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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    :rolleyes: where there are women 8o .... you can expect the men to gravitate to... :D

    @devonpam My name is Angela, 35 from the greatest southern state of Alabama. I speak with proper English only when I have to, but have to concentrate harder on my words. HA!
    Husband had been watching the "slingshot" for about a year after they came to the market, and I definitely didnt take him seriously with his looky looing... coming back from a trip last May, on our Goldwing, he mentioned just stopping by to "look" at a Polaris Dealership... what the heck i thought.. so we did, and walked out with a slingshot on order. We took possession in mid August 2015 of one 2016 RED (cause somebody said red was faster) SL model. Been loving and rubbing on her every chance we get... We name all our vehicles actually... White Ford F150 is "Penis" (no, its not a compensation thing,its a replica... :thumbup: ), Red Dodge Caliber is "Betsy", Maroon Goldwing Trike is "Baby", and the slingshot is "Jezebel". Its fitting, she looks slutty, and will give anybody a ride... :D
    Spent an exhorbant amount for mods.... of course my exhorbant amount may differ from others... and i think the best additions we've added was to the rear end, bilsteins, hugger fender,a belt gaurd my husband (USAF Retired) designed a bird into the belt gaurd to watch over his rearend , and spoiler wind wing. we also enjoy the bullet concept top during those muggy months of summer.

    I sure am glad to see a "ladies room" on this forum.... hope we have some more join in here!!!! thanks for this thread!