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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Welcome @RaiAvila! As others have stated, you are going to love this place! I'm not on here much weekends or holidays, but I do catch up when I can. Great amount of knowledge here, and plenty of fun and respect too! Very few trolls (only one comes to my mind, from the politics suck thread) and that makes this place the most enjoyable Sling forum for me!

    @rabtech, I couldn't "like" your original post on here. Just too painful to know what you have been dealing with, and holding to yourself. I'm very sorry it all went down this way. Your words were well thought out, and you were a gentleman in delivering this bad news. Very nice to see such honesty on a forum, not sucking up to nor bashing a vendor in your post. Being in manufacturing myself, I know how things like this can happen. I would like to see Alpha step up and do something to resolve this. I love their products, and have plans to buy the luggage system they have and possibly CAI setup. This will not change my plans. While I would love a turbo setup, I likely will leave mine naturally aspirated. I could always use more HP, but even in stock form the SS is no slouch. Seems everything I hop up to get more from, tends to find something else as a weak spot. I've put an average of 2,000 miles a month on mine for the 6 months I've owned it. Hoping to get the reliability instead.

    Like @ShutterBug said, you don't have a corner on the market on those types of feelings. I would have been the same. I tell myself it's just a machine, a tool that is designed not for work but for play.... to make me smile and enjoy. But I get attached like an old friend, a family member. It's that way with my old truck, my Harley, and even more so with the SS.

    Glad you were just ahead of it @Tripod! I have been close to accidents like that myself. Seems I've either been just ahead, or just behind enough to make the difference. I always was thankful it wasn't my time yet, and I'm glad it wasn't yours either!

    Welcome @Raguncagun! This is the best forum for Slingshots out there by far!

    Although Trump won this election per the Electoral College ( >270), Hillary actually won the presidency based upon the popular vote. She won the popular vote by a small margin. If we were a true democracy, & not a Republic, she would be President. That is what scares the hell out of me - over 1/2 the nation believes in the left-wing, socialist, progressive drivel. I hate to be a doomsayer but believe that this election has only delayed the inevitable demise of this once-great nation. I assure you, the left will NOT give up. It's only a matter of time: tick-tock... This country is going downhill fast & is not the same one I grew up in. This sickens me. I served this country in 2 different military branches, writing a blank check on my life, willing to defend it with my very life. My philosophy will never change - I will surrender my life for the nation that the founding fathers intended. The conservatives have finally awakened but there's a LOT of work to do to restore our nation's greatness. We have to fight harder & smarter if we're to have any chance at stopping the current rapid descent of our nation. Roll up your sleeves people - let's get busy...

    Once again.... a multiple "Like" is needed....

    This is the first time I've opened this thread. I'm too late for the party as it's tomorrow and I have plans this weekend that I won't be able to change. I really hope to meet as many from here as I can one day. As for @'Crystal', thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service! As for @Slej, I hate this happened. I'm thankful that you will recover, and have lived to tell the tale. Not sure what caused the accident, but this is why I've backed off from riding two wheels as much. Drove the Sling over 12k this season, only about 1300 miles on the Harley. Never thought I would say this, but we are kicking around selling the Harleys next spring. Below are pics of my Harley from August 2013 that was totaled when the van decided to U-turn from the side of the road just as I was going by. Hit him at 40-45, no helmet, got about 15 feet in the air and landed hard. My foot was on the brake, and you can see how bad the damage to the brake was in the second pic. My foot still gives me some issues to this day.

    I was visiting with my 82 year old mother and 84 year old dad yesterday and he announced he was ready to part with his guns. He was the sheriff for 12 years and has a rather large collection of commemorative edition Smith and Wesson pistols and Weatherby rifles. I'll try to get some pics and post them but I'm not sure what if anything will be available for sale after all the siblings buy what they want.

    I look forward to seeing any of the guns that would be available. Buying them is a weakness I have.... and not a weakness that is likely to go away soon.

    I'm sorry about your dad, but thankful you have them both still. I lost my mom May 1st this year, after a very long illness. She was nearly 84. Dad had Parkinson's, and passed nearly 6 years ago at 78. I know what you are going thru with that firsthand. I will be praying for you and the family.... especially your mom and dad.

    Sorry, I was MIA over the weekend. Missus and I went riding all day Saturday, then Trunk or Treat Saturday evening. This is the first time I've been online here since Friday. I don't have anything to add that's any different than others have already stated. VERY surprised that hitting the main puller screw with a hammer didn't work. Good luck with the Assault puller. Below is proof of my Saturday.....

    The worst part of the spyder are all of the onboard nannies. I sat on a few of the new models when the SS was getting some work done at the dealer. First thing I noticed was I could not get comfortable on any of them. Weird and very cramped seating positions. Seems like they are made for smaller riders. That dude in the picture is probably 5' 3" and weighs in at a buck fifty.

    At 6'4" and 260, I have that problem with a lot of bikes. The bigger Harley bikes work pretty well for me once I put on the Apes. On a side profile, I still make the big look average size at best. I did follow a Spyder on US 28 (Moonshine 28) on my Sling near Fontana dam. The person riding it was pushing the trike pretty hard, leaning into the curves to help compensate. There was one curve that had a dip in the middle of it, and the front end on the Spyder bounced around and made it go into a wobble. It only lasted a couple seconds at most, but the Spyder ended up in the oncoming lane. No traffic, so no one hurt, but it just looked very unstable. I hit that same dip in my Sling and it just went over it like no big deal.... and that was with the stock suspension.

    Here's a pic of me on my Road King, which didn't get much use this past season. (Slingshot got 12k though!)

    Grade 5 will work too. It is not that easy to find grade 8 or even grade 5 in 10-32 screws. You might need to go to a place like an industrial supply house, like Grainger or Fastenal. Try something other than a rubber mallet too. I have a small hammer that has screw on caps, one side is hard plastic. It won't scratch or damage when it hits, but it transfers more of the jarring force to break it free. Like stated from others, be sure to have the screws long enough to get a full thread, then tighten the puller screw down as tight as you dare without damaging something. If you tap the main pulling screw with something harder than a rubber mallet (ball peen hammer should do the trick, like BryonL was talking about) , I'm sure it will give.

    I called my dealer when they opened at 10am yesterday. They said that they knew all swingarms were to be replaced at some point, but hadn't heard about the recall until I told them. They have me in the system, but I'm really not concerned how quickly they get to me at this time. I checked my fuel line, no issues there. I check the brake line seals, all appear good. And I looked over the swingarm for and evidence of a crack or weak area, knowing where they usually fail. I also jacked up the rear, and checked to see if the bearings seem ok, and they did. I'll be aware of the issues and watch them, but I'll continue to use it anytime I want to until the repairs are made.

    Thank you @rabtech for this thread, along with the pictures showing what to look for. I'm thankful I found this place, so many good people on this site!

    I have the stat-o-seal, fuel line clip, steering shafts bolt, and swingarm. I called my dealer they started a workorder and will call when the parts are in. Hope it only takes two weeks. (Yeah, Sure :00008172: ) They didn't say not to ride, so I'll just keep on keeping on.

    Same here. I'm going to check my fuel line out, and my seals to be sure they appear to be doing the job, and ride on. I'll also look for cracks at the known break area on the swingarm. I didn't get the steering shaft bolts on my recall. I'm in the system with my deal on this, see how long it takes to get to mine. Until then, I'll be out until the weather sets in for winter.

    Well, I must admit that I'm relieved to hear that they will be replacing the swingarms. My recall shows that, the replace clip on fuel rail, and the stat-o-seal. I'm going to check my fuel rail today when I get back home, and if all looks good, keep using it until they can do the repairs. I am the lead tool designer at a sand cast foundry, and after seeing that broken swingarm, I am certain it's not an isolated issue to that one or a few of them. Much more likely is that it's a dirt or shrink issue that leaves them all weak, just some worse than others. Along with the bearing issues, I'm glad it will be replaced as a complete unit.

    I've had mine 5 months, and just under 12,000 miles on it now. Only thing I have had is the pinion seal leak, and the driver's side panel doing the starburst cracking from the inside. The seal is fixed, the other is under review (last Saturday) and should be covered. Even with the hassle of a major recall, I'm not a bit sorry I have my Slingshot. I've had so much fun with it, I'm only dreading winter coming and not riding.

    I missed this thread until today. Count me in as a fan I guess, as I've not missed one episode since it started. I've also been reading the comic version, although I'm not caught up on it yet. I'm on a spoiler forum that hasn't been wrong yet, and they called this one right also. That was the hardest to watch for me since the episode with "just look at the flowers".

    If that would make you happy and your not hurting anyone then go for it. But judging peoples mods is no different than the Harley guys judging ours.

    We've got two Harleys in the same garage as our Slingshot. I have three friends that live within 30 miles of me with Slingshots also, and likewise they all have Harleys too. I have many friends that have a Harley or several, and none of them have bashed on the Slingshot. I guess what I'm saying is this, doesn't matter what you ride or like... there are jerks in every bunch. Last fall I was on my Road King, and gave the low wave to a guy in a Slingshot, and he appeared to low wave me back but only used one finger. Like I said... jerks (read and A-holes) in every bunch.

    As for this mess, the only thing I could think that would be good about it, would be that I could ride later in the season and get it out earlier. I rode mine to the dealer Saturday morning to get my Corbin bags off to send in for warranty work, and it was only 40 degrees out. Did I mention the dealer is over 1 1/2 hours away? I would have removed them myself, but I bought them from the dealer when I got my Sling and they installed them. I didn't want to add a third party to the mix in case Corbin said something was damaged during install or removal.