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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Ok @kenny_h and @Trooper Any pointers on bending the vents into place so they are all the same angle?

    Was surprised when they arrived and were flat. Ready to bend and then paint in prep for install.

    Still deciding on what I want to use for a gasket.

    They should/ better take care of issue. No matter what shape item should be wrapped/ Protected, especially because there items aren't cheap!! ! I ordered a carbon wing and it could of fallen out of a truck on the highway and not be scratched with how well CS's wrapped it...Im guessing they take out insurance???? ?(

    I am confident they will take care of it. How fast is the concern. I sent email over the weekend. No response today. Will call them in the morning since we are on opposite coasts.

    do people with low rear exit pipes have this fume issue? What about side exit pipes?

    Those with the rear exhaust pointing toward the back tire and remaining down low are not complaining about fumes with my combination. But I can't give up the looks of the dual setup now. It just looks right.

    I take pictures of all my damaged boxes.... Before I open them...ideally you should meet the delivery guy and point out any box damage....these guys are under so much pressure to make fast delivers and the companies don't care because they have your stuff gets treated like garbage.

    Funny part was the shape of the packing looked fine and nothing stuck out at all. But if I had to make these wings and ship them across the US, I would reconsider the packing technique. It was one laver of bible wrap and one layer of thin cardboard all in the shape of the wing, a big V.

    I would double up on the cardboard or use denser cardboard than what was used.

    Are you running a stock exhaust or modified and how? Side exit, rear exist high or low?

    WP dual out the rear without cat, in combination with F4+5 windshield and Stinger top. Fumes were pretty bad. Added a rear windscreen to reduce airflow from circling back in. In talks with Jeff from WP, he has claimed that the addition of the rear wing and tune will eliminate it all. Hoping he is right. I have the fumes reduced a ton compared to when first installed and I can live with it now, but the wife tends to think it is too much.

    I am not fond on the idea of putting the cat back on.

    I ordered the large Underground Autostyling rear wing and it came with a couple big dings which I am positive happened in shipment. There is one on the underside that damaged the coating and I can live with that one. There is one on top that sticks out like a sore thumb and shows structure damage to the fiberglass as it is exposed or poking out and waving at me.

    The piece is an awkward shape to ship and I get that. But bummed I will have to hold off installation. I sent the seller an email with the photos and hope they can help fix or replace this quickly. I am on that hunt to remedy my in cabin exhaust smell and this is a critical component. Thanks for letting me vent.

    Underneath ding.

    Top ding, everyone wave to the exposed fibers.

    Mud flaps are for monster trucks!

    I do like the rally armor one that protects the angle drive from debris.

    Show us some pictures of what you come up with. Cut an extra angle drive one and send it to me. I'll review it for you. :D

    Indiana rejected my request for Camel6 on an NRA plate. Told me I could have it on any of the other Indiana plates except that one. Reason- I might be advertising guns!! WTF!!!! It happens to be my last name and my uniform # from my college baseball days!! Indiana can be kind of "conservative" to say the least at times!!


    That is funny. Never heard of a camel firearm. :D

    Yes, yes it does. I found a local locksmith that had a Kawasaki blank with plastic head they cut for like $7. I will never carry that oar around again.

    Your hack job looks great.