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    Thought I would try bringing this thread over from the other place..... :rolleyes:

    Ever since I installed a detachable steering wheel I've wondered how I could store it safely when off the vehicle. I looked online for steering wheel storage bags and could only find one example made by Grant. I didn't really care for that one because it just looked like a cloth bag that didn't close and let the steering wheel stick out the top.

    Then I remembered that I had bought a really nice jumper cable storage bag that was pretty heavy duty, round and zipped completely closed. It is the Bucket Boss #69000.

    So I tried it out, but found that it is just a little bit too small to fit my 350mm steering wheel. I'm pretty sure it would work fine if you have a 320mm wheel.

    Then I found out Bucket Boss makes a slightly larger version. It's not round and the height and width are about the same as the other, but it is slightly deeper. So I ordered one. It is model #AB30070.

    My 350mm steering fits with ease. Now when I remove the wheel I've got a safe place to store it or even take it with me if I want. These are available just about anywhere, Home Depot, Amazon, just do a Google
    search. For 15 to 20 bucks or so you can't go wrong. Hope this helps somebody looking to store their steering wheel.

    Glad your alright man, the SS can be fixed. Good luck with the parts hunt. I bought this thing thinking it would be better riding in the rain than my Harley, not so sure about that anymore.

    Wow... :huh: your pipe.... what happened to it :!::?:
    lol, it is a pretty rugged tank... had mine subox about a year now and steve bought one not too long ago cause his joytech variable temp/wattage box quit threading to the tank.
    We are down to 6mg.. started off at 24mg. I dnt play with the rebuildable coils, Im not that kind of techy and figure my face has been damaged enough by father time without me exploding a tank in it. you have to know what your doing to build them, I did have a co-worker build me some just to try out the RBG and I was scared really to even try those... lol but I did, and I dont know if it was his wire or what, but they didnt last very long (one day) before they got the burnt taste. I also couldnt turn up the wattage to 20 with those homemade coils... i could only do 12W or so. He may have not known what he was doing either... whichever the case, I just buy the coil at the vape shop. it lasts me about 2 weeks.

    I've dropped it a few times, lol. The whole coating is cracking like an egg shell, but it still works like a champ. As far as the rebuild-able coils there's really no chance of them exploding. It's the batteries that are the concern there. I'm still on my first coil after about two weeks, .7 ohms @ 25 watts, nice and smooth.

    I also smoked for about 40 years, been vaping now for the last 6. Fortunately I have had no issues with returning to cigarettes. Started at around 20+ mg nicotine, but now down to 12 mg. Have had quite a few different e-cigs currently using the Kangertech Subox too. Just started building my own coils using the included RBA.