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    Well heck you got a full tank, just get going and add them up. You just might catch up with FunCycle . Have a great day my friend.

    That boy would have to croak for me to catch up to his mileage :D

    And I always try to park it with a full tank

    The last thing that I do before I go home is fill the tank for the next day. I get home. I do not want anything to slow me down the next day. Oh! and by the way I will have another Sling in about 3 weeks if everything works out. It is a 2016 Red SL, I can not turn it down for the money even if I just bring it home and park it until needed.

    Sorry FC. It was kind of a last second deal. My friend was going with another motorcycle rider and he backed out. I got my son to mind the shop on my weekend cleaning biz and took off to Raleigh. Stayed there Friday night then we left early Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening.

    24 hours or less works, ready to rock and roll in about 30 minutes

    Overall Bill Martin I also think that was what was going on. But who can control all the manufacturers of ammo. Only one group that I can think of could do that and it is located in Washington, DC. That is all I am going to say on the subject. Do the research people and it was not John Q public that started it.

    Last weekend a buddy and I took off for a 2 day ride from Raleigh NC to New Philadelphia, Ohio. We took the scenic route going up through West Virginia. We jumped on Hwy 250 in Staunton VA and never got off until we got to New Philly. Lots of good twisties up that way. Also lots of 35 zones but it was not too bad. On the way home the next day we took I-77 back and had some good fun on the WV Turnpike. Good ride and good times.

    You should have let me know

    During the 22cal shortage I spoke to someone in the industry and they gave a pretty simple explanation. He said the there were no facilities that only make 22 ammo. A production line is shut down and retooled for 22 for a short production run each year. The demand for other caliber rounds and the fact that they make more money in those calibers derailed the change over to making 22. It became a shortage because they didn't replenish the stock.

    I still want to know the real reason that it happened without the BS! Yes that is the line. they fed the public but how could that be true when they were keeping up before.

    The ammo disappeared before all of this and the gov. was pushing the blame on the public. You would really have to be a shooter to understand all of this and buying and shooting ammo every day not stocking up. After this happened, Yes the people/the buying public started stocking up and the people that were shooting as a hobby started stocking what they shot all of the time.

    I hate to tell you that nothing had happened at the time to make the public all of a sudden buy everything on the shelf, 22 ammo was first and then the hand gun stuff disappeared. Also this was when Homeland Security bought the millions and millions of rounds of ammo. I forget the number but look it up. That was the statement that everyone wanted to use but that is not what happened. Some thing has to happen for the public to do that and there was nothing and no kind of scare either. Just one day and all of the 22 ammo was gone. Now after a couple of months of that happening the public WAS buying everything that could be found and only in the past 2 years have you been able to pretty much buy what you want. I did forget to mention that we were shooting around 100 rounds of hand gun stuff per day also


    People bag on Polaris for a lot of quality issues but one thing I can say they got right is their cover. 😄 Mine is on it's 3rd (and strongest) Hurricane and this thing is an absolute tank. The interior did not get wet from hurricanes Matthew and Florence and now it's battling Hurricane Dorian and holding up well. I know this thing is probably outsourced but it's well worth the price in my opinion. Going strong after 3 1/2 years.

    No power but just got the cable and the internet back, I have seen summer storms worse than this, but that is a good thing.