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    He has to be lowered and some say he is vertical challenged. Not sure bout the top being lowered as well. But hey if it works don’t fix it.
    Personally I like me TD ragtop. Use the bar for ease of entry and exit.


    Gee thanks... When your hips and knees give out due to overuse and old age... you def need a TD top to help with entry/exit. I have another 30 years before I have to worry. :P

    Just remember Polaris used two different alternators. We assume the newer units have a small (lighter) alternator to accommodate the top they made avail.

    2015-2016.5 - 140 Amp Alternator

    2017+ - 100 Amp Alternator

    Bracketing should be the same across all models and the 140 amp can be used on newer models.

    Had the Stinger put on in Maggie Valley this year.

    My biggest issue is exhaust fumes and added heat.

    As an early adopter of the rear dual and stinger top those two combined with the F4 +5 windshield I was faced with tons of exhaust fumes.

    The remedy to a livable system for me was the addition of a custom (tight fit) rear windscreen and UAS large wing. I still get a bit of fumes but not nearly as bad as it was.

    Here is the thread I made on the custom windscreen. I actually pulled off my windscreen to template it and make a few more for friends. Sure costs less than the versions offered through vendors.

    Custom Rear Windscreen for Madstad Stinger Top

    Wish I could find a good picture of a profile shot of a sling with it. All the pics I can find online are from the front or right or left forward angle.

    Here are a couple side shots of mine. Just so you know, the roof is mounted in the low position. Can be raised 1” higher overall.

    We have the slingshade on our`s since July we have put 11,800 miles with it and no complaints at all. Here in Texas it is brutally hot, so that was necessary for us. Also the sling panels easily unscrew and you have an old fashioned T-Top look.

    This TX sun is no joke. Super stoked I already installed my top before relocating to TX.

    We all have our opinions on what is the best top. What I usually say when I get asked why I chose the stinger top (SUPER early adopter) is... I love the coverage the stinger provides opposed to other tops out there. I further love that I can pull 4 pins and toss the top in my garage or turn it around to carry it with me. There is nothing impeding your view with this top either.

    Did you say air ride? Most of us run the rev dynamics kit and would love to see simple integration to that board/placement of what's needed.

    Man I love where the sling is progressing!!

    You are AWESOME! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

    Yes, these might have 19 clicks too. They went past 18 (hard!) but I never felt that last "click". I'm surprised how low some of the numbers are considering the dealer set everything at 10 to begin with. And I wished the dealer would have left me some of the paperwork that came with anything.

    The twist dynamics shocks seem to be re-badged QA1s if I am not mistaken.