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    We are trailering up - my bride is packing light - hope there will be room for the Sling

    We are trailering up as well. I don't think our dogs would like over a 9 hour trip in Fred. LOL
    So we will have plenty of room for storage inside the truck and also in the covered bed.
    We got a cabin because of the dogs. We would probably get thrown out of the hotel with them. ;(
    Looking so forward to putting faces with forum members and the rides they have planned for us.
    Angela which rides are you on?

    This will be are first year at SSIT. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun. We are signed up for the rides we wanted and also for the dinner Friday night.
    We are heading out late Monday afternoon and staying on the other side of Nashville. Getting up early the next morning and should be arriving Tuesday afternoon in time to get registered in.
    We are traveling with our two small dogs. We have a beautiful cabin rented about a mile from the host hotel.
    We are really looking forward to hitting the road.
    Pam :thumbsup:


    Glad to see you in here. Ignore the guys, that is what I do for the most part. :love:
    Just kidding.
    Betsy is my black F150's name.
    We are wanting to put a wing on Fred but waiting for SSIT to hopefully see some wings in person and decide what we want to do.
    Are you going to SSIT?


    I posted this last week to the other site. Thought I should add it here too. If you are thinking about changing exhaust
    systems please check them out!!!

    The wife and I drove over to check out Welter Performance exhaust and
    hear the what the difference would be in person. We pulled up and were
    greeted by a LARGE Great Dane and a Standard Poodle. I know the SS sits
    low but when you have too look up at a dog, you know you are low to the

    We met Jeff and discussed the different options and the process that he
    used to come up with the different types of exhaust. Decided on the one
    we wanted, which was the "Fluffer". He asked if we wanted him to
    install it, we said yes and 30 minutes later we were able to hear the
    difference. OMG!! The deep throaty sound was exciting.

    We had an hour long ride home, and the wife must have hit my helmet
    about 6 times. I felt like a kid again!!! Revving the engine while at

    I can't say enough good things about our experience today!!!

    Thanks again Jeff!!!!!!!

    Hi my name is Pam. I am the better half of Devonpam.

    We have a 2016 base model bought last August. We have 2,100 miles on Fred(yes we named the SS). :D

    We live in Southeast Missouri and heading to the SSIT's next month.

    We can't wait to meet other SS owners and check out the great mods and get some ideas for Fred.