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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Spoke with Dave yesterday. Always nice when you call a business and a real person answers the phone right off the bat much appreciated. Dave tells me they can be mounted upside down ( bushings would have to be reversed ) but there may be clearance issues on the lower portion. I will not be in there that often so I am going to install them the way they were meant to be.

    Good service there! I have high respect for Dave and that company! I already had my QA1's, or I'd have went with Dave's shocks. The QA1's are adjusted at the top, so the fronts are on as intended. The rear I installed upside down, so that I could adjust that one easily. I was told that this was the normal way they were installed on the SS for that reason. 2 years, zero issues.

    I sourced the waterproof USB ports / utility outlet from Amazon. I had to source the actual cigarette lighter assembly separately and fit it in place of the 12 volt utility outlet. I was surprised that there are not many 12 volt outlets out there anymore, that will accommodate a standard lighter element.

    I have the same SS badge, and the same aluminum badge on my (also fast red) SS. I've been looking at doing exactly what you have done here for my wife. She doesn't smoke, never has, but she's cold at times and I got her a heated blanket. I need at least 15 amps to be safe for that blanket, and the standard plugs in the SS aren't heavy enough to supply the power needed. Thanks for showing this picture, I'll be looking for one similar to hook up after vacation. She doesn't really need the powered blanket until fall now anyway..... ^^:D

    Trailering in Thursday is most likely. Heavy rains here until the 27th it appears. Leaving for vacation the 29th, and don't really want my PRP seats still soaked from the start. Also, need to be back to work on Monday, so Sunday will be a direct route regardless of weather. Was hoping for a good forecast for both ways and our time there. Looks pretty good for time there, but to and from is iffy for good weather. Oh well, it's what I have the trailer for.....

    The issues are doing it, but I'd not say that was that was the main cause. Before the extreme Left asked for (you may also read that as demanded) all of this, there was something that was chiseling away at division long before. They did it using Race, Religion, Sexual preference, Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, Pro choice or Pro life, Gun control or 2A supporter, and with the Women's liberation movement, female or male. That's just to name what comes off the top of my head before my first cup of Java.

    The bottom line here is this. United we stand, divided we fall. It's easier to control those not united, and it's easier to take the wealth from the divided as well. They want the power, and the money, and they just want us to bow to their agendas. By dividing us, it makes the end goal much easier to attain.

    Got the DDMWorks sway bar ( Painter )installed last Thursday. Also changed oil and filter, greased U joint, serviced angle drive, and installed Fumoto oil drain valve for next time. Yesterday ThomaSS came over in the afternoon about 12:30 or so, and we worked on swapping out my muffler. Ran into problems early on, snapped a bolt. Made a couple of runs (Metric tap and die set, then for the 10mm x 1.5 bolt) and wrapped up up much later than I had expected about 8pm. As far as I know, everything ended up perfect..... should be good to go now!

    Electronic Throttle Control Actuation. Actuation Fault.

    I had this once but I'd had the intake off and accidentally left it unplugged and turned on the ignition. I plugged it in, and the code cycled out over a few times driving it. I'd take the plug loose (rear of throttle body) and plug it back in just in case the contact point has corroded. Sorry, that's all I can offer up Mitch.....

    Umm, isn't that the time we're supposed to be there? So no schedule until we arrive? wokka and I are arriving Thursday night at the hotel so wondering if there is some sort of GTG for that night and/or what time we start Friday AM?

    It was tongue in cheek.... everything about Polaris is always 2 weeks. Need something looked at? 2 weeks. Found something wrong? 2 weeks for the factory to get back to you. Need to schedule to get it fixed? You guessed it, 2 weeks....

    Had to show it. Yes, it's raining here, and I couldn't test it out. But I have the DDMWorks sway bar and mounts installed and ready for Huntsville! Thank you Painter for your generosity and thoughtfulness! Next up, changing my muffler (that has failed) to the one that Painter had (from a 2018 with only 500ish miles on it) to stop the rattles.

    I like the Custom tune tag for the ECM. Just got my ECM from ZZP wish it was identified like that

    Agreed, I like that tag, but it also needs to be put on the dongle under the dash where you plug in.

    To confirm, Slingshot Garage is where mine came from. And there is one that goes under the dongle also, it's aluminum. They have been on there for two years, the aluminum one with (I believe) 3M tape and has never came loose. Those tags have nothing to do with anyone that is tuning them, just a warning not to change it at the dealer.

    Thanks. I’ve concluded that I’m going to have to do just that, and it’s not going to be cheap. But my local dealership sucks. I’m going to have to search for a reputable dealership first. 325+ slings here in Maggie Valley and not one with this issue. Figures.

    Sorry for your bad luck on this! The lock nut doesn't look like it's got much thread at all that it's attached to, and I believe that is supposed to be something like 150 foot pounds of torque. No way I'd want that much torque on a nut with little thread, and it's set at that for a reason. By all means, put a cover on it if you want..... AFTER it's fixed! As for the dealership woes, I get it. I have 2 dealers within 70 miles of me, and neither will ever touch my SS again. My dealer now is nearly 2 hours away, but worth it. Good luck!

    I did the same as you on the oil pressure gauge. I bought all my stuff back in January, thinking we'd have some decent weather coming up and I wanted to get ready for that when the time came. I didn't realize I needed the 12x1.75 adapter so I've had my manifold off twice. I relocated the factory sensor to the rear of the head also. I used the 36mm adapter, but I couldn't get it working. Two nights ago, it dawned on me that usually the sensor is located directly to the block..... and more importantly, is grounded. I ran a ground wire and it magically started working like was expected. I'm not in love with my housing, but it serves it's purpose and the gauges are easy to see there.

    Finally! I got the gauges working as they should be! If anyone wants to know anything about what I went through (for my learning process) , please PM me. I had a time with this, but all is worked out, and it is great to have the gauges up front and personal.... along with working! Tonight's pic is first, others are for appearance only.... ( kansling )

    What the.... I just now found this. I've not been in here and participated, so this site didn't notify me. I was one vote behind Der, but I'm good with that because I would never vote for my own entry. I've been busy with baseball for my grandson, and I've been working in the machine shop at work. That means no looky-looks on here at all during the day.

    Happy for you DER ! I have many pics with me (with my wife, or a few without) by water, but I don't thing I have any of the SS with water.... unless it's rain! ^^

    I’m going to see if I can find someone to make me a piece, weld it on and thread it. It’s always something....

    Trust me on this, just buy the factory part and have it installed. There is no way to match the threads after it's made, thread pitch and alignment are critical and anything less than perfect is just as big of a problem as this is. As a tooling designer, a machinist, and a tool and die engineer, the factory part will be the cheapest way out on this. That is unless you choose to run it as is, since it's worked up to this time. I'd want it right, my two cents. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

    Slinglow - I am at Maggie Valley with your luggage racks on my sling and and guy is interested in buying a set.

    He has one of the Stinger roofs (not sure which one) but it will be the same as V-Shot’s setup

    PM me and I will send you his email address so you can contact him.

    Tagging him, SlingLow so you know....

    OK, not even sure how to start this. Painter has been more than kind to me and in many ways! This left me speechless, I've never seen such generosity! While over for the Indy wrench day, he noticed I still have the stock sway bar. We chatted a bit, he asked a few questions, then this showed up 2 days ago! Overwhelmed doesn't begin to describe what I felt when it showed up! Thank you Jim, a thousand times and again!

    I had planned on putting the oil sensor in place with a T adapter I bought, however, I had got it off ebay and it's not NPT as it stated, sigh. Only place open tomorrow that will have one is Summit Racing in Arlington, nice little 2 hour drive to get there, but don't have time to wait on shipping before I leave for MV.

    The threaded hole in the block (and head) are 12 x 1.75 MM. I had a NPT "Y" I was going to use. I'm in process of doing the same thing. I've got an adapter to go into the block, then the sensor for the gauge. I'm going off the back of the head for the Oil light, there's enough pressure there to make it happy even though it reads less than at the block.

    Yep sitting on the porch looking at the view having a glass of wine. So fun that you caught up to us and you knew who I was. My rear facing camera broke on the Parkway so that’s gone. Still have the forward facing one. That Parkway was pretty fun But I caught myself hugging the center line a couple of times. That’s a no no. Have fun tonight... ;)

    Sorry about the camera, but those things happen. If you have found yourself hugging the center line on the parkway, be really careful if you hit the Tail of the Dragon or Moonshine 28 (US 129 and US 28). Those are VERY hard to stay in your own lane and pushing it, parkway is child's play compared to those. I've been riding those roads for nearly 35 years, they are challenging but also the most fun! Have fun, stay safe, and live to tell the tale for many years! Enjoy!