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    Wow... :huh: your pipe.... what happened to it :!::?:
    lol, it is a pretty rugged tank... had mine subox about a year now and steve bought one not too long ago cause his joytech variable temp/wattage box quit threading to the tank.
    We are down to 6mg.. started off at 24mg. I dnt play with the rebuildable coils, Im not that kind of techy and figure my face has been damaged enough by father time without me exploding a tank in it. you have to know what your doing to build them, I did have a co-worker build me some just to try out the RBG and I was scared really to even try those... lol but I did, and I dont know if it was his wire or what, but they didnt last very long (one day) before they got the burnt taste. I also couldnt turn up the wattage to 20 with those homemade coils... i could only do 12W or so. He may have not known what he was doing either... whichever the case, I just buy the coil at the vape shop. it lasts me about 2 weeks.

    ok... we cant find info on what fabrics are glossy, and what fabrics are matte... can anyone find and copy or list what each color palette is, whether matte, or glossy? the seat builder is very nice to use, but its only as helpful as to designing the color scheme.

    Hours after this post... i found this.
    Seat fabric descriptions

    we did chantix for the weaning off.... steve didnt have any problems with it, but after a couple weeks of medication, I did. || Strangely enough, I would wake up for the day and stumble into the kitchen to find the mayo left out lid off, ham laid out, bread open on the bar =O .... i was getting up and eating and had no memory of it. steve and I were not married yet, still dating and I was the only one at home... i quit the stuff before i finished the script out.. no telling what else I was possibly doing... :huh:
    That urine stain in the carpet, I always blamed my cat for.... now I wonder. 8|

    Husband smoked for nearly 40 years, and I smoked for 17 years... we quit 4 years ago this coming July. I had the hardest time with it, I believe it took me a few falls off the wagon before I finally had my last smoke in August.
    Not that I still dont have a hard time with it... I would smoke again, if not for my husband. However, he has no desire at all for smoking. We took up vaping after a year of being totally nicotine free after a "bad day" and I had threatened to go get a pack of smokes. Thats the nutshell version of my nicotine addiction...

    Now, This is our new "cigarette", we started out on the small ego disposable tanks, and graduated to the sub om tanks. Kangertech Subox.
    So, out of curiosity, I am wondering if any of you vape, what delivery system you use, if its satifying to you, and discussion of pros and cons.
    Pro: I dont have a "TB cough anymore"
    Con: I'm still introducing foreign substances into my body, therefore.. the effects are still unknown.
    Pro: its got to be better than 200+ carcinogens that a cigarette has..
    Con: Just as expensive


    I believe it is a kit that goes on the camaro. It looks good. Always liked Pontiacs performance brand.

    actually, the company making these has no affiliation with Pontiac.
    they take a new camero, strip it down to the skeleton frame, gut the interior, modify the engine,use a CNC to cut t tops accurately and rebuild a replica with that 840 hp....
    the company is just named TRANS AM

    :rolleyes: where there are women 8o .... you can expect the men to gravitate to... :D

    @devonpam My name is Angela, 35 from the greatest southern state of Alabama. I speak with proper English only when I have to, but have to concentrate harder on my words. HA!
    Husband had been watching the "slingshot" for about a year after they came to the market, and I definitely didnt take him seriously with his looky looing... coming back from a trip last May, on our Goldwing, he mentioned just stopping by to "look" at a Polaris Dealership... what the heck i thought.. so we did, and walked out with a slingshot on order. We took possession in mid August 2015 of one 2016 RED (cause somebody said red was faster) SL model. Been loving and rubbing on her every chance we get... We name all our vehicles actually... White Ford F150 is "Penis" (no, its not a compensation thing,its a replica... :thumbup: ), Red Dodge Caliber is "Betsy", Maroon Goldwing Trike is "Baby", and the slingshot is "Jezebel". Its fitting, she looks slutty, and will give anybody a ride... :D
    Spent an exhorbant amount for mods.... of course my exhorbant amount may differ from others... and i think the best additions we've added was to the rear end, bilsteins, hugger fender,a belt gaurd my husband (USAF Retired) designed a bird into the belt gaurd to watch over his rearend , and spoiler wind wing. we also enjoy the bullet concept top during those muggy months of summer.

    I sure am glad to see a "ladies room" on this forum.... hope we have some more join in here!!!! thanks for this thread!