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    You will eventually scrape those pipes on a big dip or large speed bump. It is not advised to run pipes under the frame rails for these reasons. Other than that it does look rad and unique.

    Essentially you just reduced your ground clearance by 1/3.

    Too much trouble. Mitch said I would have to remove my tanks and send them in so he could retrofit them for the front.

    My view... your money... But freeing up that space opens you up to every exhaust on the market and in my opinion the best exhausts on the market. It really does sound better with the exhaust sound coming from behind the vehicle. :D

    I've been looking at this side exit exhaust and am very interested since I can't get any exhaust that utilizes the transmission tunnel space (my air ride tanks are there).

    My biggest want is to cut the heat down. Does this help with the heat, or is this basically only a nicer sound thing?

    Thanks.... !

    You could always swap the torpedo tanks from within the trans tunnel and place them under the front spoiler. I did this with Rev Dynamics so I could retain my dual rear exhaust and have more than one gallon of air. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    I might still have the stock hood vent. I'll look when I get home. If'n I got it... cover shipping and its yours.

    Now that I think about it... I might have the other pieces too. Let me see if they made it to TX as part of our move.

    Just to clarify, the newer models with stock seats are quite comfortable...

    I have not sat in a seat yet that is worth it for me to switch.

    I certainly wouldn't buy any seat without trying it out in someone else's sling first.

    Totally agree on all points. When the SLR seats were released in 2017 I swapped them on my 2016 base and loved the feel, yet hated the rise in seat height compared to older stock. Not to mention the new SLR seat does not retain heat nearly as much.

    I'll add that the PRP seats just look so fugly to me compared to all the other aftermarket seat options out there.

    I used to rub the tire on the pipe and it was annoying. I worked with Jeff Welter to come up with a fix and documented it. Didn't have the issue after the fix until I bagged the SS. But that is to be expected. I'll dig up the link for you to check if it will help. I am confident it will though.

    Thinking a second slingshot visitor May grace the Van Son Oasis a visit tonight!!

    First it was MiM grabbing some parts with his cutest girls in tow... now awaiting the newest fat ass on the block!

    ...did you get the exhaust from Joey? And the big question, did it include the transmission mount? The Welter rear routes past the tranny and the factory mount is quite large, so Jeff designed a slimmer version. It's a bit of work to put the exhaust on, but with a bit of beer as lubrication, it shouldn't be too bad :)

    No unfortunately I haven’t hooked up and handed off the exhaust. Been trying to tag up with another owner to pull the water line relocation. This version of the dual rear 2” for a 2015 or 2016 doesn’t require the trans mount change. Works just fine without. But will need the water line relocation.

    Man tough life but somebody has to do it. Have great time and catch a bunch.

    Thanks Jim... Maybe you should plan to attend this event? I am sure the group could use a Grumpy Supervisor to point out all the dumb shit.