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    That certainly seems discriminatory..... but.... We do normally toss that away with other useless trash people stick in our mailbox.... its a sore spot for me personally.... why is it that the people who ALREADY OWN slingshots... get the damn advertisements??????????

    Late to the party, but...

    Which bearing(s) did your dealer order? Just curious.. but there are several possibilities to this issue... and a couple of bearings too..

    1.) rear axle needle bearing

    2.) rear axle spacer

    3.) roller bearing

    4.) swingarm bearing

    Not sure which one in particular was injured during our swingarm recall; but our swingarm recall was performed twice due to a bearing - not otherwise specified by dealer- being crushed during the recall. It was a HORRID OBNOXIOUS SCREAMING sound from the rear end that could be heard half a mile up the road when the slingshot took off. Sound worsened when belt was under torque during acceleration.

    It took months before we finally wasn't cringing with disgust while riding...along with missing SSITS 18 and the slingshot sitting for 21 days outside / rusting our nuts, between two different dealerships.

    The dealership where we had the swingarm recall done would not admit fault... said it was the belt tension... said it was dirty... said it needed replaced.... after all that was done... and still cringing... we went to another dealer. The technician there might not be the very best, but he is certainly honest, and personable. The second tech said he had never replaced a swingarm, and was going thru the service manual step by step... learning as he went. I can appreciate his honesty and sincerity much more than the tech we will call "Richard" - that we dealt with at the first dealer.

    First mistake he ever made is stereotyping an aircraft mechanic crew chief with salt and pepper hair as "just another old guy that don't know shit about engine mechanics". THAT shit gets my blood boiling quick. And yes.... I showed MY :DONKEYSS:that day too.

    Sorry for the rambling.... see what bearing your dealer ordered for you and maybe add a few of the others located within the Driven Sprocket.

    Make sure your running the most current software update for your Ride Command. Here is the link:

    Headset Troubleshooting
    If headset is not functioning properly with display:

    1. Check volume level on Headset.
    2. Ensure Headset has latest software. Visit Headset Manufacturer Website to verify and install most up to date software.
    3. Clear all pairings from Headset and re-pair with display
    4. Pair Headset with another Bluetooth enabled device and check for proper functionality

    Android “OK Google” / “Siri” Issues

    1. Ensure Headset and Android phone are paired to the vehicle.
    2. Turn phone screen ON and unlock phone.
    3. Press and hold the phone button (Mute, Play/Pause) on the display.
    4. Display should initiate a Voice Command session with phone.
    5. Ensure Google App is selected as the default app and that your phone always remembers this selection

    Unclear Headset Sound

    1. Unpair and repair headset from Ride Command in bluetooth menu.
    2. If this does not resolve the issue, clear all previously paired headsets from Ride Command, and repair the headset.
    3. If there is still unclear sound, pair different headset and see if sound quality improves.
    4. If sound quality improves, previous headset was malfunctioning.

    Hope this helps you!

    The GM / ECM (part # 12654117) has not changed 2015 to present models. Of course the tuning program installed I would assume - changes accordingly with each of the models upgrades and various engineering changes - such as the stock CAI upgrade on the SLR.

    Both of these above can allow a slow oil leak...

    Inspect the engine for mechanical damage. Special interest should be shown to the following areas:

    • Higher than recommended fluid levels

    • Higher than recommended fluid pressures

    • Plugged or malfunctioning fluid filters or pressure bypass valves

    • Plugged or malfunctioning engine ventilation system

    • Improperly tightened or damaged fasteners

    • Cracked or porous components

    • Improper sealants or gaskets where required

    • Improper sealant or gasket installation

    • Damaged or worn gaskets or seals

    • Damaged or worn sealing surfaces

    Torque Spec For Oil Pressure Switch: 16 ft lbs.

    Torque Spec For Crankshaft Position Sensor: 89 in lbs

    Hope This Helps You!

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