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    Since this thread has been revived.... Me (Brent) and my better half (Sharon). We dated for 2 years, and have been married 38 this next December. The Goats_Hogs comes from the 1967 GTO clone I had (sold) and the 1970 GTO (also sold). The Hogs comes from the Harleys I've been riding for 26 years. Wife has 2005 Super Glide Custom, I have 2012 Road King. The first picture (if I do this right) is of us at Natural Bridge in Kentucky over the 4th of July. The second is of my first drive in a Slingshot. A close friend brought his over for me to drive in May of 2015 after I asked him a bazillion questions about it. He had only had it for a month at that time, and it only had 1200 miles on it. (Two weeks ago, he hit a black bear with it in Tennessee.... :O No one hurt, bear lived, and SS was still able to drive home.)

    Well let's see. There are so many of them! Love things that go bang, and seems I'm always needing to feed them. Wife has 2005 Harley Super Glide Custom we bought new that has 55,000 on it. Just put cam upgrade, high volume oil pump, hydro cam chain tensioners, Fueling lifters, bearings and so on into it. I have a 2012 Road King with 24,000 on it. With only 600 miles on the Odo, I put in Screamin' Eagle 259 cams, Fueling lifters, Tuner, Breather, V&H 2 into 1 Pro pipe and Burly 13" Ape Hangers on it. I also have a 1994 Z71 that is about as nice as one you will find in the Midwest. Takes some $$ thrown at it to keep it that way.

    Oh, did I mention we are completely remodeling the kitchen? ;(=O Not to mention we have grand kids, they can be a money pit too!

    S&W .380 Bodyguard with lazer sight everywhere. If I'm awake and not in the shower I have it on me at all times. There are places I'm not supposed to carry, and I tend to obey those most of the time. I have a Ken Onion Kershaw easy open knife with me always also. Like Slolane, when it's cooler out I carry a Kimber .45 ACP, but mine is the Custom Crimson Carry II. It's full size, use it with a shoulder holster under a leather vest or jacket. I only carry that when I know it will be cool out and I'll not be shedding the jacket or vest.

    I'm new here, as far as posting goes. I've been reading here long before I joined. I haven't posted a lot, but I am in here reading nearly every day. I'm thankful for this forum.... the humor, the insights, and the info on tech have made this one I really enjoy coming to.

    Thanks for the replies. I think I will call the dealer I bought it from. Harley is not stickler in general. I put breather kit, 2 into one Vance & Hines pipe, and bigger cams at 600 miles after first oil change. Didn't affect the warranty for them. Sounds like if some do and some don't, I'd better check with the one I got it at.

    There is likely a thread on here about this, but I thought I'd ask here anyway. I've been looking at the Alpha CAI and exhaust kit, and have hesitated as I would guess it would void the warranty. Does anyone know for sure? No other mods planned, but would like to free up the restrictions to let it breathe like it should. I've only had mine since May 22nd. 3,658 miles so far, but that will go up fast as vacation looms and I'm taking it when we go.

    I got some LED lights for the headlights as replacements to brighten things up at night. Started to put them in today after work, and realized the one high beam is larger in diameter and sticks out much farther and will restrict the stock air intake airflow. I'm either going to return the LED's (which I'd really like more light since I go in before daylight in the mornings) or bite the bullet and by the kit or at least the CAI.

    Thanks all...

    Took mine in Monday. 3520 miles when I got there. Picked it up yesterday. Dry on the outside, and drives great now. Glad to have that fixed... I kept topping it off every 500 miles just in case (they inspected it with 1400 miles 2 1/2 weeks prior.)

    Well, good news overall. Yes, my seal is still leaking. But I changed to Mobil 1 75W140 Syn, and filled til it spilled. Capped it off and took it for a run. Much quieter with the Mobil 1 than before. Still noise, but probably cut it down by 1/3 to 1/2 and at steady highway speed not much at all. No shavings on the magnet, only the thin gray sludge that is pretty normal especially at break in. Hope to get the pinion seal fixed soon, but feel like I'm getting the oddities worked out well.

    so is this a common problem for the 16-161/2 models?
    Just getting myself prepared... :|

    It is not uncommon from what I've picked up from a few others. Counting the original on this thread, mine, I've read or heard about 3 others. That's why I checked mine, as I had heard of others having the leak. Just something to watch for. I'm believing mine may just be overfilled, and blowing out the vent in the top. I'll look into it later today. Also, hood latches aren't locking on the 16 1/2's at least I know of 3 that weren't. I was able to adjust mine in. The front were catching, the rear were not. The 2016.5's have the new hood bumpers, not the pads. I got the Corbin bags too, and needed to work on the lid adjustments to get the lids to stay closed. Judging by my Slingshot, they seem "quirky" in some areas, but have been easy enough to correct. I thoroughly am enjoying mine though, and look forward to many, many happy times out in it!

    Thank you! I watched the video where it said fill to spill. When I get home later this afternoon, I'm going to drain it and fill with Mobil 1. The handbook manual that comes with the Slingshot said 80W-90 SAE, but I was thinking about going to the 75W-140 and going to syn. Also, it showed that it took 1 quart if I remember correctly. I've always seen them like this... fill to spill.

    I'm thinking that it may just be overfilled from the factory. I'm going to change it out, clean it up, and take it out for a test run this evening. I'll look for leaks when I get back from the run. It might still need the seal replaced, as it could have damaged it from being overfilled. Thanks again, and look forward to being on this forum!

    I bought my 2016.5 SL May 22nd. Found my differential to be leaking last Thursday. Likely it was leaking all along, but I had serviced my truck in that bay and had speedy dry down on the floor so I didn't notice. I took off work on Friday, and went to the dealer. They agreed that it was leaking, took pics and sent info in to Polaris. I've called them this week, but so far nothing on it. They told me that they had checked the level (after I asked them to) and it was "at the bottom of the fill hole threads, where it is supposed to be". I had 1500 miles on it at the dealership when I left (about 90 one way from my house). Last evening I checked the level, as I've put another 700 plus on it since. I had just been driving it, but when I took out the fill plug, lube ran out! I don't me a little, like the lube level was at least an inch above the fill plug! I quickly put the plug back in (didn't lose much, and it looked very clear) and wiped up what had spilled out.

    So my question is this... should the level be only to the bottom of the fill hole threads? I'm wondering now if I have a leak at all, maybe it was just very overfilled? Even the vent on top has some residue on it. I did order a repair manual, as I've worked on muscle cars, trucks and Harleys most of my life, but I haven't picked it up yet. My fill hole (if looking at it from the driver's side) is about 4:30 or so. It's low enough on the cover that it looks like it might be hard to get a quart in that space that is left below it. Any help appreciated.

    By the way, I'm Brent. The "Goats_Hogs" is the name I've used on forums for about a decade and a half now. Goats for the Pontiac GTO, Hogs for the Harleys. Sold the GTO in 2005, but the name still stuck with me. Thanks