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    Is there any distortion in the F4 Customs windshield?

    Due to our patented manufacturing process we are able to form our windshields without any distortion and therefore offer the clearest shield on the market today. Some windshield manufacturers state that the shield being distorted does not affect the quality of the ride, however when riding late at night, into the sun, in parking lots or on unfamiliar roads - seeing clearly is riding safely. F4 is the “Clear Choice”.

    F4 has also listed Luggage Racks recently take a look here.

    How do I pick the proper shield for me?

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    This is the age old question, “do I look through the windshield or over the top”. It has been our experience with any other windshield due to clarity and rain shedding you should look over the shield. However with the "optical clarity" and "rain shedding" ability of the F4 Customs windshield you now have the option to have extra protection that you can get from looking through and being behind the taller windshields.

    Slingshot Luggage Racks

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    Unique swinging design on the driver side luggage rack which allows you to leave the rack loaded and still access the fuel cap. This design has a quick release pin and locking latch (key provided) on the opposite side which allows you to lock your luggage so it can not be stolen. Available for both the 2015/16 Roll Hoops and the 2017/18 Roll Hoops (Be sure to specify which model you have when ordering) Comes in Black Powder Coat.

    • Available for both the 2015/16 Roll Hoops and the 2017/18 Roll Hoops
    • (Be sure to specify which model you have when ordering)
    • Comes in black powder coat.
    • Easy install requires no drilling.
    • Swinging driver side rack allows easy access to fuel cap.
    • Great way to strap on a suitcase or add a trunk for extra storage.

    The passenger side luggage rack is stationary.

    Slingshot STOCK Tint Motorcycle Windshield. Give us a call 330 968 4644

    The F4 Customs Stock Tint windshield is:

    • Stock height
    • Slight recurve for added air lift
    • Thickness: .177"
    • 2.5" wider than stock windshield
    • DOT approved
    • Fits all Slingshot Models including those with and without aftermarket top
    • Made in the USA

    **If your Slingshot does not have a center brace, you must purchase a center brace separately**
    Note: The Slingshot windshield may have minimal distortion just in the corners due to the multiple bends in this area however the flat area is distortion free
    The F4 Customs shield is manufactured from the Highest Optical Grade Polycarbonate available to guarantee that there is "No Distortion". Our "Baked In Coating" with our proprietary "Hard Coat Process" makes the F4 shields the most chemical and scratch resistant windscreens on the market today. "The Rain Shedding" is fantastic and our "Optical Clarity" is unmatched by any other. It can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner and a paper towel. No special polishes cleaners, or rags required. DOT approved.

    Windshields for Can-Am Spyder

    UPGRADE - DON'T JUST REPLACE!F4 Customs Motorcycle Windshields are manufactured from the HighestGrade Optical Polycarbonate for amazing clarity, excellent rain sheddingand chemical and scratch resistance even when rubbed with steel wool,and they are shatterproof, making the F4 shield the "safest and best" choice foryour next windshield. We also carry a complete inventory of Baker Built AirWings for your RT/RTS!

    (Pictured above from top left to bottom: Spyder RTS 25" vented tint, F3 Touring 25" vented clear, F3 28" Tint)

    "I have the 28" tinted on my Spyder. It is definitely the best quality shield I have owned! It cleans easily with water only. It is also very stable, doesn't flex in the strong gusts from passing trucks."

    F4 Customs manufactures a plus 3" and a plus 5" shield both in tint and clear. The difference is we use High Optic Polycarbonate material and bake our proprietary coatings into the shield. This gives you great Optics, Rain Shedding, and Scratch Resistance.
    Also there are no bends in the corners of the shield so it is optically perfect exspecially in the twisty roads.
    With the F4 Customs shield you just clean it with paper towels and any glass cleaner and don't' worry about scratches.
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    F4 Customs has released a fresh grill design for your Polaris Slingshot!

    These grills are constructed of 3/16" aluminum, and individually powder coated for a sleek finish. They are a replacement part for the original grill and mount to existing hardware.

    Right now, we have an Eagle design in Red, we would like your feedback on more colors you would like to see available.

    We are running a special for the next 30 days: Price $139.95 with and extra 10% OFF plus free shipping!
    Call to take advantage of this offer 330-968-4644 and check us out online at for more info!

    If you want to improve your ride and enjoyment on your Slingshot then I hope
    you consider the F4 Customs windshield. Our shields are made
    from High Optics Polycarbonate, shed rain, are optically perfect,
    cleans with paper towels and any glass cleaner and will not break on
    impact. F4 offers 3 different heights in Clear and Tint and will custom make a plus 7 or 9 if you prefer.
    F4 is a privately owned company and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.
    Give us a call at 330-968-4644 or check us out on the web at
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