the road. I pulled back in the play room and checked the level on each end of the sway bar. Guess what! one side was almost level by the bubble and the other was a full bubble off. When sitting on the jack stands everything looked good when I installed the sway bar. I will check it out tomorrow to see if this solved the problem.

    Yeah but almost 72. I'm making it nice for somebody else. Pellet stove is 70000 BTU, so I turn it on in the morning an hour later I'm in my t-shirt in the garage.

    You forget that we are the same age 4/23/47 We have to be comfortable when we work or play.

    I just bought a 2016 SL with 10,000 miles for $13,000. I could not turn it down (Local) I am working on 94,000 miles on Sling I . 2015 SL. One other thing you could look at is what warranty is left if any.

    decided to finish the sheathing on the garage walls

    You will not regret that, now you can use it year round.. Mine has had the heat on for the last 2 months since it turned cold. 35,000 btu propane, at night I just turn it as low as it will go. 70 degrees daytime high for the next 4 or 5 days and the door are open. I just took Sling II out for the first time in about three months while changing things over from Sling I