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    I have been learning how to drift in the SS. Sounds like this is just what I need to get the rear tire to brake loose more easily. Just ordered mine. Too bad I'll have to wait till spring to really get to enjoy it but couldn't pass up the discount.

    I have the ones in the roll hoop and can hear my music with great clarity at highway speeds. I also have the 1320 rear exhaust which is one of the loudest exhaust systems out there. I think it is the best location when paired with an amp and decent speakers.

    It is not, but it can be easily unplugged and thrown in the glove box when needed. The bottom of the unit has a type of sticky rubber that keeps it from sliding and is not permanently fixed to the dash using 3M tape or the like. Just make sure that the end of the cord is dry (usually by blowing on it) before you plug it back in. When the bottom loses it's stickiness I run it under the kitchen faucet on a low trickle being careful not to get the top or port wet. Just put your finger over the port. Let it air dry and the stickiness comes right back.

    The best way to get accurate speedometer readings after installing larger wheels is to get a GPS HUD. I have this one purchased from Amazon for $35 and I think it is a great mod to boot :…tle_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    It comes with a long enough USB cord to plug into the port in the glove box and routed along the firewall so installation was simple. I had to make some adjustments to mine out of the box but instructions are easy to understand and there is even a You Tube video. A simple and economical fix to the problem.

    To truly get good sound from the system you are also going to need an amplifier. Especially if you are adding subwoofers. The radio itself does not enough power. Also there are no simple plug and play ways. You are going to have to either pay someone or have a friend with some experience help you.

    Don't know really. I have the upper brow switchback leds installed and tapped into the stock wireing . After doing an inspection for a short I found nothing but now they work. It's weird I know. I was especially surprised that something near the front turn signal would also effect the rear. And the leds have been installed for over a year with no problems. Hmmmm.

    Here's a couple of pics of my slingshot that I modeled after the old TV Batmobile. Its been updated even further with new seats and a quad tip rear exhaust that I painted red inside the tips just like the Barris Batmobile. I also switched the pinstriping from red to a red chrome that I found on ebay that matched the red chrome on the wheels real well. I'll update the pic after my next detail of the sling.

    The double bubble windscreen would be more fitting but I don't think I would like the cyclone effect in the cockpit.

    It's been over two weeks and the service department finally got back to me. Polaris will cover the part but not the labor on the new angle drive, I was told labor will come in at $300. Not to bad for being out of warrantee. Looking forward to getting those new coil overs.

    I have the 1320 rear exit quad tip exhaust and 1320 header V1 recently installed. There are not any speed bumps near me but there are plenty of railroad tracks that I cross. Some in pretty bad shape too. I have not had any issues with them. What I have noticed is a bunch of black carbon in the two center exhaust ports and I get an occasional backfire at the end of first gear when I drive aggressively. Thinking I need to get Bob's or ZZP's tune.

    First to answer some questions. No I have never changed the oil in the drive. I have read that you can put heavier oil in it to quiet it down but that never has been an issue with me. When it broke I was going straight with about 5k- 6k rpms in 2cd gear. I don't think being in a turn should matter any.

    I just got off the phone with my dealer and he tells me that there is hope for a replacement. He stated that Polaris knows that there is an issue with the drives and are working with them. He told me that they just did one last week ( out of warrantee ) and that Polaris covered the part but not the labor because the customer had 22" wheels on it. Polaris is trying to blame part of the problem on wheel size. First thing he asked be was what size wheels I had. I have 20" customs all the way around. He then asked if I still had the originals. I do. He said put them back on and bring it in.

    The dealer has to take pictures of the angle drive along with all three wheels to get approval from Polaris. He said that Polaris is one of the better companies that he deals with and are standing behind their product even when out of warrantee so fingers crossed. I also put on a 1320 rear exhaust last month and will put the original back on just in case they use that as an issue. The new exhaust really does add more power in the low end when it broke. Makes me wonder if that could have contributed to the problem so I am not taking chances.

    I'll keep you posted on the verdict. It might be awhile as I am sure the service department is swamped this time of year.