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    Todays kids..... who tomorrow will shape our nation

    This sickens me... and with mixed emotions I am most times thankful... that I'm not raising teens - or younger... that I don't have a child that is either a victim or an outright abuser.

    How does a group of young human beings... learn the pychotic mentality of disassociating other human beings...

    Serial killers of yesterday killed and abused animals in their youth... before they graduated to humans...

    Who and what will these ppl be 10 years from now....

    Sickening to think about right...?

    Speaking of going south....

    You choose the action, you choose the consequence.

    1. Driving in an open motor vehicle of any sorts... Risk is elevated over driving a motor vehicle with a fully enclosed crash box.

    2. If you choose to ride without a helmet on the road.. Risk is elevated and your driving should be more hypervigilant.

    3. Risk Assessment:

    If you ride close enough to catch road debris off the 18 wheeler or a monster sized truck in front of you -

    If you drive high rate of speeds, with a lead foot-

    If you drive aggressively like you own the road or your entitled to the road cause your on a motorcycle, or less safe of a vehicle -

    If you continuously push above your driving abilities and cannot manage risk assessment- for congested traffic, the log truck 3 vehicles ahead, the guy weaving into and out of the emergency lane behind you... the lady with a phone glued to her ear that just blew past you...

    Then you should wear a helmet... a hans... a seatbelt... and wrap yourself in bubble wrap... and wear non slip footies when crawling out of the bed in the morning.

    Drive defensively, develop situational awareness, avoid hazards by looking for them, always spot your "out" - car in front slams breaks you have left yourself reaction time and already know your leaving the road to the right cause the left lane is blocked - see the bigger picture, and assess the risk to YOU and the LADY who is someone's mama, daughter, and wife... and the dipshit weaving driver who is somebody's son,father, and husband.... and drive accordingly.

    Its Officially Been Released To The Public... NOW... I can share.. :|

    Polaris decided to rename "Club Slingshot" magazine, and had asked for suggestions... thus the reason for this thread..

    Club Slingshot is no longer.. airoutlaw came CLOSE...very close... Shadrac nailed it! I submitted all suggestions... (other than sling porn, or sexually charged suggestions, sorry Funinthesun ... ;)) So feel free to check it out! Congrats Shadrac! YOU named the magazine!!!! ( airoutlaw ... Your still my #1 everyday <3)

    Introducing: SLINGSHOT LIFE


    Slingshot life and times

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    I don't understand.... the money spent modifying this 19?? lincoln town car .... so you can set your ass on the pavement... I do not get it... It's hideous... hope the owner is married cause that thing would keep a person single for a lifetime...

    Your picking me up in what?? oh no no... I gotta feed my ant farm that night..

    Not sure where to put this so here .... this thing is fun as hell. Shoots regular table salt with no batteries or anything to make it shoot except pump it. Doesn’t take long to become deadly against flies, spiders, small bugs and fun while doing it - after all we are all just big kids with better toys :00008172:

    Can I shoot it in the house?? At Scorpions??

    We always improvised with ours... the 2016 calls for .63

    We use .625 which is

    a frog's hair difference from the .63 or 16.002mm called out for 2016 - in the 2015 service manual of course..

    So neither of us are wrong...

    it looks to me like it depends on what manual your using for what your belt is set at..

    The 2015-2016 manual calls for .63

    The unknown is what the 2017 manual call out is for....

    The known but highly contradicting newest manual has a .40 spec call out

    I ASS-U-ME the newer manual now replaces the older versions????

    You just walked in and 5 minutes later....

    By the end of the night; all the politeness and professionalism has been sucked out of every organic fiber of your existence...

    This is why I do not (cannot ) work in medical settings...

    Just one of those days...

    Interesting Read On Middle Class

    The largest percentage of wage earners defines the Middle Class...

    If you even the playing field for everyone... and we become the 2 class society the dems so desperately want; then society eventually becomes dependant upon the government in unspecified / unforeseeable terms for education, financial aid and healthcare..... they ultimately gain a much more substantial means of control over the choices and freedoms of the people.

    Now I remember why I quit posting on this thread... I have enough to be frustrated about without being reminded how F'd up the legislation and elected officials are.

    What's going to happen to trades with workers currently making $15 -$18 an hour? How will they handle this when minimum wage is set at the same pay?

    They will continue to earn their wage; and the middle class will be eliminated. upper class vs minimum wage earners... it supports the democratic socialists agenda of creating 2 classes - "Them and Us"