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    I have the Phantom 3 Standard. It seems to do everything I ask of it. Photos are decent as well, although I do not print any off. Just view and share them with freinds. Only once have I struggled to get it to come back to the launch area, but that was more my error in flying in a super heavy wind. My only criticism of it is the flimsy cell phone holder it comes with. That can be swapped out with an aftermarket one easy enough though. Overall I am very pleased with its capabilities.

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    A caveat to start with, I am not an automotive engineer and know very little about US manufacturing /transport codes. But if you read through the transportation codes specifically 49 CFR Ch. V. The Slingshots VIN code position 8 indicates it is a Class "A" vehicle limited to a maximum of Gross Weight Rating of 1360 kg for 4 wheels (Slingshot has 3 wheels and will possibly be limited to 1020 kg). Subtract from that 75 kg per person, 10 kg per person for cargo, and 50 kg (+/-) for fluids you will be limited to approximately 800 kg for the base weight of the Slingshot itself. These weights are either referenced in this code or the SAE codes. Except the fluids, I am just guessing on that part, fuel, antifreeze, oil, grease, etc.
    As I stated earlier, I may be totally wrong on this as I am basically just another idiot with a keyboard and an internet connection, but I would assume this would be Polaris's engineers starting place for design weight limits.
    Google search for 49 CFR VIN Position 8 will point you in this direction. Please note that there are lots of words and numbers in those codes and they get boring fast.

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    Low Octane Racing
    32 contestants draw numbered poker chips out of a bucket.
    In numerical order each person picks a new in package Hot wheel car. .
    1 vs 32, 2 vs 31, 3 vs 30 etc.
    Highest number calls coin flip for track choice.
    2 identical tracks come off a podium and drop, running across the floor.
    Winner of each drag race advances to next round.
    Don't forget the high speed camera at the finish line for close finishes and a giant monitor for all to see.
    Should last just over an hour if each race takes a couple of minutes.
    Last winner gets a Hot wheel..... Well and the Slingshot.

    I am not sure how the forum software works or tracks logins/posts/likes/etc. But similar to what roadog1aj had stated, use to generate a year/month/day/hour/minute/second number. If the forum software has a database or spreadsheet function, find out who posted or logged in at that one random moment in time. Closest person wins.

    I went to my family doctor a while back and he mentioned that I am a bit over weight. I replied "I am at the perfect weight, I just don't happen to be the right height yet. I will see what I can do on the height thing"
    After my accident the surgeon mentioned I might recover a bit slowly as my weight is a bit high. I sized him up did some quick math on the calculator and replied "I am approximately 0.005 lbs per cubic inch, you look to be about 0.004 lbs per cubic, I will try to become a bit taller so my volume is a bit closer to your volume"
    Seemed to work as they both chuckled and dropped the subject. Maybe I just confused them.

    I talked to the organizer of Bike night, he has no problem with Slingshots, Spyders or any other style of motorcycle. Any money raised goes to charity. Best poker hand wins. Tonight's ride is out through Genesee area.

    I have only made it to one bike night this year so far. There was at least one other slingshot that night from Klondike Insurance (not sure if they did the ride or only hand out promotional stuff though). A few bikers and truckers came over to ask the typical questions.

    Might be able to join in as well on Monday. In case any are interested, Tuesday night at Blackjacks in Nisku is Bike Night. Usually entails a poker ride around Nisku/Edmonton area.

    You can always do a chalk test on the tire to see if you are close to optimal air pressure. Basically, just draw a Chalk line accross the tread face of the tires. Roll ahead on a flat surface (driveway or parking lot work good) a few feet. If you are overinflated, chalk will have been removed from the center of the tire. Under inflated, chalk will be gone from the outside edges. Chalk line marked up evenly accross the face, you should be approximately in the ball park of proper inflation and best tire wear. A bit of experimentation may be required if you have never performed this test before.