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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    32 round 9 mm mags times 6 in each per pocket plus the 18 rounds you can get in the full size 17 round M & P 9 mm mag if I remember right plus the one in the chamber. That is 19 rounds in the hand gun. I am just playing with you but this is a fact I tried it ^^yesterday

    The big problem that I have with this is the good people that keep responding to these people. If there were no response you would think that they would go away or at least move to some other platform.

    That is why we have block. I only have blocked 3 or 4 on this forum and the other 3 have moved on. You do not even want to know how many were blocked on the dark side, even the admin. that we could not block. A short story that I will not repeat and I think the maddest I have ever been in my life.

    FB WTF We have everything here. I feel almost lucky for finding this site. We get at the best mediocre tech answers, latest gossip and how to spend your money on things (mods) that are not necessary. Just kidding.

    This site has saved me tons of money for being technically accurate, available 24/7, including do's and don'ts as well as keeping updates on mod's and fixes.

    I commend the staff for their diligent efforts. Thank you to the staff and supporting members!

    Question: @ what point do you stop doing MODS? My air conditioner in the house quit a few weeks ago and I am torn between $4500 for a new a/c unit or more Slingshot MODS. I have come to get used to 95* to 100* in the house (Florida) when I gat home but the mornings are a cool 80* to 85* Fall will be here soon...

    I am not a member of any of the so called social web sites, FB, Qz Twitter etc. so I am relying on the members here for answers to help me solve this dilemma.

    Whatever you can get away with, what the the wants the wife get's. It is easier that way.

    Why would you give up the Sling just because of some BS on FB or the Dark Side? I have never done FB and never will, as far as I am concerned the people who do; do not have a life and just want to try and impress someone even though they do not know them. IMHO and nothing against the people that do use.

    We saw that on Sat. 4 State Troopers were coming back. We saw them up close holding the line. County Mountie + EMS truck just leaving the site. Just huge oil spill and ditch cleaned out. Have no idea what it was. Anyone see more?

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    Just about 30 or so feet of grass and bushes pushed down enough to know that what ever was headed in the direction of Bristol. I did not see anything on the road at all.

    Just a couple of Mods at first, looking at the F4=3 windshield, the stock is just a bit to low for my height, and a Wycked Trailer hitch so I can tow my motorcyle camper. Anything else ill see in person at one of the meets next year.

    If you really drive hard start with the performance mods first. IMHO DDM short shifter, Hawk 5.0 brake pads and of course the brake master cylinder brace. They you can really pick up from there

    Let us put the large count magazines of the AR and the AK's in perspective. Let us just say how many of these (AK/AR) mags can you put in the back pocket of your jeans (2 Pockets)? For the sake of argument how many, let us just use the 9 mm mags for example will fit in those same two pockets of the jeans? Round count wise that equals 192 rounds of 9 mm in each pocket plus whatever mag happens to be in the hand gun. You do not need a vest. Just something for people to think about.

    Gas data for the week of Mayhem in the Mountains The total for the gas was 70.617 gallons the total number of miles were 1,970.6 So the gas mileage equals 27.905 smiles/miles per gallon. Now that is the real way you get accurate miles per gallon. Not off of the computer or by the tank full.

    Thank you for the numbers

    Has anyone else had issues with the passenger mirror? I bought the mirrors off Slingmods and installed them the other day. First day out the passenger side mirror fell off and broke but the tape stayed stuck to the original. Now I can't use the stock mirror because that tape wouldn't come off without scraping, and that scratched the crap out of the mirror. The problem I found with the new mirror is the back is flat and we're trying to stick it to a convex surface.

    Slingmods had me send them a photo and will forward it to the manufacturer to get a replacement, but I'll have to do something to modify the surfaces.

    Yes, someone else had the same problem. The mirror fell off in a parking lot and was not hurt he just cleaned everything up and used some more 2 sided tape to put it back on.

    I just watched the Hodge video. I wanted him to lead at his own pace but he wanted to follow and I used the brakes a few times as a warning an I slowed down some. I wish he had got the second part on video but he thought it was over and cut it off. It looks like he was doing pretty good. The place where I really slowed down at the beginning was to put the water cup in the cup holder, I had forgot it again and almost lost it.