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    Hi Shatneyman,

    I have the Corbin bags so the install was just a tad different due to the coverage of the back of the SS. I had to relocate by fabricating a small piece of flat aluminum to offset the plate to the left so it can be seen. Over the hole in the back Corbin panel I fitted a hinged checker plate that is down when the receiver is removed and stays up when the receiver is in. BTW don't waste your time with SlingMods, deal directly with Rich. It's an experience you won't forget.

    Heading down to Ellensburg to have Rich and his team install one of his hitches. Thanks to Guy and Rex for turning me on to this hitch. Does anyone need anything I can bring back?

    You guys knocked it out of the park!!! For a first time that was the best time I've had at an event. Job well done Slingshot Garage. Can't wait until next year. Cheers!