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    harleyujoe have you seen or checked out the New Polaris Vented Windscreen that came out this year, 2022 ? I purchased one and love it!!

    It's taller than the stock ripper screens that I have always used until now and it has vents for driver and passenger that can be opened or closed !!

    It also has the creases on the edges of the windscreen, very similar to the older F4 that you are looking for?

    bzeitler , you can check the red pearl color code for example of your front hood or side panels, and if the same color code numbers match you should be fine? Are you trying to match the roof color same as Slingshot, pearl red, then this could be the problem trying to get the Slingshade??

    If you were to consider a different color Slingshade, maybe Gloss Black or Pearl Black or Flat Black, they could have some of those in stock at the Polaris warehouse ready to ship?

    If you believe that the newer pn has heaver meterial is the weights of the two part numbers available? that might be a clue.

    Maybe not heavier materials but possibly a better composite of the materials? I still believe that the part numbers are just Older stock versus the new stock, because as I mentioned earlier that I installed one on my 2018 and 2020 and 2022, and the fitment and instructions were the same??

    Thanks for all the info, so in your opinion you would order the most current slingshade due to it felt like it was a better construction?

    Well, I believe the reason they are showing different part numbers for the Slingshades is probably they have some leftovers in the original part number with specific color codes that were available in those year models?

    You will probably know when you get the prices for the two different part numbers, since there were definitely increases in prices for the Newer models? I would weigh out the differences in prices more than the construction, ?

    EjFord is correct regarding the roll bars, prior to the 2017 models the roll bars were not pre-drilled and tapped for the Slingshade rear mounting brackets?? I'm not sure what the changes were on the 2020 + cause I installed one on my 2018, 2020, and now the 2022, and did not notice any changes other than the fiberglass top doors seems to be more sturdy?

    Going down for "Slingshots Storm the Mountians" --- will be staying in Big Stone Gap, VA. Sounds like there will be about 250 Slingshots down there for the time. The rally/ride is for the weekend --- Fri, Sat, Sun....couple of us going down few days early/

    Okay thanks and few from Georgia may be heading that way also, but nothing confirmed at this time?

    Batcycle what changes were made to make the new machines ride better?

    Well, the new edition of the modes for driving ( comfort for cruising and Slingshot for sport driving) and seats are more comfortable and hold you in place, overall suspension seams better and angle drive seams quieter and less heat in the cabin ??? But, could just me getting older and bolder??

    Hi everyone, new to the forum but not to Slingshot. I’m 67 years old and been riding bikes for 50 some years. Wife and I used to do the GoldWing thing, but she had hip replacement and I got tired of riding lone wolf. Tried cars {convertibles} but way to still and quite and just like, well, riding in a car. Test drove a Slingshot and loved it, way more elemental and raucous, like a bike! Wife loved it too, so we bought a 2018 SLR. This particular slingshot had constant intermittent starting problems even though we did all the prescribed fixes. Got fed up and sold it back to the dealer, then ordered a 2022 Slingshot R. Ordered in June and was told it wouldn't arrive till November.....sign of the times I suppose! I guess that's OK, it was 109 degrees here in Dallas today. Waiting patiently for November. Sorry this was so long winded. But to make it even worse (LOL) I do have one question, the PSS 18 had the GM ECOTEC engine, a well known and tested platform. Does anyone know about the longevity and reliability of the Polaris engine and how it compares?

    Hello, and thanks, Brian.

    Welcome BRIAN H 73 to the forum and yes you can get great responses for almost any questions or concerns!

    I have owned a 2016.5 and 2018 Slingshots, and a 2020R , but now own the 2022 R Slingshot since mid-April with almost 5k miles. Personally I prefer the New Polaris engines for the Pure Performance it has over the stock ecotec engines and all my Slingshots have been the 5 speed manual transmissions !! But, I also enjoy the better ride and handling of the newer Slingshots!

    I wanted to buy the slinglines flip top roof and would like to hear your thoughts please. Just need something to keep the sun off my head^^

    Well, for me it's the Polaris Slingshade. I have owned 4 Slingshots as of this time, and no top on the First, but have installed the Slingshade on the last Three and very Happy with them!

    Slingshade top not only gives you the shade, but actually helps reduce the cabin wind turbulence and Best accents the design of the Slingshot!!

    BKL is correct in that this top will not help you with a rollover crash, But he failed to mention that the Original Roll hoops are Still in Place and will do the Job they are Designed to do with a rollover crash??

    But, to make the Best Choice for yourself is to Ride test the ones you are most interested in??