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    $15 per hour minimum wage will put the screws to a lot of retired people. What's the minimum wage for people on social security?

    The left: I'm an American you can't tell me to go back where I came from that's racist.

    Me: Didn't you you spit in a tube and pay some company to tell you where you came from?

    Also me: Why did you unfriend me?

    Some additions to the pedalmax review.

    I found the answer to keeping the wires attached to the firewall. A 1/4 inch hole and a fir tree mount zip tie.

    Now it's secure.

    One observation when traveling on really bumpy roads. With the knob above 50% it makes the pedal difficult to keep even, to sensitive. Turned the knob down, problem solved.

    The knob had a little malfunction. I mounted it with 3M tape only, no screws. The base stayed attached and the knob housing can off in my hand when I went to adjust it. Super glued the base on and remounted.

    So far I like it.

    The leff: we will not assist the federal government, we are a sanctuary city. Screw Trump

    Also the left: we have a crisis why isn't FEMA doing something. Trumps screwing up.

    If you can do that by turning the knob....what would you call that? Sure sounds like an idle adjustment knob to me...maybe a little more complicated than that but still...

    Idle did not increase at any setting on the knob 0-100%. Sorry if that wasn't clear in my response.

    It multiplies the input of the throttle. No input at idle to multiply. 0 times anything is still 0.

    Decided to test the pedalmax at 0, 50, and 100 percent. I ran a few of my local rides in sections set at all three settings.

    A twisty parkway was first. At 0% was my normal fun run. At 50% I found a noticable difference in throttle response, no lag coming out of the turned. At 100% it was good but not much different in the curves however it was a little to aggressive at launch from stopped.

    Did some passing on a two lane road at all three settings. Accelerating at highway speed with the Max was noticeably quicker.

    For spirited driving I think the Pedalmax makes a difference in throttle response. I'll leave it set at 50% for a while. During my ride today I did notice that it appeared to return to idle faster with the Max on. I occasionally have a rev hang when stopping but didn't have any today with it on.

    Overall it makes the throttle crisp and I like the feel better than stock.

    I'm still going to get some hardware to mount the unit and wires better. There's just not a good way to zip tie in that location. A couple small screws and wire hanger should fix it. BTW if you're short and fat the install might be a problem. Lucky for me I'm tall and fat, long arms help.

    Read post #8 again.....rear wheel alignment is satisfactory...

    The rear wheel is in a fixed position, the swingarm is moved to achieve proper belt alignment. A lazer alignment puts the front wheels at the proper and equal toe-in relative to the rear wheel. The belt alignment can be satisfactory and the front wheels out of alignment at the same time. You don't align the rear wheel you align to the rear wheel.

    :00008172::00008356::00008172::00008084: Many of my "liberal" friends and "liberals" in general must "disdain" themselves, because they too tick all those boxes except the Trump vote box.

    You brave, brave martyr!:thumbsup:

    Not a martyr, I just don't feel the need to apologize for who and what I am. I'll leave that up to the Social Justice Warriors.

    Since I don’t do Starbucks you may be right about the clientele. Here is the reason it makes me angry - let’s say there were several blacks in hoodies having themselves a latte. Do you think the management, Starbucks, or anyone would say anything to them if another customer felt “uncomfortable”. The black guys might very well be Rhodes Scholars - nobody could know - you can’t assume they are thugs by what they wear. Uniform cops are the symbol of law and order in this country and you should know that if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. So how in the hell can you judge either based on preconceived notions?? The constant attack on the people that protect us has to stop before we slip into anarchy!!

    I've gotten use to being the bad guy, I check a lot of boxes for their disdain.

    White, Male, Straight, Veteran, Christian, Married, retired LEO working part time for the DOD. I think man made global warming is bull shit, there are only two genders and if you step on the flag you need your ass kicked. And the sin of all liberal sins, I voted for Trump.

    It’s still tracking toward the left side of the of the sprocket where it’s been since I drove it home....

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it...

    I pointed this out because it sounds like a way to tell if your rear wheel is out of alignment. So looking at mine I’m guessing it’s (rear wheel) aligned fine

    Belt alignment and wheel alignment are not the same thing.

    If it were just criminals being uncomfortable that would be one thing - the local Starbucks has not been a thug hangout in my experience. If you and I were minding our own business drinking an overpriced cup of coffee and they asked you to leave because you were LEO I would be highly offended. How is this any different from “go to the back of the bus”?? Discrimination and civil rights are on the books for EVERYONE — even cops !!!

    The reason I think it's an employee issue is basic business. Would you rather have one unhappy customer or six? The corporation wants money not bad press. The clientele at Starbucks isn't what it once was either.

    Peple being uncomfortable with police presence have been around for a long time. They are commonly called criminals.

    I seldom go to Starbucks so boycotting wouldn't have much effect. I think the problem here is the employee not a corporation. Although a liberal twat working at Starbucks wouldn't surprise anyone.