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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I have my original unflashed ECU in my 2015 SL. I get a little hang but it's not all that bad and I can live with it. Always scared to mess with something that works, I have no steering issues or dead spots. If the flash will cure the hang maybe I'll flash it when I bring it in for the headlight wire recall.

    I agree with you, mine has never been flashed either, i also have a little hang time on the rev sometime. It is not something that I worry about.

    Two per dealer is all. At 2 PM today one was still available at Coastal Victory in Murrel's Inlet S.C. along with 27 more Slingshots that Polaris loaded them up with for bike week (Myrtle Beach) I counted them.

    Slingmods suggested an allen socket and long handle and a quick jerk as opposed to steady pressure. Hmmmmmm...

    If you do that you had better be sure the allen wrench is in all of the way. You can tear up more s--t than you want to try and fix, beside maybe hurting yourself!!!

    You are not telling me anything new. My first was before 1957, since 1971 I have been in the middle of it every year except for 4 years ago when I was to sick to go. I remember the years that there was almost no traffic flow in Myrtle Beach because of the vendors and the people ( shoulder to shoulder ) I do not think it will ever get back to as big as it was when Myrtle Beach tried to shut bike week down. They did not care how much money it cost them until it all disappeared. Bike Week was a lot of business profit for the year, then it disappeared. Back in those days it was a grid lock from Murrel's Inlet north to North Myrtle Beach Harley and west on Hwy 501 to the race track. For those that do not know, get a map and look at the area I am talking about. Oh, and by the way this was before the bypass was ever built.

    Well what does everyone that is going to be there think about Saturday May 21st at Dead Dog Saloon in Murrells Inlet? Can meet there around starting around 12:30 and eat at 1:00. If you can't park directly in front of the Dead Dog there are plenty of spots across the street and along side Dead Dog. After lunch if you want to take the Slings next door to the church lot overlooking the Inlet we should be able to get a pic of all the Slings together. The Inlet makes a great back drop pic for our rides.

    Sounds good to me, but it is going to be crowded.

    Some people have had a problem with leaks around the stock hose clamps. Take a better look at the location of the leak before you move the SS the next time. Drivers side sounds like you might have moved the top radiator hose on the install of the CAI. Good Luck

    Yep Coastal has had about 5 to 6 new Slings sitting out front all week.

    Jason said another dozen for bike week. We stopped in last Friday 2 Red -- 2 White -- 1 Silver -- 1 black. He said that they had 6 available for sale. They have sold right at 300 total since day one, all up and down the East coast. Just left the dealer 27 Slingshots on site for sale. One blue SS sold and one is still available, but they have not received the blues yet.

    Looks like the same switch Slingmods has been selling. Single pole double throw. For those that do not know the center is the hot and the two outside post are for any two items you you want to power up with the same power supply. But it is either one or the other ( NOT AT THE SAME TIME )

    I live here so I will be there every day. Back in the good old days before Myrtle Beach screwed it up, for me before I retired Thursday's was North Myrtle, Friday's was Barefoot landing, Saturday was for Murrel's Inlet. I did this every year left the house early to avoid the traffic and stayed in each area all day. Now I spend most of my time in the South End area except Thur. and Fri. This past fall rally there was nothing going on anywhere, very very few vendors at all. Give me a shout out if you are coming. Oh, I forgot Coastal Victory/Indian, Polaris is trying to cover them up with Slingshot's for bike week to sell.