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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    One note for you on add on's for your new Slingshot. Do you want performance or do you like looks better. This should be your starting point.

    The bad boy and the Marco horn fits perfectly on the center headlight bracket on the left side and the hole is already there. The stock horn is mounted on the right/pass. side bracket. There is also a threaded hole to mount the relay with an L bracket.

    Really good group. Thanks for the input and helping out a newbie. "Dave" sounds like

    Dave @ Vcyclenut my bike tuner = Visa card takes a hit. Looking forward to any advice.

    Well if there was an average for the credit card hit, I would say around $5,000

    I’m Getting just a clicking sound when connected to factory wiring. Figured if anything compressor may run slow or horn would be somewhat muted but no sound at all. What’s my option with powering the relay separately.

    Some of those horns have to have the right polarity and will not run if power is reversed. Ask me how I know. I am working on the install of the Marco horn on Sling II as we speak. Everything is ready except for installing the fuse block, 6 circuit marine from Amazon and the power wires

    These horns pull around 11 amps. I just kept installing larger fuse until it quit blowing. I did run the cheaper Bad Boy on the factory wires with no problems for a while until I changed up the wire size for the 12 volt supply to the relay. I have been running the Marco Tornado for a couple of years now with this set up. Now for another part of the story. Sling II had a set of the musical horns run on the factory wire, the compressor was slow running and would barely blow the horns because there was too much voltage drop. Yes! I removed that set up yesterday to install the same set (Marco) up that I have on Sling I.

    Glad you were not pointing it at anything that bleeds. 8)

    I was taught how to point and shoot. It's not the most accurate way but it definitely will work. I'm at most within a couple of inches of what I'm shooting at everytime. I hope the only thing I ever point it at is targets.

    Practice is the only way point and shoot works

    I have about every M & P Semi, but I carry the 9 C which carries 12 + 1 but I also just bought a couple 30 mags which means that you could carry in your blue jean pockets around 420 rounds. Why worry about an AR -15 unless you are going to shoot long range. M & P/ Glock there is no difference, I bought the M & P because they were first with the adjustable back strap and at the time all of the Glocks were too large for my small hands. PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE AND THEN PRACTICE SOME MORE

    Tell her to work on her draw and point...

    She won't need the 13 round spray-and-pray mag.

    Some people target shoot but for your protection you should learn to point and shoot. Also if you have a safe place to practice you would need to learn how to move and shoot and hit what you are shooting at. This would be walking in and out to the target and also moving cross range shooting. SAFETY - SAFETY - SAFETY I do this at my local outdoor range when I am there all by myself, we do not do this if anyone else is on the range.

    I have been doing the prep work for the strut brace and the sway bar for the last 4 hours. As everything goes back together the strut bar and the sway bar, the new horn and the Alpha CAI, also the new fuse box will be installed for the new horn on Sling II. OH, I pulled that musical horn bull crap off also. That is enough for one day.

    The 2020 with the 2.0 engine is To fast for me. My 2019 GT is more than I need. Any of the SS's will get you a ticket. I think I will hang onto my GT. Hint; Since I installed 2 oz. each, Dyna Beads in all three tires my ride is much, much smoother than before.

    I have been thinking about doing the same thing with the beads. The last rear I had mounted has the beads but I have only put about 20 miles on it. I will be putting it on Sling I in the near future

    Bill Martin , same respect back to you, I have seen the type of comments on Politics Sucks Thread support this same line of comment. "Why is this happening, let him do his thing. I like my stock market increases and the wall and keep gun on our hips. I don't care what he does, he is what I want in a president."

    Bill, when we say we don't care what he does to reach goals he sets for our country, we are headed for dictator type control. We never want to open a door that will allow a president to do what ever to satisfy some of the people. We have future presidents that may have other ideas of their interest and not in our best interest. That is what I am worried about.

    I feel, we are at a crossroads of a test of our constitution. Separation of powers and each branch is at the forefront to see, does congress have a power over a president or can he with hold congress approved funds.

    Now we are going to see the evidence presented for those charges, I hope we can get all witnesses that can help prove one way or another. It is as simple as that. I am totally for our constitution and the process laid out by our founding fathers.

    I would like Obama tried under this same set of rules or what ever you would like to call it. The way I see it the larger problems we are seeing now were started under Obama

    I appreciate your opinion and agree with much of what you said. I believe it is a slippery slope compelling anyone with direct access to the President to testify ignoring and thusly diminishing executive privilege. No matter what party is in office the President should not have anyone hearing one side of a phone call becoming a whistleblower for partisan reasons. Both sides have pulled outrageous “tricks” to the detriment of the political system. I agree that Merrick Garland was treated poorly by the Republicans - so what do the Democrats do - they sink even lower on the Bret Kavanaugh nomination. I’ll probably get beat up for this but I thought Bill Clinton was a pretty good President. Hillary on the other hand should be strung up on a powerline for the buzzards to eat - scratch that - buzzards do have standards. McConnel was wrong on Garland but remember Pelosi’s famous quote “we have to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it” - that should have been her last statement in public office. The Obama birthplace thing was another partisan ridiculous pursuit. I fundamentally disagreed with Obama’s policies and when he got his “pen and phone” - picked HRC for Secretary of State - having far worse scandals than the Trump administration he went on my trash pile. This brings me to Trump. Does he say, tweet, do things I wish he wouldn’t do — YES!! On the other hand he has done EXACTLY what he said he was gonna do if he was elected. I get it that many people are turned off by him - I was in New York several months ago and most are dicks IMO 😂. But just because you do not like his policies or style is not a reason to impeach a President - that is what the voting booth is for. Lastly - if Trump committed a crime which every Democrat and their pundits decry - why was their no violation of law in the Democrats Articles of Impeachment??? One thing for sure - we agree - Biden, Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg ain’t gonna do nothing to bring this country together and if anything will bring the right out in force. Trump brings out the same furor in the left. No matter who wins in November I see a lot of turmoil on the horizon. That is why I am sticking with the devil I know - Trump!!

    True, President Trump says too much sometime, but you do not have to guess which side he is on. Also by doing this the MEDIA can not twist and turn what he has said.

    I had forgot about this one back when I was a kid. My dad hunted and had been around guns all of his life. For some reason he was handling a shot gun while sitting on the bed. mom was standing at the foot of the bed at the mirror. Dad shot a hole thru his pillow and thru the wall into my bed room, I was not there when this happened. Stuff like this is why we teach gun safety at the shooting range everyday. The first thing you do is check to be sure that the gun is not pointed at someone the second is that it is unloaded before handling. I had two child hood friends that were killed while sitting on the bed handling guns. "YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO SAFE"

    My sister did this also years ago and her husband was on the other side of the wall. They were very lucky. She still wears the brass around her neck as a necklace.