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    You would probably be better of contacting NHTSA

    Alright, let's start with questions - what do you want to know?

    If you don't have questions, let's hear what you are hoping for from an organization like SOG?

    When Club Slingshot came out there was a lot of disappointment from some folks but not much of what they actually thought it should be. SOG is membercenteric and you have the full attention of the BOD.

    Don't pull any punches and the sky is the limit .... and go

    Slingshot Owners Group - Mission and Vision

    This is the heart and soul of SOG. Our Mission. I must admit we have a Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in just a few days and while the Executive Board (EBOD) has approved our initial Mission, there may be slight changes to what I have below but I expect that fundamentally it will not change.

    Mission: To grow a Polaris Slingshot community that supports Slingshot owners and promotes education and activities beneficial to said owners.

    As important as the Mission is and as much as it is the heart and soul of the work we do, it is our Vision that guides us. Our Vision puts our boots on the ground and our best foot forward.

    Vision: As a not-for profit organization, we will strive to grow a stronger community that:

    1. Places individual owners as a priority,

    2. Strives to help educate owners with information and expertise without monetary charge or further commitment - to pay-it-forward, so to speak, in hopes of promoting same,

    3. Supports and promotes camaraderie through affordable organized events across the county,

    4. Supports owner innovators through the promotion of their ideas and products,

    5. Creates an atmosphere of sharing knowledge and experience, and

    6. Supports charitable giving and community well-being.

    The combination of our Mission and Vision is what will make SOG successful. It is where the boots meet the ground.

    Let's get into this - just briefly for now but more as the discussions continue ...

    1. Not-for-profit. This is huge for the founders and our BOD. Being not-for-profit means we can focus on serving members not chasing profits or increasing revenue. Don't read this the wrong way - we still have operating expenses every month and have to have a way to pay our bills but SOG is not here to take the last penny out of your pocket. Placing individual owners as a priority.
    2. Grow a Polaris Slingshot Community. Community - being friends and not just members. Supporting one another inside and outside of the Polaris Slingshot world. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - those aren't Communities they are applications - like a game, if you like to play that kind of game, then you will like the application.
    3. Educate Owners with Information and Expertise and Creating an Atmosphere of Sharing Knowledge and Experience. That's When the founding members began to talk about the idea of SOG, the forum, this forum, was the one thing we were 100% positive that we did not want to change. We love it the way it is. Where else can you find every bit of information you could want to know about the Slingshot? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any other forum - no way, now how. SOG supports this forum - no question if you become a member of SOG, you'll find us promoting this forum. Our growth our Mission and our Vision include the forum and that's why from the very beginning we have included rabtech in our discussions. Without the support from rabtech none of us would be here like we are.
    4. Pay-It-Forward. You've seen it here on the forum. You may have even been part of it. The act of giving to someone for no other reason than the pure joy experienced by the receiver is absolutely incredible. SOG wants to inspire all members to Pay-It-Forward - whether monetary donations, or time helping someone install a product, or a gift, or taking the time out of a busy day to call a friend just to brighten their day, etc.
    5. Supports & Promote Camaraderie Through Affordable Organized Events Across the County. After the forum's ability to bring two strangers together as friends, events are probably the next best way to accomplish it. Who hasn't met someone at an event - maybe they weren't even part of the forum - but you met, went on a ride, talked about Slingshots over a quick snack or fuel fill-up and now your similar love for the Slingshot has made you friends. We are planning events - not a bunch - slow at first. We want events at places you haven't been - experiences you haven't had - places you may have only dreamed of. Give us time - you'll like what we pull off.
    6. Supports Owner Innovators Through the Promotion of Their Ideas and Products. I have to say, the owner innovators come out with the best products. Sure you can get some stuff at the big box stores but when it doesn't last or doesn't quite fit or isn't exactly how it should have been done - can you really be surprised? Outstanding customer service with impeccable quality is the calling card of the innovators. These are the folks that really add the pizzazz to our Slingshots. They usually have other jobs but their passion and their ability shine through in their products. These are the folks we want to support - these are the folks that make the stuff that makes your Slingshot great.
    7. Supports Charitable Giving and Community Well-Being. SOG was created as a not-for-profit and the SOG BOD supports local and national charities. We want to create ways where we can share even more.

    I hope that gives you a little more insight to the Slingshot Owners Group. SOG will work hard everyday to earn your membership.

    Have you started one? Can get costly... I sent out 175 Christmas postcards to Slingshot Friends today.

    i do have one but your post has reminded me that with everything going on, I have not purchased holiday cards yet .... suppose I should do something about that

    Many of us have been members of other Motorcycle groups... As a member of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association we had the "Gold Book" which was a list of all the members, address, phone #'s, and how one could help (place to camp, tools to help, trailer to get you off the road) this was strictly volunteer. I've been gathering some of that info on my own so if I'm need Madison, WI I know a young lady that would get me a cup of Coffee smilie.gif


    Your little black book of Slingers has been in the corner of my mind since the first day I saw you with it

    Again, I'm not explaining myself well. I misinterpreted that service to be base of group members, who could be called upon for assistance if there was a problem on a road trip, or call upon for a report on local conditions, or just to get a group together to go on a ride. You know, instead of sending a mass email that someone was broken down on the side of the road. This way, there might be something available to contact people who are in the area instead of sending it to the whole mailing group.

    Ohhh no, I understand completely and still have it written down as something to try. Here's the problems I have since the "service" will directly reflect on the SOG....

    • Can we get enough knowledgeable people involved - for example, I think there's only one guy on here from Wisconsin
    • As a "service" offered by SOG how do we eliminate our liability if things don't go well
    • How do we keep the information up-to-date without spending tons of hours each month in tracking down volunteers
    • How do we fill in the gaps for the rural areas
    • What limits will the volunteers set for hours and availability and skill set and will those limits help or hinder the "service"
    • How do we protect the volunteer information from being misused or abused

    I like the idea because I think folks here are better equipped and more knowledgeable than most. I'm just struggling of how to make it successful and at this early stage of birth and development for SOG I'm not sure it is the low hanging fruit that can make the most difference for the most members

    Ahh, I thought it was assistance from other members of the group, like a listing of addresses or GPS positions or something. Didn't realize you were talking about commercial assistance.

    As much as I would like to see something member based I think the logistics become complex and the liabilities far too great for the expectations that a user could have.

    Ross , when do you foresee the section about "Get Help On the Road" going active? I think it is a great idea... That is one of the weaknesses of this forum right here, is that the map relies on voluntary information supplied by each member, and it isn't necessarily easy-to-navigate on a handheld device. Makes it kind of hard to network, especially from the road. If you make the address a part of the sign up process for SOG, then it would be a nearly complete listing of all the members of the group.

    That is a personal 2019 goal for me with SOG.

    It's going to happen in two phases with the first phase starting in January. Phase 1 is for members to tell us about great servicing dealers. We'll reach out to those dealers to see if they would like to be listed on our website at a small price.

    Phase 2 in my mind includes either free or with a minimal membership fee access to 24/7/365 roadside assistance. This will be the hard part - having enough membership to drive a reasonable cost to SOG without members having to pay a fee is where we want to start. Additionally, we have pretty high standards on what roadside assistance really means so finding a vendor that can meet our requirements will be a challenge.

    In the end the more members the more we can offer

    It's time to introduce you fine folks to the Slingshot Owners Group.

    We've all probably talked about it since the first day thinking about a Slingshot. How do I get more info? Where can I find other owners? What cool products are available in the aftermarket and how do I install them?

    You find a post on Facebook, Instagram, or even a forum and you learn about a rally - an event where other owners are going to be with group rides and vendors showing their products. You clear your calendar and you go the event - you have a great time meeting the people you only knew online, you see some great products, and you go on some group rides. You really connect with some of the folks you met and you continue to communicate with them about your Slingshot and the new products you see become available.

    The next year, you go to the event but it's just not the same. There's even more friends you have made and the atmosphere has changed somehow but the rides just aren't what they were last year. You can't quite put your finger on it but it isn't as awesome as it was.

    Well those same conversations happened in the summer of 2018 with a bunch of friends in the corner of a parking lot at an event. Now, these friends were only brought together through ownership and participation in a community focused on the Slingshot but their conversation turned into how to solve the problem. Creating an organization for members and by members was the solution, an organization that ...

    • puts owners first and is not-for-profit
    • is dedicated to owners
    • helps get more owners involved
    • supports small owner vendors and their innovative products
    • holds affordable events
    • is staffed by owners and enthusiasts

    It didn't take long for the group to grow. It grew in ideas and it grew in participation until the not-for-profit Slingshot Owners Group was born. Hours of planning turned into days and days to weeks and weeks to months until here we are today, your Slingshot Owners Group (SOG) Board of Directors, bringing to you the best of the Slingshot community.

    President - Ross H. aka Ross

    Vice President - Trent A. aka Slingrazor

    Vice President - Jim H. aka Painter

    Treasurer - Jim C. aka SlingRider

    Secretary - Darrell B. aka dangerdarrell

    Al M. aka Nemesis1701

    Anita K. aka adventure4me

    Brody K. aka bjk81

    Danna F. aka DKF Texas

    Erica S. aka ericastar76

    Joe D. aka Jdin

    Mitch S. aka MACAWS

    More about our Mission, Vision, and future in our next post

    so now you can order all the Slingshot mods you want without suspicion from your wife ..... truly the gift that keeps on giving

    I think it should automatically send a text message and/or email to rabtech with the title "you've been poked!" You know, sort of like a wave on FB Messenger, or the old poke you used to be able to do on MySpace or whatever.

    Your last poke was on MySpace?