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    I have not been following the impeachment process because it has been a farce from the beginning. It is a politically driven shitshow pandering to a specific audience.

    That being said, I guess I am in the minority here when I say that I think witnesses should have been called. One of the jobs of Congress is to keep the President in check. While politically driven, and more of a partisan circus than true investigation, the President is subject to the laws of the office. If he violated those laws, then he should be held accountable.

    That said, by not allowing witnesses, the GOP looks just as partisan as the House did, and just as complicit in covering up wrongdoing as the House is in slandering everyone they can. I would have preferred the trial/circus go forward in order to reduce the optics of a cover up. I think the man is guilty, and should be found so, but following the idea that none of these are high crimes, he retains his office.

    What is driving me crazy is the unwillingness of both sides to lose the partisan Bullshit and do what us actually right. I side with Murkowski's words from yesterday when she voted against the witnesses based on Warren's idiotic remarks insulting the very man who read them on the floor.

    But what do I know?

    No... We won't move against Iran. No support for it, especially since we aren't out of Afghanistan.

    And side note, none of us should be applauding a president who lowers himself to telling legal citizens to "go home". He wants to buy them tickets to places that have failed with the policies that they are pushing, fine. I dont like any of the squad, but they are legally elected members of Congress, and he needs to act like it. His rhetoric is ridiculous. And the whole "they started it" is Bullshit. Heaven knows how much more he could appeal to moderates if he took the bloody high road once in a while.

    Am I the only one dreading this voting cycle? The left is going to be all "free shit here, get your free shit here", and the right is going to be all "how far can I shove my head up POTUS' ass".

    Where is my common sense middle ground candidate saying "we can't afford that" and "while Trump has done some good stuff, he is not the second coming", and "Biden and Trump keep your hands and ignorant comments to yourself".

    Seriously. I want a candidate who answers the questions with the truth "not, my job, legislation comes from Congress", "not my job, judging legalities is for the courts", "not my job, anything not specifically enumerated by the Constitution belongs in the hands of the states", etc. Sigh. The President shouldn't be this important!

    So my response to talk about socialism has always been to point out that we do have government funded free healthcare.... Called the VA... And asked how that's worked out.

    My new tack is to ask if they have ever been involved in a HOA. If they laugh and raise a beer, we can be friends. If they look at me like ive grown a 3rd eye, they are part of the problem.

    The longer ive been a part of the HOA, the more the similarities between it and a democratic socialisism become apparent... Let me tell you how well thats going over right now. ;):P:saint:

    I had seen the story and have been curious as to the sentiment in the UK. I can see both sides of the story, but at this point, my sympathy is lacking.

    Well we got a detailed account from the accuser of sexual assault today against VA Lt Governor Fairfax. Leave out politics. For the life of me I just don’t understand “he made me have oral sex”. I guess if you beat up a woman or threatened her life; which is not the case here, I could see that happen but just pushing her head to your crotch and she does it ????? I’m thinkin that would be a really good way to get your junk spit out on the floor. It could have happened I guess but to me this kinda story always makes me wonder. sideseatdriver - with all due respect - I sure would like to hear another females perspective - my bride says “remember Lorena Bobbit “.......

    Riiiight, like I'm the good female to ask about being a victim. :rolleyes:

    In all honesty though, as you well know from your lying, I mean lawyering, days, there are many ways for a woman to feel pressured to continue an encounter. I honestly havent read the full account, so I cannot comment to that part. It boils down to the fact that the lack of saying "no" does not equal consent... Let that sink in.

    Bill Martin and WOLF, you are both right. If i read your posts right, I think WOLF thought you were comparing Kavannaugh with the Gov, which is not a fair comparison. Honestly, the left have been pretty heated about calling for the good Gov's ouster.

    Now, the comparison between Kavanaugh and the LtGov is a legit one. With Kavannaugh, the left/feminists came out screaming that you must always support the victim. That is not the same response we are seeing with the good LtGov.

    Okay, back to your previously scheduled argument. Side note, the meme about the VA Gov struggling to come "full term" after his comments on late term abortion are pretty good.

    Option A

    Or, you know, you could not let your dick magically fall out of your pants, into a waiting vagina, and accidentally keep thrusting until orgasm while complaining that "condoms dont feel as good, and don't worry I'll pull out to be safe." But sure, it's all the girl's fault. :rolleyes:

    I actually do support a wall. However, I also support limiting executive power (hence my lack of support for a national emergency). Our gov't was given roles and rules for a reason. I don't think you should just be able to go around other branches when things arent going your way.

    Side note - if you do support the whole national emergency choice, then I don't want to hear any bitching when the next Dem president does it over something you don't like.

    Bill Martin I say the idea of declaring a state of emergency to build a wall is stupid as I believe that is an overreach of his powers. Can he, yes, technically. Should he? No. Make Congress do their jobs. I hated Obama for doing the same type shit, and I dont support it now that Trump may try it.

    As for today's revelation... The Dems will see it as capitulation and make them less likely to negotiate. The Reps will see it as a negotiating tactic. Both are delusional. As you guys have already pointed out, either way it's kicking the can.

    Yeah... It was a stupid idea then, and putting on paper is a step in the stupider direction.

    You've got to be kidding... He can't be serious...

    The court won't overturn Roe, and if they do, stand by. The precedent will then be set for partisan courts to change rulings as they change partisan majority... Bill Martin you know what that would do to the country.

    I stand corrected. Senate will hear and vote on 2 bills, neither of which are expected to pass. I can hear someone in the balcony yelling "no balls" from here.

    Hmmmm... Senate wont bring any votes to the floor that they think Trump will veto. That's why there hasnt been a vote. So either the Senate has decided they have no balls, or they've decided to let the House and the President duke it out.

    And either way a verbal committment doesnt mean shit to most people... Or politicians.