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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    A few swingarms have broken, most likely bad castings. I'm always good with new parts on the old beast. I just wonder if they are replacing the axle bearings in the swap or reusing the old ones.
    I'm a little concerned about replacing my nuts. ;(

    I've had a Crimestopper two way in for over a year. Installed myself as a stand alone unit, only draws power not spliced into the lights or starter. No problems other than me forgetting to disarm it before getting in.

    The ride home going north was beautiful, even riding through the fog. Thankfully the weather wasn't as bad as forcast for the invasion. It was a blast seeing everyone again and meeting new people.

    Braving the rain to ride the SS to Eureka rather than trailer...please tell me I'm not the only crackhead doing this...?

    You are not the only one, changed my travel day to tomorrow. Less rain in the forecast, if all else fails the frogg toggs are at the ready.

    ok maybe one more mod.

    Looks like it burned front to rear so something under the hood started it.

    With power on the fuel pump will attempt to pressure the fuel rail, if the line is broken it would free flow gas trying to reach operating pressure.

    I have been doing The Fender Buttons for $150 installed. Your hood must work properly before I start. If I need to adjust the hood then we need to talk. If your hood does not latch properly now or if you have trouble opening your hood, The Fender Buttons will not fix it. There are several posts on adjusting your hood, @rabtech posted one that works well. If you have a fender kit from Anibal Automotive, at this time I can sell you a kit, but I will not install.

    Count me in, what is your beverage of choice? You will need refreshments doing all the installs.