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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I understand that Bernie is supposed to show up in Georgetown this week. Trump will be in Charleston on Friday night. No, I am not going, scared the back will start acting up while I am there.

    The only reason that I bought the extended warranty in Feb. 2015 was because the Slingshot was a totally new product on the market at the time and we did not know what the long term problems might be. 93,000 miles and I "MIGHT" be got my money back out of it.

    This conversation about the 401's brings up a what if. Pull out of your 401 on retirement and convert to cash or something else, just in case that everything goes to hell. Ammo, just might be as good as cash or gold and silver. We are still depending on the banking system when everything goes to hell. Food and liquor would be something else to stash.

    A friend of mine thinks that he is still supposed to put money in his 401 after he retires. Yes, I was there when he said it. I told him that was not the way it was supposed to work

    Also you could check with the vendor that sells the vinyl lug nut covers once you know the size. A lot of people sell the vinyl pipe fitting caps, you just might have to buy a few hundred at a time :thumbsup:

    My 401k strategy has always been leave it alone don't touch it don't move the Investments around even when suggested by 401l managers. Fortunately it's worked out for me so far.

    I had everything in high risk and put in everything they would let me until I retired, since I had such a short time to build the 401, it was all or nothing. Another 5 years on either end would have been nice.

    I use to ride the Gold Wing to work every morning year round. The throttle cables would freeze up around 13 degrees so it had to stay in the shed when it got that low. Nothing like coming into a turn at around 70 mph and the cables freeze up. The PUCKER FACTOR does kick in, I tell you!

    Just looked at her in passing each morning before leaving for work because my wife seems to think my cold is due to riding the SS to work everyday in the teens during the morning hours here in Ohio. I totally disagree because I dress for it and with all my gear, the ONLY think cold on my 35 min commute is my finger tips when I get to work (My heated gloves don't get hot enough to prevent this from happening). I don't want to start any trouble so I decided to give it 5 days to see if my cold improved. Tomorrow is day 5 and I'm pulling the SS back out with sunny skies and 45 degrees in the forecast for the high, perfect riding weather!! The tall windshield does WONDERS!! You don't feel any drafts or air flow with the tall shield and full face helmet on. During the warmer months on long trips, I mount the ipad mini to the dash and angle it towards my wife passenger seat and turn the volume on 5 from the factory unit and you can hear EVERYTHING clear as day going 75 mph down the highway with the roof on or off.

    Pull the cup holders out and you may get a little warm air in the cockpit it does work but I have never tried it at that lower temperature. I do it between 45 and 55 degrees. I even have the PVC elbows to insert in the cup holders so the warm air will blow a little across me and the passenger.

    When the bottom fell out I lost very little in my 401 and recovered that in like three years after everything turned around. I know some that lost 50% and have never recovered. At this time what I pull out each year, I call my play money and without it I could not do what I do now. Hey! I am just an old mill hand that could only contribute to the 401 for around 10 years before forced retirement. I am hoping that I have a few more years before I become house bound.

    Got home from work and noticed the left rear hood latch(closer to the windshield) was not latched. I open the hood and the latch does look a little dry so I lube it. Still the same problem. So I try adjusting the latch, no difference. I then switch the latch with passenger rear latch. No difference. I finally after about an hour of fiddling with it notice that the front latch spring is broken. It was letting the front latch lay down and it was just enough difference to cause the rear latch not to lock. Is this a common problem? I now have two options. A: Buy latch for 55.00 and install it. B: Drive slingshot to the nearest dealer which is over 1 1/2 hours away and wait for them to fix it under warranty.

    Call them and talk to them and send them the picture. With a good dealer you just might be surprised what you and the dealer can work out.