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    Thank you . I enjoyed meeting you guys up there too. I can say I met some great people up Lake George and I wish I could have made it to more events but it just never worked out. I hope to meet up with you guys again too in the future. I will definetly stick around my friend.

    I still miss the Sling there's a few more popping up around here lately and the smiles it puts on people's faces especially kids was always enjoyable.

    Thank you for the compliments Im enjoying the vette

    Hi everyone,

    It's been about 3 years and I had a blast with the Slingshot but a friend of mine made me an offer that I couldn't past up and I sold the Slingshot. Even tho I didn't post a lot I was on the forum everyday. I would like to thank all the members on here for the advice that you ever gave me it was and will always be appreciated. I'm not left without any "toy" I decided to purchase a Corvette, yellow wasn't my first choice but this was a deal I couldn't pass up either. I'm sure one day I may get another Slingshot.

    Here's the last picture of the Slingshot the day I sold it and the Corvette

    Thank you everyone I will still be checking in on the forum

    Be safe

    Here's a teaser shot of the pipe and its bezel. As mentioned, this is the same route as the Alpha side-exhaust, with the hole in the same location in the side body panel, so as to make refitting to our product straightforward and inexpensive, as one can re-use the same body panel.

    I decided to do something snappy with the bezel this go, more in keeping with Slingshot's angular theme, so we went full Hex!

    I added a square tip to the alpha. When you release your side exhaust will I be able to have this tip put on? Or do you not recommend it?

    Thank you for any information you can provide

    Thanks. I haven't been happy with the output of the Slingshot only Canadian Headlights as the Polaris aiming mechanism has the Canadian lights pointing down to the ground if the outer lights are properly aimed. Been thinking about either shimming the lights for better aim or maybe even trying to mount the center units on the outside.

    all the factory projectors no matter what year don't have that good of light output. The only way to get great light output is with an aftermarket projector. Here's a pic I found of the light output from the projectors.

    Do you remember what projectors you used to replace the outer headlights and what you had to do to make them fit?

    Yes. I used FX-R projectors from the retrofit source.
    Bi-Xenon: Morimoto FX-R 3.0 - HID Projectors from The Retrofit Source

    I choose these because of the size and there's a chrome ring that holds the lens in so I didn't need to modify or use a shroud cover the projector. I believe the D2S 4.0 is a better projector but I was concerned about the finish look without a projector. The only thing is none of these projectors are meant to be mounted outside a headlight housing. That being said the projector lens could become damaged or cracked if hit with a rock over time. They're also not 100% water proof, but I'm not worried about that because I don't directly spray them when washing the slingshot and I don't drive in the rain.

    As far as the installation it did take some cutting and modifying to the metal mounting piece on the slingshot. It was a lot of trial and fit and I had to make sure I left the areas for the mountains screws. Here's a pic, it's all I could find and I did clean it up and paint it before I installed it. if you have any other questions let me know

    I have a 2015 so I removed the center lights and I retrofitted a set of projectors in and had the lenses etched with the slingshot logo. I did buy a set of 2016 center lights from Ebay but I never tried to see if they would fit the mounting bracket.

    No Sir, you will need to swap out the housings. If anyone is unsure about their ability to do this, we may be able to work something out where you send your mirrors to me and I do the swap for you and send them back out. No promises, but I'm sure we can figure something out.

    Is there a thread on here that shows how to swap out the insides?


    I received mine ther other day. I have a pioneer 8200 and wasn't sure if I was going to take the time to do the install.

    Also I was thinking how big of a pain in the ass it's going to be if I ever have to replace the head unit.

    Is it worth it?

    The instructions that came with it are printed very poorly

    Any information is appreciate

    @Bubblehead TRFS is the dealer I use for my purchases they have been in business for a long time, definitely not a fly by night operation like slingshotonly that will deny your warranty if you ever need it.

    As far as the halos visually they look like everyone else as in that when they are on they look solid.

    I am in the process of ordering their RGB halos and a set of switchback halos and their Bluetooth controller so when winter starts I will redo all my led/halos.

    Hi I've been using the products from retrofit source for a number of years in many different vehicles.

    The only thing I don't like about the Bluetooth controller is that is has 3 outputs to control 3 different items, halos, strips, etc. the problem is that each one needs a wire coming off the Bluetooth controller and it ends up becoming a large bunch of wires. Their products don't allow for any daisy chain type of installation

    Here's a pic of the controller as you can see each halo will run from one of these wires. I tried them and ended up removing them only because the wireing is too large and takes up a lot of room. But if was just my personal preference, the product is the best in the business other than that.

    I've had their led strips installed since summer of 15 and knock on wood still going strong

    As @Goats_Hogs says... could have glitched... Electronic throttle, no cables or linkage direct. Sensors and actuators...

    If it continues to occur, get it to the dealer.... a failure of the system will probably leave you with a "limp home" mode. (You could probably run home along side it)

    Thank you for the replies and information

    Limp mode happened almost instantly when the light came on but after I let it sit for a few minutes it seemed to run fine even though the light was still on