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    While I basically never practiced criminal law I still vaguely remember the basics. Red is absolutely correct - a taser CAN be lethal...

    I believe that any criminal lawyer worth his salt could make a jury believe that the officer fired in fear of his life should Georgia choose to prosecute. Granted the optics of this case are not great coming off the heels of the Floyd murder but really / does anybody know what was in that officers mind when he fired BUT HIM. Also the officers were nothing but polite showing no racial biases until the suspect resisted arrest. If you never walked in a cops shoes - judge not lest ye be judged!!

    You're going to hear the phrase "objective reasonableness" thrown around reference this. If you're really bored google Graham v. Connor,

    I think the biggest issue the Atlanta police will have in defending their actions in the Wendy's event is the fact that they used lethal force to defend themselves from a taser, a weapon the police themselves say is non-lethal.

    The simple fact that the police constantly defend the use and carrying of tasers as being non lethal will make it almost impossible for the officer to say he was in fear for his own life - - that added to the fact that in earlier videos it seems very clear that they already had made sure the man had no weapons it would seem that it will be a very up hill battle trying to convince anyone that the officer was in fear for his life

    dot get me wrong - what the suspect did was stupid and wrong and he himself created the situation that led to his shooting - - but even so I see it as a very difficult situation trying to convince a jury that you were justified in shooting a suspect who is attempting to run away from a minor offense for pointing a taser at you when your own people say that tasers are non-lethal - - on top of that the fact that the suspect was shot twice in the back and that just doesn't look like a necessary use of force

    Just to clarify some terms. A taser is not considered a non-lethal weapon. Non-lethal would indicate the weapon can't cause death or serious injury. Tasers are considered less-lethal as they are less likely to cause death or serious injury.

    Please stop referring to less-lethal weapons as non-lethal.

    The "defund the police" movement needs to lay out what it really means. Some actually want to abolish the police others want to reform the police. The reform group aren't doing a very good job explaining what that looks like and what the plan is. I have a suggestion to help navigate the issue. Only call the police when there is a threat to life due to criminal activity. Have the police stop conducting enforcement of traffic laws that aren't an immediate threat to life. Anything else simply do online or phone reporting. No chance for the police to overreact to minor problems if they aren't there. As soon as you can show there is a reduced need for police you can cut the size of the organizations.

    Let's boycott the police by refusing to use their services.:/

    I've always told the people I ride with " if you're not comfortable with the speed or conditions don't go". I've seen the outcome of somebody riding beyond their ability to make other people happy. One reason I'm not a fan of open charity rides.

    If you're leading and don't think it's a good idea step away. If others want to go they can go without you.

    Ok everybody relax and stop overreacting to the situation in Seattle. The mayor cleared it all up on the news. It's not an occupation it's a block party, they have them all the time in that area.

    You can't make this shit up.:D:D:D=O

    Starting Monday Missouri will end all restrictions, open for business. I guess the pool party in the Ozarks was a success.

    I don't give two shits about renaming army bases because of who they are named after. Name one Camp Unicorn sounds fine to me. It makes me mad when retired generals make political statements to make themselves look relevant. They took no action when in positions of authority because they valued their power and position over doing the right thing. It wasn't a problem when they were in charge? I've never trusted anyone over full bird, you don't get stars unless you climb the political pole. End of rant.

    Lots of folks here are done with social distancing. The protests and riots put an end to people taking it seriously.

    One story indicated a spike and a quadruple increase in ICU patients.

    That may be bad or it's a great way to say they went from one to five patients. I'm always sceptical when they don't give the actual numbers.

    Red - always like your expert opinion as a retired PoPo😂. I’m watching all these politicians stating all the “reforms” they want to do to police departments nationwide. In your opinion will it make it even harder to hire quality recruits AND as a unintended consequence - cops taking cover until it’s over when shots are fired as opposed to running toward gunfire as they have in the past leading to even more deaths? If we hamstring our police departments will the years long decline in violent crime be erased?

    You're going to see a huge shortage in law enforcement. Mass retirements for those who can and new recruits resigning and starting new careers. You'll be left with whomever can't leave.

    Of course a new batch of experts will teach the new way and make a lot of money doing it.

    Law enforcement has been slowly pushed into a social worker role and away from enforcement. Unfortunately people are going to suffer before this gets sorted out.

    As info about the killing of George Floyd continues to trickle out more questions need to be asked. Now we know that at least one of the officers involved was being trained by Derek Chauvin. If the reports of Chauvin's past misconduct are true why was he used as a training officer? The DOJ is starting a probe into the department but the media appears to have little interest. In other incidents involving police the media, politicians and activists call for those in charge to be fired or step down, not in this case.

    I don't know what the Field Training Program looks like in Minneapolis but it doesn't look like the one we used. Training officers were selected by a long list of criteria. The big question we always considered; If the trainee turned out like the FTO would you be happy with the results? Maybe nobody at the MPD asked themselves that question or maybe they did.

    Working on a home and the 16 yo comes out and sets up his music.... Ready to close my ears when out of his stereo comes 'Johnny Cash" the whole album ...

    The younger folks are getting into vinyl now. All the old stuff is getting popular again.

    or don't buy that gimmick and just mash the pedal get the same result and have 300 left in your pocket.

    It has been out for over a year now, where are the test proving it does anything other than placebo effect?

    Again there are vehicles out there that do benefit from a device like this but from driving NA slingshots with and without one I can say the NA slings is not one of them.

    If it doesn't do anything why did he warn us not to use it in the mountains?

    As I said before - if you want a first class police department it has to be run just like a successful business. You have to make a compensation package attractive enough to draw the best candidates. Who the hell would want to put up with what cops do for for little money? That thin blue line is the only thing between law abiding citizens and anarchy - if that line snaps our society is doomed!!

    In a few months you'll see stories about a rise in crime that will hit minority communities the hardest. The case will be described as "de-policing". In an attempt to avoid conflict and complaints officers will simply stop self initiated activity. Less enforcement emboldens the criminal element and crime increases. Unfortunately it will be just another chance to blame law enforcement for social decline.

    I started telling people to find a better career choice several years ago.

    Had a teacher friend tell me that police are racist. I responded with teachers molest their students. His immediate response was that he was offended and told me he's never touched a student. I simply replied "don't be mad, my statement is just as accurate as yours". He's still pissed but I think he understood my point.