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    @Cameron Roberts I look forward to it!...don't know if the wife will let me escape long enough for SSITS, but certainly hope to make some gatherings!
    Seems like the squeaks are just the panels rubbing on the cushioned frame with body flex...not too worrisome...

    So, the install was pretty painless. I got a chance to try it out on the road today. Here are some initial impressions after a few hours of use.

    It looks cool. I think it really matches the original style well and compliments the look.
    It is quieter. Maybe not as quiet as I thought it would be, but a noticeable improvement. And here I should note, I'm running the stock 2016 SL shield, I'm sure there are better choices to optimize airflow. Cameron, what are your thoughts? What do you think would be the best option (I'm looking, hint, hint...)
    There is a little airflow noise from the top at lower speeds. I did not notice at highway speed, and it was quiet enough to be drowned out by radio at the lower speeds.
    If you aren't running a radio, there are some sqeaks noticeable from the top. Fortunately it's not the annoying high pitched sqeaks I'm used to with my vette sounds more like a bass rattle in a car without dynamat.
    I'm 5'10, use a fairly aggressive driving position and have no problems getting in and out without having to raise the panel.
    There is, of course, some bouncing of the top, but it's minimal and I didn't find it distracting.
    I've read of concerns with the center pole...not an issue for me at all. It blends into the background very well and didn't get in the way when I looked to the passenger side.
    I have not yet removed the panels, and don't know how well the 'shocks' will withstand repeated on/off cycles

    Overall, I'm impressed. It appears to perform as advertised, is made well, and installs easily. I would recommend this product. The only change I plan to make is consideration for another windshield...

    As I return from my 'honey do' duties, I feel obligated to share some advice to the 'young whipper-snapper' crowd:
    #1 Learn to cook, chicks dig that
    #2 Once you're married, try and convince her that you can't cook...otherwise you'll never get out of it
    #3 Julia Childs was a genius. To paraphrase: "I always cook with wine, sometimes I put a little in the food..."

    Ok, on to the Install:
    Pretty straight forward. I called a couple of friends over who work at a local bodyshop and we threw it on fairly painlessly. Total time, about two hours...though that did include burgers, beer, war stories, and occasionally working on the top...
    The only part that made me a little nervous was inserting the bolts through the cup holder holes and even that was easier than installing the pedal covers from Assault...
    Be it known, I am not an 'expert wrench'...I expect most anyone should be able to do this install without much problem, again the instructions were a big help

    I'll separate this into several posts, as I'm likely to get 'honey do' calls throughout the day...
    Thursday night, just as Jimmy predicted, two large packages arrive via UPS. Friday I unpack them and inspect all the parts...see below...

    Madstad did a great job with packaging. Every piece was immaculately positioned in bubble wrap; it took about 30 minutes to unwrap everything for the pic above. Despite the perfect wrapping, there was one small ding on the center piece which must have occurred in shipping (gotta love UPS)...I doubt anyone will notice besides me.
    Often when I buy mods, show or go, the materials are inexpensive, corners are cut and I find it difficult to justify the price. Fortunately that's not usually not the case with the SS vendors...and definitely not the case here. All of the parts are sturdy, the connectors and latches are solid and of great build. Fit and finish is superb.
    I took a while to go over the instructions, they're wonderful. Everything is explained well. The pictures are informative, in color, and of a resolution that actually lets you see the details they're describing.
    The cons: I'm guessing the pics were taken fairly early in final development; there are several that differ slightly from shipped parts (I.e. the front cupholder bolt is a hex head as described in the instructions, but not as pictured, etc). Also Step 10 says to replace bolts removed in Step 1, when actually it was Step 2...
    Overall, so far, very impressed--obviously having to split hairs to find complaint...

    paint matches up pretty well...I've found among different surfaces on the SS, even from factory there isn't perfect match, so it's definitely good enough
    Yes, they're definitely translucent...I hear madstad is also developing an opaque set. I think a cool idea would be an opaque static cling vinyl panel that you could just slap on...but they didn't ask me :)

    I was just notified that my Stinger shipped today (thanks @Noel Hughes !) and hope to have it installed by this weekend.
    I remember several excellent posts by @Cameron Roberts at 'the other place' on the top and how he was working to tweak it.

    I just wanted to invite anyone with install or use advice to post as I get ready to put it up :)
    Please feel free to post your Stinger pics as well!

    Lol...I never posted in the Admins and site owners etc thread. I've never said a negative word toward 'the other place'; yet my single PM to a close friend was edited as well. I guess they're scouring the site for keyword combinations...

    ...speaking of vendors...there are several at 'the other place' that I'd miss sorely for their valuable input...hopefully we can get them over this way somehow