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    Made it back home safely and had a great trip. Kyle D and his partner in crime Al were busy all day but found time to take me on a plant tour and also to take my sling for a drive hooked up to their computer and tweak the settings some. Runs awesome 😎 anyways the Canadian butter tarts were quickly consumed and thinking EjFord was coming I brought him a package of them but Kyle's cute assistant ended up getting them since I definitely don't need them added to my waist line ;( Now off to a evening concert. Busy day

    Hey rabtech did you originally have the push button latches like Minrons ? I thought about these when you first installed them and wanted to check them out when I seen it at a show and forgot to check it out in Huntsville. I would love to switch over to something like them. Just wondering if they cover the holes already there from the pushpins and if I see the picture correctly it appears you have an extra hole possibly from them

    so I guess this answers your question on if you ass is fat, by the looks of the numbers I would say your fatter up front :00006725: very interesting how the weight is distributed

    Little more than a bump for me to get there...

    Gonna have to wait for the video without gratuitous donuts.

    donuts? Did someone say donuts, I think I was telling Kyle D and Al about a Canadian treat so I better bring them something a whole lot better than donuts. Now just hope the weather man says it's good to go and if the border guards let me over there then it will happen :thumbsup:

    oh can I go first please, oh please, pretty please let me take the first swing :00007956:

    Sitting here watching the end of the Tour Da France. Can you more the 50 miles on a bicycle at plus 30 mph

    my son when he was 19 rode his bicycle from Vancouver to Halifax which is coast to coast for his ride for Parkinson's research. I offered to ride with him if he attached a trailer to tow me lol. His idea of a days ride use to be going for a 100 miles in a day just to train for it. I will just watch from the sidelines

    If you search torque specs Tripod posted all the specs for the entire slingshot. I myself printed them all off and laminated them and keep them posted in my cabinet that holds all my maintenance supplies and records

    I am back from the doctor and things are good. I still have a nose. That makes, I think 5 times just for the nose. Stiches out on Aug.1 anyone want to come out and play that weekend? Goats_Hogs

    Gerald i believe your just to damn stubborn to let anything keep you down for long. Glad all went well and your ready to play. :thumbsup: