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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    If YOU were in charge of printing magazine issues that contained :

    only Slingshot related News / Stories / Experiences / Events / ETC..

    What would you name it??

    Remember to consider the following for your magazines title :

    1.) What title will increase public interest?

    2.) What title would best describe all slingshot related news - if the reader didn't own a slingshot ?

    Remember to keep it clean and polished! Like your Slingshot!

    Some examples come to come to MY mind:

    1.) Living The Riding Experience (With a new featured slingshot each issue on the cover)

    2.) Slingshot Owners Group ( Bandwagon Propaganda - Event photos, group photos with tricked out slingshots on the cover - Not sure if this imposes legalities with the user name.. but it is a good name for a group..)

    This is time sensitive - suggestions needed by July 3rd!

    AND..... GO!!!!!!

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    Those of you asking 2020 questions....

    If you thought for some reason Polaris would display or share unreleased information to anyone before releasing to everyone....

    I will bookmark and revisit you folks in August / September ...

    For the SOG Board Members - Thank you. This video will also be posted to Publicly to Polaris Industries workplace for employees to view. If you had any doubt if they enjoyed your event.... here is your answer.

    Just to note - I asked permission for clips in this video.








    DKF Texas  









    Why did I know about this ride

    I didn't know about until 30 seconds before my butt hit the seat.... why didn't we see anybody when drove back to say goodbye?? Cruising the parking lot FULL of empty slingshots... and not nare a body except for vendors who were closing up shop... missed riding thursday, and friday... I had to get in at least ONE group ride during this event... I'm sorry... my brain doesn't....HEY LOOK!!! THERE GOES A SQUIRREL!!!!!

    I'd also like to say - I personally was nervous about the event being on company property, trash being left, or property destroyed, blaring music - like there can be at other events with 400-500 slingshots..It almost unavoidable with a group that size... but I talked to Steve about it, and told him - how well this event goes will be the measuring stick used for future events.

    I am very proud of everyone for being respectful on the property - you don't realize how big of deal this was for Polaris to open their doors to a group of this size... I wasn't the only employee nervous, I can assure you.

    I didn't see anything that would prevent Polaris from considering future events with the SOG's ...

    I only heard of one individual on a VIP tour that reportedly kept hounding the tour guide for 2020 info.. but that was a rumor that came from the shop floor - and sometimes shop floor talk can turn a 6 inch bass into a 12 inch bass..... so to speak. I'm not even sure if that really happened.

    I can tell you the feedback I heard was positive... the employees enjoyed getting out and seeing the slingshots up close and personal for the voting.... not all of them received wooden chips, that wasn't SOG's fault; it was communicated too late in the day as to where the employees needed to go to get the chips before the vote. They certainly enjoyed the scenery while catching some food off the food trucks, a few of them weren't shy about wanting a ride, and the SOG's / Rabtech, Funcycle, and a few others gladly obliged..

    It was all the talk on the shop floor at weeks end... I don't believe they really expected it to be that big of a deal.. And whether they just passed by without saying a word - when a person is able to SEE people enjoying and having fun with these things THEIR hands put together... it adds a sense of pride at the end of day.

    Polaris created a central theme for the employees, " Work Hard, Play Hard "... The gentlemen in Slingshots leading the ride out today were Polaris employees... central to the Slingshot specifically - so you tell me.... do YOU think the SOG's, the Slingshot Vendors products, The White Beast, the customized slingshots and the passionate people behind the wheels gave them a sense of renewed pride? Justified their countless hours of work building something that people enjoy so much? Did this inspire and re-ignite their passions for what they do??

    I don't even think I have to tell you the answer. We don't live in an area where Slingshots are common on the roads... hard to be passionate about your work when you don't get to see it outside of the plant much..

    just to note... on the way home, a gentleman in a car stopped next to us at a redlight, 2 guys leaning to see - "Hey what it that, a Honda?" Not sure if that was condescension from a Harley fan or not.... but, Steve answered, they asked what kind of engine... 4 cylinder ecotech... swapped a few more Q and A's with the two; and then the 4 door sedan tried its damndest to beat us off the light...


    .... too bad they don't understand power to weight ratio's.

    I looked back and hollered... " What?? I can't hear you back there!"

    Yep...could've named it " chubby chic chases big Panda riding on 500 Horses...."

    MACAWS Not sure of an exact number but it was an impressive count for a first 3 day event on company property. I would safely say over 100.