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    mines a 17 SLR. Exhaust only has one year so its the newer ones (i assume). Here is a pic

    Yes it is a newer version. No trans mount swap needed for you. THAT'S a BONUS!! If you get it all snugged up and find issues rubbing the rear tire, I'll link you to the fix. It is rare you will need it having a newer version. Good luck.

    I found with the 2" exhaust that I loved the sound without baffles installed for short around town runs and car meets. But for 5+ hour distance runs, I chopped the baffles down to one inch and that was the trick. Reduced the sound by 20% and made it bearable. I never got an exhaust drone with either configuration.

    For the record, my setup was cat-less and that is significantly louder that a WP dual rear with cat in line.

    The version in your picture would retain the cat if I am not mistaken. If you attempt to punch out your cat in the garage... please note it is not a simple task. The guts are made of titanium and is tough to get freed from the walls.

    The welded on hanger in that last pipe section dictates the distance from the panel. I ran with the Assault fender for a long time other than the brace breaking after repairing bracket 3 times I have not got around to building the new bracket. We already have one installed. So the fender is just laying in the play room

    Hence the DIY fix. Cut off that welded on hanger, trim the third pipe section and install new clamp on hanger.

    Just my opinion, I've only messed with the Welter on the slings, but it could be improved by using v-band connectors instead of the clamps that are used. Would make the install easier.

    I agree 1000%.

    however... there may be some trade offs. Using V-band claps you best ensure your QA is on point. Won’t provide any adjustability. And we all know no two slings are the same. Trying to compensate for Polaris’ lack of QA may be the reason Jeff Welter decided against them.

    i got the 2”, apparently much easier to work with. It’s arriving tomorrow so we’ll probably give it a go this weekend. Gonna figure out how to lift the slingshot high enough (safely) to be able to work under it. The rest looks pretty straightforward on the install video they have on youtube. Im pretty excited, been wanting this exhaust ever since I got the bike 1 year ago.

    The 2" is much easier to work with if you have a sling year that didn't require a trans mount swap. That is a royal PITA... Easier if you have a smaller cutoff wheel. You can do it with a typical 4" cutoff tool, but a pneumatic driven 2" is best.

    Of all the exhaust installs I have done... WP can't be beat. Best MFG out there and they flat out install with ease. I never have to modify it.

    I will place one caveat: The original version of the dual rear WP exhaust has some QA variances and some require a pipe trim to ensure the rear Y pipe is within specs with regards to how close it is to the rear plastic. Some of the early adopters had tire rubbing issues even with stock wheels and suspension. But I have documented that fix well for all. It is a DIY that shouldn't take more than 30 mins if you have all the right tools. A pipe cutter being the main tool for the fix.

    I think we were saying the same thing, I just worded it wrong. You and I both know how they are run :)

    I wasn't as clear either. The Thermal R&D dual rear (upper mounted) exhaust is close to completely above frame. The lower mounted version is not and can not be made above frame as they have the exhaust exiting below the frame at the rear.

    getting a 2.5" pipe routed past the transmission is tough. I seem to recall that the R&D one goes under the frame, instead of through it. That bugs some people, others it doesn't.

    Welter is tucked under, going along side the transmission and drive shaft. Great when you want to work on other things not related. PITA when you need to work on something that it's blocking.

    Not on the rear dual version they offer. It is above frame. One bend near the engine if not properly in place can stick below the frame.

    Lol no worries! The only thing you can’t trust this forum for is saving you money! Quick question, i’ve noticed that some Exhausts have the side WP decals in red/white on the tips while others (like yours) do not. Do they come with the decals included in the package as optional ? Would really like to add the decals on the tips. See this pic

    They are/were just stickers. I opted to not put them on.

    You need to give your dealer a thumbs up --- by name and location. Good Slingshot dealers who support our doing need a big thanks....

    For sure. Our local dealer is one of the best in the US. Dave Sears (Owner) of Alamo Cycle Plex truly takes care of his local community. Despite me hosting wrench days at my house and possibly taking away labor hours from his pocket installing mods for the community... he offers to hand over the credit card and write a blank check for pizzas. Pretty bad ass in my book. He asked that I host the next one on a Sunday when they are closed so his team could come hang and help.

    Can't wait! Just ordered $400+ worth of stuff to do from SlingMods and Amazon. And that doesn't include the $800+ worth of stuff sitting on my table. . . .

    And then my daughter asked me if I wanted to go get another tattoo that same Sat. Maybe we can make it a Body Modifications party?

    Chris, can you send me a punch list of things you want to complete?