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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Interesting news on the Impeachment front. Nancy calls for a formal inquiry to get to the bottom of the call with Ukraine. The full transcript is being released tomorrow, why not wait until you see it?

    1. The far left will be appeased.

    2. Biden will get knocked out of the race for 2020.

    Nothing will get done, smoke and mirrors

    good to meet you wokka and a very cool quad set.

    I'll go ahead and throw it out there though....was anyone else disappointed with this years meet?

    Two vendors and no one running the event this year. Looks like all the money for registration went straight into the bank. I'll be really surprised if it happens next year. Nothing like the first three, they were a blast.

    I didn't understand why Beto was still hanging around but then I saw a story on the news about "emotional support clowns." Who knew Beto actually had a purpose.

    I hate to tell you that nothing had happened at the time to make the public all of a sudden buy everything on the shelf, 22 ammo was first and then the hand gun stuff disappeared. Also this was when Homeland Security bought the millions and millions of rounds of ammo. I forget the number but look it up. That was the statement that everyone wanted to use but that is not what happened. Some thing has to happen for the public to do that and there was nothing and no kind of scare either. Just one day and all of the 22 ammo was gone. Now after a couple of months of that happening the public WAS buying everything that could be found and only in the past 2 years have you been able to pretty much buy what you want.

    During the 22cal shortage I spoke to someone in the industry and they gave a pretty simple explanation. He said the there were no facilities that only make 22 ammo. A production line is shut down and retooled for 22 for a short production run each year. The demand for other caliber rounds and the fact that they make more money in those calibers derailed the change over to making 22. It became a shortage because they didn't replenish the stock.

    Enjoying the articles on Walmart's decision to stop selling pistol ammo. The headlines don't much represent the details.

    They will sell until the stock is depleted on certain calibers.

    Not banning carry in the stores.

    Will continue to sell hunting guns and ammo.

    Really not a strong antigun position.

    They could probably save more lives by not selling alcohol, tobacco, and junkfood, if that's the goal.

    Next on the agenda they will help stop drunk drivers by not selling tires.

    When mine gets laser alignment he puts a level on the wheel to check it during process and it’s always been perfect. He invented the laser system for the spider and sling so he knows what he is doing.

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    That's what I do as part of the process with the True Laser system. I haven't seen the process with the Polaris system.

    Went to check out a used sling for a friend and found the turn signal stem was missing the back side. Checked mine when I got home and it looked fine but got me thinking. Why not add a little vinyl to the back side just in case. Wrapped it and it doesn't look bad.

    California just did something that will have a chilling effect on law enforcement. The standard for deadly fore has been "reasonable". New legislation changes that standard to "necessary".

    Here's the scenario: a robbery suspect points an unloaded firearm at the responding officer and the officer shoots him.

    Under the old standard the use of force is reasonable as it appears life was in danger.

    Under the new standard the force was not necessary as the gun was not loaded.

    Words matter.